Today is the last day to apply for the life-changing Botchford Project with the Canucks

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David Quadrelli
2 years ago
By now, you’ve likely heard of the Botchford Project.
The initiative, championed by Kathryn Botchford, Canucks PR, The Athletic, Jeff Paterson, along with numerous Vancouver media members, was started in 2019, to remember the legacy of Vancouver sportswriter Jason Botchford, who passed away at the age of 48.
The initiative has helped jumpstart the careers of many folks already, including, but certainly not limited to: both myself and Chris Faber, Cody Severtson, Lachlan Irvine, and Clarissa Sabile — all of whom write for this very site.
Now back for its third consecutive season, today is the last day to apply for the Botchford Project and throw your hat into the ring to be selected by Kat Botchford herself to go to Rogers Arena for a full game day experience as an accredited media member.
The Botchford Project continues a legacy Jason inspired during his career covering the Vancouver Canucks,” said Chris Brumwell, VP Communications, Community Engagement & Social Impact. “He was always looking at ways to mentor young, aspiring writers as they were trying to break into the industry. The support of our local sports media has been tremendous and we are proud to continue The Botchford Project again this year.”
“Watching Jason’s career and being by his side, I saw firsthand how hard this market is and how much he tried to pave the way for others,” Kathryn Botchford told CanucksArmy last year. “When we started The Botchford Project in his honour I was humbled and excited about the idea of preserving his legacy and paying it forward in such a profound way.
“The reaction to this initiative has been incredibly heartwarming. I have been blown away with the community that has come together to rally around this. The amazing talent I have seen in these young aspiring journalists means we got this right. As bittersweet as it is for me, knowing this initiative is providing opportunities and changing the trajectory for so many lives makes me believe in the bigger purpose of life. I can’t think of a better way to honour Jason.”
Applications close at 11:59 PM tonight, and can be found at the Canucks’ website. You can click here to apply.

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