Friedman: Nikita Zadorov willing to take a discount to stay in Vancouver

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Tyson Cole
1 month ago
On Friday’s edition of 32 Thoughts — The Podcast, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman gave an update on how the contract negotiations are going between the Vancouver Canucks and their big, physical 6’6 Russian UFA, Nikita Zadorov.
“I just believe Zadorov has a number, and it might actually be a little less than he could get on the open market to stay in Vancouver,” Friedman said. “I don’t think Vancouver is far away from it, but I don’t think they’ve hit it.”
“When it comes to Zadorov, I don’t think they’re far, but they haven’t gotten there, and because I think Zadorov is inclined to give them a bit of a break, they have to get there,” Friedman added. “Vancouver’s trying to make the best deal they can. They’re not there. I don’t think this is impossible, but I think they have to get there. Because I think Zadorov knows if he gets to the open market, he’s going to be happy with what’s out there.”
Zadorov certainly earned himself a few extra dollars after his four-goal, eight-point, and 45-hit playoff performance. Zadorov became a fan favourite in Vancouver this postseason, scoring some big goals and playing like a bully all throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
At 29 years old, this projects to be the largest contract of Zadorov’s career. That said, if he’s willing to take a slight discount to stay in Vancouver, proving how much he loves it here and wants to run back last year’s success, it will be interesting to see if Jim Rutherford and Patrik Allvin will be able to get this deal done at a number that makes sense for the Canucks.
So, what do you think Canucks fans? What do you project that contract for Zadorov is? What would you be comfortable with? Let us know in the comments section below!

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