Looking at our Stanley Cup Playoff brackets and another Leafs collapse: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
1 month ago
On yesterday’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal revisited their playoff brackets now that the first round of the NHL Playoffs has concluded.
Quads had an incredible first round, correctly predicting all eight series winners along with the right number of games in six of those series.
“The two series I didn’t have a firm grasp on were Winnipeg-Colorado and Toronto-Boston,” said Harm, defending his incorrect first-round picks. “I’m not ashamed about losing two coin-flips. Plus, if I knew William Nylander was going to miss the start of the series, I wouldn’t have picked Toronto. Nylander is a playoff beast, and if he and Matthews miss time, all your eggs are in the Mitch Marner-John Tavares basket. The series is over at that point, so I was screwed the moment Nylander and Matthews were sidelined.”
The main discussion point from the first round was where exactly the Maple Leafs should go after yet another disappointing playoff run.
“The problem is, Toronto needed to do this (blow up the team) after they lost to Montreal, and at the very least last summer,” said Harm. “Now they’ve backed themselves into a corner. They didn’t have to deal with No-Move Clauses before.
“Somehow it’s going to come out that they’re bringing the band back together, and all the Toronto media that are right now saying, “you gotta break up the team” will come out with columns on why it was a good idea to keep the core intact.”
“That’s what I’ve wondered in the back of my mind: are they going to explore moving Marner and realize he has a no-move clause? Or are they going to find the trade offers underwhelming because he’s a winger who disappears in the playoffs and makes eleven million dollars? Obviously, you’re not dealing Matthews or Nylander because they just signed extensions.”
As show producer Grady Sas pointed out, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a new result. “How many more playoff years do they need to realize this mix ain’t it?” he said.
“What are you getting for Mitch Marner in a trade? You’re probably losing that trade, but I’d rather have the cap space,” said Quads.
The guys moved on to briefly check their round 2 brackets, which look like this:
  • Vancouver over Edmonton – 7 games
  • Dallas over Colorado – 6 games
  • NYR over Carolina – 6 games
  • Florida over Boston – 5 games
  • Edmonton over Vancouver – 6 games
  • Dallas over Colorado – 7 games
  • NYR over Carolina – 7 games
  • Florida over Boston – 6 games
“We all had the same picks, except (Harm) took Edmonton,” said Quads. “Grady and I took Vancouver because we’re homers.”
“It’s winnable from Vancouver’s perspective. I’d give them a 40% chance of winning,” admitted Harm. “It’ll be a competitive series, but Edmonton is the better team on paper if I’m being honest and objective. I hope I’m wrong.”
You can watch the full replay of the below:

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