WDYTT: Should the Canucks bring Travis Green back next year?

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Stephan Roget
2 years ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that never needs a contract extension.
With the Vancouver Canucks now officially eliminated from playoff contention, most in the fanbase have begun to shift their gaze toward the offseason — even with five games left to go in the regular season.
The realities of the flat cap ensure that it will not be a summer of excessive change, at least not on the player personnel front. But there is potential for a major shift in franchise direction, because head coach Travis Green — as well as the majority of his coaching staff — is nearing the end of his contract, and there doesn’t seem to be an extension in sight.
Thus, one of the organization’s biggest decisions of the offseason will have to come right away, because if they don’t re-sign Green, he’s not going to wait around long before accepting a position with one of the already coachless clubs.
That’s why, this week, we’re asking you:

Should the Canucks brings back Travis Green as head coach next year?

(If your answer is no, feel free to name your preferred replacement) 

Last week, we asked:

Who are your picks for the annual year-end Canuck awards?

Your ballots are below!
Beer Can Boyd:
Fred J. Hume Award (Unsung Hero): None, and if I did vote for anyone, it would be their medical staff.
Pavel Bure Award (Most Exciting): Höglander, and it’s not even close.
Walter “Babe” Pratt Trophy (Best Defender): Seriously? None.
Cyclone Taylor Trophy (Team MVP): Tyler Toffoli. Oh wait, you meant the Canucks?
Defenceman Factory:
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
Well, this is a tough one. Hard to consider the season as a whole given how disjointed it has been. The play has been less than hoped so giving awards for it a bit tough.
Fred J. Hume: Schmidt or Hamonic. They certainly meet the unsung part more so than the Hero part. Given how many times Schmidt has had to switch sides and partners, he has done okay adapting to deficient defensive systems.
Pavel Bure: Horvat. His season has been punctuated with a few exciting games. Höglander’s points are well back and although flashier at times, not effective enough yet to win. Good chance he wins next year.
Babe Pratt: Anyone but Hughes. It must be recognized just how bad his defensive play has been. Myers by default, even Edler. Those two do all the heavy lifting if rather unspectacularly.
Cyclone Taylor: Should probably be Demko, but Miller gets a vote for stepping up and causing he league to rethink the restart schedule. Horvat’s in the running as well. He’s been a real workhorse and his faceoff prowess is a great value.
Fred J. Hume Award: How about Fred J. Hume, the former Vancouver mayor himself who saved the Canucks from extinction in the WHL when no one else did?
Walter “Babe” Pratt Award: How about the Babe himself for saying, “at my age I don’t even buy green bananas.”
Pavel Bure Award: Vladimir Putin’s next-door neighbour in the Lenin Hills, Pasha still can’t be outdone.
Cyclone Taylor Award: How about Fred himself, who actually won a Stanley Cup for Vancouver, the one and only time that has ever happened? Sorry, but I can’t take this article or this season seriously.
(Unsung Hero): Medical Staff.
(Most Exciting): Höglander.
(Best Defender): None of the Above (if I have pick one, Juolevi, for having the most patience).
(Team MVP): Demko (for taking a very team-friendly contract).
Fred J. Hume Award (Unsung Hero): Any goalie for getting hung out to dry behind this defence.
Pavel Bure Award (Most Exciting): Höglander (in a good way), Myers for his absurd and completely insane approach to the very idea of defending.
Walter “Babe” Pratt Trophy (Best Defender):nYou’re kidding, right?
Cyclone Taylor Trophy (Team MVP): Miller because a) he can still pull off slick moves and put up points, b) because he was the only one to force this joke of a Tom Wilson-loving league to at least put a pause on its return to play idiocy, even if — surprise, surprise — almost all of the teams that have gotten smoked have gone through an outbreak, and c) because when he gives up on a play or smashes his stick in frustration or drops super loud F-bombs he is ALL of us Canuck fans experiencing this train-wreck of a season. In fact, I’d really like him to retire right now and take over as GM and coach.
Holtby’s performance against the Leafs after Covid was by far the most heroic.
Höglander is the most exciting, but only if he scores a lacrosse goal (after the Canucks are mathematically eliminated).
Hughes wasn’t great, but he still had one of the best PPG offensive seasons by a D in Canucks’ history (along with his minus 25). I wish the league would make a trophy for best offensive D-man and call it the Coffey Cup. Hughes might win it every year!! Sad to say that our best D this year was Jordie Benn, who actually still has the best plus minus on the team and got the Canucks their only deadline draft pick.
MVP would have to be JT Miller — someone who is not afraid to speak truth to power and who shows the young guys what losing should really sound like (lots of expletives and smashing sticks).
Fred J. Hume Award (Unsung Hero): The Fans, no one ever gives us props for sticking with this team through thick and, more recently, thin.
Pavel Bure Award (Most Exciting): Höglander, not only is his style of play exciting, but his future also looks exciting.
Walter “Babe” Pratt Trophy (Best Defender): Schmidt has been our most complete defenseman.
Cyclone Taylor Trophy (Team MVP): JT Miller, leads the team in GWG and heart.
MrTrip’s Brother:
Fred J. Hume Award (Unsung Hero): Horvat — Guy is still managing to act like a captain despite this joke of a season
Pavel Bure Award (Most Exciting): Quinn Hughes — Hey, it’s always an adventure, one way or the other.
Walter “Babe” Pratt Trophy (Best Defender): …. — Its still probably Hughes since every defender has been terrible defensively this year and at least he is good in the offensive zone
Cyclone Taylor Trophy (Team MVP): Demko and Holtby — Obviously.
Unsung hero- Ian Clark.
Most exciting player-Demko.
Best Defender- Demko.
Team MVP-Demko.
El Kabong:
For my year end award, I just want the year to end.

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