Recapping Jake Walman’s tough night, Noah Juulsen’s rising stock, and more: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
1 month ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal recapped Thursday’s Canucks game. They were later joined by Wyatt Arndt to discuss the new-look Swedish line and Juulsen’s improved play.
“You couldn’t have written a better revenge script for the Canucks than what unfolded last night,” said Harm, noting Red Wings defenseman Jake Walman had a particularly rough night, much to the satisfaction of Canucks’ fans after Walman hit the griddy after his game-winning goal the last time the two teams faced off. “Right from the opening faceoff, you could tell that the Canucks had a bone to pick with Walman. Garland, on the first forecheck, hit Walman with some extra mustard, plus a couple of cross-checks afterward away from the play, and you’re like, ‘there’s some stuff going down tonight’. Then of course, the three goals against and the loss. Lindholm’s first one, the shot goes through him in a one-on-one situation, then Lindholm’s second goal which iced the game in the third, it’s Walman caught up the ice leaving Mo Seider out to dry on an odd-man rush.”
The guys were then joined by Wyatt Arndt to discuss the ‘second’ line as we saw it yesterday: Hoglander-Lindholm-Pettersson.
“Lindholm’s game really can benefit Pettersson,” said Wyatt. “You add in Hoglander and his style of play almost seems like the Alex Burrows style, getting into the corners but he’s also smart enough to do something with it. He might not facilitate as much as Burrows did but he has more finish. He’s able to produce five-on-five which is something that line would greatly benefit from. Early days, but watching that line, it was good to see them come through.”
The trio of Swedes combined for 6 points in Lindholm’s first game on home ice with Vancouver. 
The guys then moved on to talk about Noah Juulsen, who has been steadily improving his game seemingly every day.
“I’ve been on board with this kid for a while now,” said Wyatt, before noting he, along with many others, were very critical of Juulsen’s lackluster play to start the season. “I went hard on him with the early season on-ice stuff, like, ‘this guy doesn’t belong in the NHL, he’s terrible, what is he doing here?’ And it was a strong opinion because I really thought he was playing terribly. He has made me look like a right stupid idiot on this one. I’ll own it. I’m a dumb-dumb. He is making me look like a complete jerk because he’s been playing fantastic. There’s a lot of comments of Tanev-lite, and that’s a name you don’t use lightly but he has been playing that way. A very calm, smart game. Getting in the shooting lanes, interrupting passing lanes, making those small passes, taking hits to make the play to get his teammate open which is a Tanev specialty.”
“The control in his game- the perfect example was that game against Chicago, where Hronek does the slip-and-slide and they score, but Juulsen stays on his feet, and he’s really good at going down to one knee to block shooting lanes and get right back into the play. Full credit to Juulsen, this kid is looking better and better.”
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