How will Bo Horvat be remembered for his time as a Vancouver Canuck?: Canucks Conversation

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David Quadrelli
7 months ago
Iain MacIntyre’s Tuesday story featuring Bo Horvat over at Sportsnet.ca got us thinking. IMac’s article is packed with plenty of nice quotes from Horvat talking about his respect and admiration for his successor as Canucks captain, Quinn Hughes.
It also featured Horvat saying his biggest non-accomplishment as Canucks captain and one of his biggest regrets is that he was never able to win in Vancouver. While he was here, few blamed Horvat for the Canucks’ shortcomings, but it seems that since he’s been gone — and since he made his now-infamous “better than Vancouver” comment — more and more Canucks fans have a negative opinion of the former captain.
As a result, on today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, Chris Faber and I asked Canucks fans for their opinions on how they’ll remember Bo Horvat’s time as a Vancouver Canuck.
It was the topic of our Atlas Goods poll question, as we wanted to get an idea of the consensus. At the time of this writing, the overwhelming majority of fans described Horvat’s captaincy as “fine”.
I also tweeted the question out, to which well over 100 people replied with their thoughts and feelings regarding Horvat’s legacy in Vancouver.
The general consensus seems to be that most people felt that Horvat was a fine captain in Vancouver — not great, but not bad either — but that a lot of those people were left with a bad taste in their mouth after Horvat’s comment in New York. Horvat walked that comment back and clarified that he meant no disrespect to Canucks fans, but the damage seems to have been done, as there were more than a couple fans who had some very negative feelings toward the ex-Canucks captain.
Watch our segment from the show here:

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