WDYTT: Cheering for losses and final Trade Deadline predictions

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Stephan Roget
1 year ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet to never miss a deadline.
Speaking of deadlines, there’s a big one coming up. The 2023 Trade Deadline is finally upon us, and by the time you’re reading these words, we’ll be about 24 hours away from the final bell.
Let’s just hope there are some trades left by that point.
If fans of the Vancouver Canucks had any dates circled on their calendars for the 2022/23 season, March 3 was probably one of them. This was a team that was almost destined to be heavily involved in the action leading up to the Trade Deadline, and here in the week of, that’s still true.
Said transactional action has been hot-and-heavy leading up to this week. The Canucks themselves have made four trades in the last month alone, and that’s more than some teams make in a year.
But few, if any, believe that the Canucks are done.
So, we’re taking this last Trade Deadline Eve opportunity to give you the chance to get your final predictions on wax.
This week, we’re keeping it simple and asking you:

What are your predictions for the 2023 Trade Deadline?

Let it be known in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

Are you cheering for wins or losses from the Vancouver Canucks right now?

You answered below!
At the moment, I’m not cheering for wins or losses. I’m cheering for progress, whether it be progress from a new coach, our younger players taking steps forward, or management making roster moves with the future in mind.
Since the Canucks’ inaugural season, I have never cheered for a Canucks loss, up until about 15 games ago.
This is just a bad mix of highly-paid players that just can’t play consistently.
You know it is bad when the coach has to have practise time allocated to some hockey basics, that players should have been taught in pee-wee.
I am all-in on team tank.
Brian Togri:
I have always found it difficult to cheer for losses…until this year. Drafting Bedard, albeit a total longshot, would be a wonderful result, but the more important outcome for me is that this ownership/management group have their collective noses rubbed into the mess that this roster represents. There is no quick fix here, and the sooner they embrace this, the better for Canuck fans.
defenceman factory:
I don’t care about the wins and losses. The Canucks can’t be poor enough to get the best odds at Bedard and aren’t good enough to win many games. The daily scoreboard watching before the trade deadline and with 25 games to go is not interesting at all.
The Canucks are an eclectic group of players whose sum is far less than its parts. I want every player to show their best. That will produce some wins. One of the previous regime’s greatest flaws is that no one understood how to construct a roster. The current regime needs to see what players are capable of in order to properly construct a roster and set priorities for drafts and trades.
I don’t know if Rutherford and Allvin know how to build a team either. After the Lekkerimäki pick and some of the trades thus far I have doubts. I do expect Tocchet to be better in this regard. Maybe management will listen to him because you can’t build a team based only on individual point production and fancy stats.
Canuck Dog:
Tocch was hired to tear it down and put it together properly. Same thing AV did when he arrived. It’s how you do it. We just began, this year is about restructuring the roster.
I hope they don’t win again this year.
Were like six points from being the worst team in the league. Tear this team down and load up for long haul. Anything to have Bedard or Fantilli as the number 2 center next season needs to happen.
I’m cheering for losses and for team tank. We won’t get Bedard, the league won’t allow it. But we can possible get a top-five pick which would be great.
That said, I still enjoy watching a Canucks win.
There’s a very real possibility that the future for the Canucks top-two centre duo will consist of Petey and either Bedard/Fantilli/Carlsson. Very good possibility that the islanders finish in the teens this year, meaning we’ll likely have a shot at Reinbacher or Pellika. Also a good chance the Canucks can get a second for Schenn or Boeser if they find a way to take some salary back. The entire second round is filled with defencemen, with our own pick and another team’s, we could easily get two more. Add Livingstone in there and all of a sudden the Canucks have a good looking team, and the rebuild is nearly… complete? After only one year? That to me is worth tanking, so just like Bob: I’m all in.
When I’m watching the Canucks, I can’t help hoping they win, but when they lose, I’m not disappointed. It’s kind of enjoyable in a weird way.
The best thing for the league would be to see Vancouver get Bedard.
A River Called Curt:
Of course I’m all in on the tank. If I want to see competitive hockey, I travel down the road to Seattle.
Neal Larter:
Players won’t tank, coaches won’t tank. I pray to the Hockey Gods that the team plays well, but lose most games.
I pretty much stopped caring about wins and losses a while back. I just want to see some good effort with a sprinkle of nice plays mixed in. I now laugh when I watch Myers sprawling on the ice like Bambi. I laugh when the Canucks get scored on after working hard to tie up a game. Once upon a time, I would get pretty damn p#ssed off when they made these blunders. I really wanted them to beat the Islanders, which made me happy. Win or lose. I don’t care. Makes the game more enjoyable to watch.
Even if we finish last, the hockey gods just will not give Vancouver the 1st overall. I am pretty sure it’s fixed by the league, anyway. (Just my opinion). History tells us a lot. With that said, I am cheering for entertaining hockey and, yes, for the first time ever, it irked me when they forced overtime. My hope is that management can take the second or third pick and bundle it for the 1st overall. Hoping for intelligent management, progress, and change.
Mondrone King:
Move anyone 26-and-under to Abbotsford and win the Calder Cup, so we can tank more effortlessly. Plus, we’ll have a hometown team to cheer for.
They could probably switch buildings and pack both joints.
Cheering for the right ping pong balls.
bruce donice:
I am starting to enjoy watching the Canucks again. Don’t think they will get a pick in the top-five, but you never know.
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
The Canucks have been in the NHL for 53 seasons without winning a Stanley Cup. The Canucks have also been in the NHL for 53 seasons without a first overall draft pick. For what it’s worth, the only other franchises that come close to that wait are Calgary (51 seasons without a no. 1 pick) and Hartford/Carolina (44 seasons). I’d like to see both a no. 1 pick and a Stanley Cup in my lifetime, but I’m guessing we’re closer to the latter than the former right now. Bedard this year, a Cup before 2030?
Quinns Quest:
Can’t cheer, just hope for the best outcomes. Win 1OA and restructure the system and players in it.

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