VIDEO: What worries you most about 2023 as a Vancouver Canucks fan?

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1 year ago
On last Friday’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Chris Faber asked the viewers and listeners a question.
In the Atlas Goods poll question, the guys asked: what worries you the most about this year as a Canucks fan? Not just about this season. What worries you most about the calendar year of 2023?
The options were:
  • Losing Bo Horvat for nothing
  • Finishing just outside the playoff bar and getting a draft pick in the middle of the first round as a result
  • Taking a step back and going through a rebuild
  • I’m angry (this is basically the “other” button in poll questions
The results were split pretty evenly between losing Bo Horvat for nothing, along with the team finishing just outside of the playoff picture. Just under 2% of fans that voted in the poll said that the team taking a step back to go through a rebuild worries them the most.
Watch the full segment below:

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What worries you the most as a Canucks fan in 2023? Let us know in the comments section below!

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