WDYTT: Your greatest fear heading into the Canucks’ 2022 offseason

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Stephan Roget
1 year ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet to survive three different managing editor regime changes.
Speaking of regime changes, we’re willing to bet — because everything’s about betting these days, apparently — that most of you are a lot more optimistic heading into the 2022 offseason with Jim Rutherford and Patrik Allvin in charge than you would have been if it were still Jim Benning calling the shots.
That said, eight years of questionable summer decisions would leave anyone with some lingering trust issues, and so we’re also willing to bet that you’ve still got some apprehension.
If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that this offseason promises to bring significant changes to the Vancouver Canucks. Beyond that, anyone claiming certainty is lying — as is anyone who says they’re not at least a little bit scared about some of the potential outcomes.
This week, we’re setting the optimism aside for a minute and asking you:

What is your greatest Canucks-related fear heading into the 2022 offseason?

Let it be known in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

What is an appropriate price for JT Miller on the trade market?

You answered below!
The floor will be set by Allvin and the price will be what a GM will be willing to give up for the dream of winning the Cup or a playoff spot. Miller’s age and demand are just not in tune with the team’s compete window, and he does not have a history of being a 90-point player. Very interested how Allvin will handle this whole situation, ‘cause it will determine a lot about what direction they will go in the near future. Perhaps three firsts from an ever-rebuilding club, like the Kessel trade between the Laffs and Bruins.
To Ottawa for 7OA, Alex Formenton, and one of Bernard-Docker or Lassi Thomson. Neither defenseman is big, but at least right shots.
To Nashville for 1st round pick, Tomasino, and Fabbro.
A good young RHD is the essence of a good return for Miller. Anything more than that is gravy.
For JT Miller to be moved before the trade deadline, I would expect to get back: a young RHD that can fit in to the lineup immediately and with honest top pairing potential, a mid-late first round pick, a second round pick, and a prospect. I would give up the prospect before I would give up the second round pick, given how deep next year’s draft is.
In my opinion, they must move on from JT by next year’s trade deadline unless they can sign him well below his current value. His value will most likely be down by that time, unless he comes out with a chip on his shoulder like last season. He has a 99% chance of regression starting the next two season, so it’s time to take the money and run!
Defenceman Factory:
Five years @ $8.25, trade Boeser for a 1st and a 2nd, sign Nick Paul.
First of all, I would prefer to keep him if he will sign a reasonable contract, something like 5x$7.5m, but he’s probably wanting more in the open market.
Realistically, I wouldn’t expect a lot more in a trade this offseason than what we originally gave up to get him. Miller has proven to be a great fit and had some excellent years in Vancouver recently, but he’s also four years older and only cost-controlled for one year before he can walk in free agency. He doesn’t have the pedigree of a consistent 90-point player, or the youth as a franchise player, or even the cachet of a top-three draft pick, so don’t expect a Jack Eichel return.
I don’t think we can compete for a Cup next year, so with an eye to the future, I’d move him for a top-seven pick this year, or very good RHD under 24 on a decent contract. A cap-controlled asset (preferably a RHD who can play next year) is the key component to come back. Any first round pick after #7 would require one additional blue chip prospect. Anything more would just be gravy.
I have no clue. I hope before the draft there are more teams either planning to accelerate a rebuild or that just fall short if the Cup and that will give up a boatload. Ottawa GM said they aren’t trading for an impending FA, so they seem out. If it goes into next season, the Rangers offer will be approximately the right type of deal.
1) Re-sign at $8.5m X five years/
2) Trade to NJ for 2022 2nd overall + Zacha
3) Trade to Philly for 2022 5th overall, 2nd round pick in 2023, and centre or RHD prospect.
Miller to Columbus for either Johnson or Silinger and their earlier first round selection in this year’s draft, or to New Jersey for Severson or Mercer and their second overall selection.
For those who are wanting to see Pearson leave, the team maybe able to package him with Miller in a possible trade as the two of them played well together.
Brian Togri:
A 2023 first round pick, a second round pick, a young roster player, and a good prospect. The roster player and prospect don’t have to be a RD or right-handed C (though that would be optimal), but they have to at least be projectable as a middle-six forward or 3/4 D.
I don’t actually see LA doing this, but if we were to trade Miller, I’d love to see Alex Turcotte and Brock Faber come back. From everything I have read, it seems like Turcotte has all the same tools that Miller does, and Faber projects to be a top-four right-hand d-man.
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
The price really depends on a number of different factors. Assuming Vancouver is not retaining salary, is trading him to a playoff team, and Miller isn’t signing an extension with the new team, I think an A prospect (preferably a RHD or center) and first is a fair price.
Bartholomew Gimble:
Like others, I’d love to keep Miller but not at the $ and term he can expect elsewhere. I’d offer 5 x $6.75, but wouldn’t expect that to be accepted by his camp.
I’m still fixated on Schneider, so would happily take him and NYR 1st (this year or next year). Also intrigued by Brock Faber or Helge Grans from the Kings; would love to get both of them as Kings are loaded with D prospects, but realize getting both is a pipe dream. Bottom line for me is I’m hoping we get a very high-end RD prospect back in this deal.
I think that everyone has to step back and be realistic about what we can expect back in a trade. The other GMs are no fools (unless JBJW surfaces somewhere). I would be happy with a good young RHD and either a first round pick in 2023 or a good young forward.
I think the Rangers were close. If the defenceman they offered had some size and grit and was a bit more of a blue-chipper with his current skillset. I would be happy with that return. But as it is; close, but not close enough.
Puck Viking:
Miller for Schneider, Othmann, and one of a 1st/Cuylle/Chytil. If we retain 50%, they add one of Ryder Korczak/Mathew Robertson/ 2nd.
I’d also look at…
Boeser to the Kings for Brock Faber and Helge Grans.
Garland to Devils for Chase Stillman and 2nd.
Win lottery, draft Bedard.
Craig Gowan:
The rumoured original ask is fair, I believe: a good young roster player (with top-4 D or top-6 forward potential), a good prospect, and  a 1st round draft choice. Ideally, the acquiring team will work out an extension with Miller pre-trade to enhance the return.
A River Named Curt:
Players who had the season Miller just had rarely become available, other than as a rental at the Trade Deadline. I’d say a first, a third, an everyday NHL player (top-nine forward or top-four defence), and a quality prospect.
Hockey Bunker:
Top-ten first rounder to start, and if its not top-ten, then two firsts.
A youngish physically-imposing d-man to pair with Hughes long-term.
Third line centre with potential or a LHD.
Bo Ho:
Jack Eichel stuff.
A player, a pick, and a prospect.
Essentially. Maybe more if you thrown in a pick with Miller.
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