Report: Canucks are willing to take back a contract in a Brock Boeser trade

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1 year ago
As the two sides work together on finding a long-term solution — whether that be in Vancouver or elsewhere — the Canucks are willing to take back a contract in a trade involving Brock Boeser.
This, according to Rick Dhaliwal of Donnie and Dhali — The Team:
“Everybody wants an update on Brock Boeser… Honestly, it’s at the kicking tires stage. Due diligence, calling around,” said Dhaliwal. “Will the Canucks retain money in a deal? Depends on the deal, Vancouver Canucks will consider it.
“The Canucks will take a player back, but I was told today the odds of [the Canucks] adding a sweetener? No, not going to happen. Highly unlikely.
The other thing to keep in mind is that all of a sudden, Boeser is finding his game. He’s been much better the last couple of games. Maybe he stays. Who knows? Let’s see where this goes. But right now it’s at the kicking tires stage.”
The report doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as there are only a handful of teams around the league that could fit Brock Boeser in both their long and short term salary cap plans, but that list grows larger when the Canucks make it known they are willing to take back a contract in return.
An example of this would be the Canucks taking on the final year of Milan Lucic’s contract from the Calgary Flames along with an asset the Canucks value — such as a first-round pick — in exchange for Boeser.
The Flames, who are certainly looking for offensive firepower at the moment, are able to fit Boeser into their salary cap this season and get a better player back in return, pushing them further towards contention. The Canucks, on the other hand, are getting back a worse player, but are getting something they value in the additional asset that the Flames attach.
It’s just one example — and the Canucks likely wouldn’t want to trade with a team in their division — but the thought process behind the Canucks taking back a contract essentially boils down to them hoping to free up cap space for next season and beyond, while still hopefully receiving some sort of asset for Boeser back in return.

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