Even when they regress, it’s hard to imagine the Canucks missing the playoffs now: Canucks Conversation

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5 months ago
DISCLAIMER: Both hosts knocked on wood during this entire conversation.
On Tuesday’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal broke down the Vancouver Canucks’ 6-2 win over the Edmonton Oilers.
They were also joined by Rink Wide’s Jeff Paterson, who talked about Tyler Myers, Teddy Blueger, and much more. Later in our Atlas Goods poll question, we asked a simple question: Will the Vancouver Canucks make the playoffs this season?
After a 9-2-1 start to the year, 94% of voters said that, yes, the team will make the playoffs, and it certainly seems like those people are correct. Harman and Quads discussed it further:
“Everybody’s talking about regression, regression’s coming…They’re not going to keep “this” up, sure,” said Quads, pointing to the team’s pace to win over 60 games. “Are they still going to win games and be good enough to make the playoffs? Yeah, I think so. I think if you try to answer this question, and you answer it with ‘well, regression’s coming.’ I agree with you. There is regression coming, it’s not going to stay at this level.
“But let’s just try to break down what regression for this team will actually look like, because I think it will look a lot like what we saw last night, where they’re under siege at the start of the game, where their structure fails them, where the guys take a little bit to get their legs under them. Do we really think that the power play, the penalty kill, the five on five play and the goaltending are all going to regress at the exact same time? I would say no.”
Harman then gave his take.
“I’m buying the playoff stock. They’ve built themselves such a cushion here, and it’s what you mentioned in terms of what point are you regressing from? The only comp they have for the start they’ve had to the season when you look at their goal differentials, it’s the mid 80s Gretzky dynasty Oilers. Like, yeah, big hot take here, they’re not going to be the mid-80s Oilers that won three Stanley Cups.
“I’m definitely buying it, and one thing I appreciate about this Canucks group, because so much of a team’s success is also the mental side of the game, it’s the culture. There’s so many ebbs and flows in the season. One thing that struck me right from the first game where they blew Edmonton out 8-1 is that they haven’t gone too high.”
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On today’s episode, the guys will look further under the hood of the Canucks’ historic start, breaking down their PDO, where the regression may come from, and more. You can watch the live stream at 2 PM today on the CanucksArmy YouTube channel!

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