Michael Bublé: If I score on Thatcher Demko, he has to sing on stage at one of my concerts

Photo credit:Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Gould
5 months ago
Michael Bublé is probably the Vancouver Canucks’ biggest celebrity supporter, but his relationship with the team transcends the usual limitations of fandom.
Case in point: Bublé recently bet Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko that he wouldn’t be able to stop the Canadian pop star on five consecutive breakaway chances. If Demko allowed him to score even once, he’d have to go up on stage and sing at one of Bublé’s concerts.
We’ll let Bublé take it from here. He discussed the story on a recent episode of the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast.
“I just made a bet with Thatcher, and I think I offended him,” Bublé said. “I was like, ‘Dude, I get five breakaways. If I score on one … you have to come to my show, get up on stage in front of 15 thousand people, and you have to sing.’ And he’s real dry, you know, and he goes, ‘You’re not gonna score.’
“I said, ‘No, I’m gonna come slow, but I’ve got good hands. I will pop one in.’ And Elias Pettersson just started laughing at me. We were at dinner the other night, and he just started laughing at me. Another dry Swedish guy. And he was like, ‘Oh, watch out, Thatcher, he’s extra dangerous because he’s slow.'”
However, as Bublé went on to explain, “losing” the bet wouldn’t actually be so bad for the 28-year-old Canucks goaltender.
“I was like, ‘No, f— you guys, I’m telling you right now, I’m gonna pop one, and if I do, you’re getting up on stage with me and you’re going to sing,'” Bublé said. “And Thatcher looks at me and goes, ‘Well, I’m gonna let you score, because that would be my dream come true.”
Demko may dream of moonlighting as a crooning pop star, but he’s done just fine for himself as a star goaltender in the NHL. The Boston College alumnus has a 16-7-0 record and a .921 save percentage in 23 games with the Canucks this season.
We don’t know if and when Bublé will get a chance to take those breakaway shots on Demko, but we do know the Canucks are currently leading the Nashville Predators 2-0 at Bridgestone Arena on this Tuesday evening.

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