Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek talk about their boat conversation with Elias Pettersson

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By Faber
10 months ago
After dropping a 12:04 am clip that earned over 500,000 views on Twitter and caught every fan of the Vancouver Canucks’ attention, Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek went more in-depth about Friedman’s conversation with Canucks centre Elias Pettersson.
Here’s the Spotify link to the show. The conversation about Pettersson begins at the 26:10 mark.
The full boat interview with Pettersson will air soon according to the 32 Thoughts hosts. Friedman mentioned that Pettersson is locked in about his strength gain and his diet to achieve more strength — he said that Pettersson brought his own lunch to the boat ride.
As for the clip that was tweeted out past midnight, Friedman gave some insight into Pettersson’s contract situation.
“The thing is, someone called me from out there and said, ‘Okay, what else did you get from his mood? Is there a reason to panic here? Like, is he pulling the door on the Canucks?’ No, I don’t believe that,” said Friedman. “I think that he knows his next contract is going to be a big one, wherever it is, and I don’t think he’s worried about that. I just think he wants to make sure that he feels everything is going in the right direction. And I got the sense that he is confident in what they have. He just wants to see the results. And as long as the Canucks do, what he believes and what they’re selling him they can do. I don’t think this is going to be an issue. They know they’re going to have to pay him. I think they are prepared to pay them. They’re prepared to pay him long-term. I think the guy just wants to win and he wants to make sure that it’s going to be there.”
We also heard that a big reason for Pettersson to spend his summer in Stockholm is to be able to work with his trainer and that Friedman could see that Pettersson looked visibly stronger and that he is very serious about his offseason training and diet. This is all great news and it’s what we have come to expect of Pettersson, who seems to come back to training camp every year looking stronger and stronger.
The two later discussed that Pettersson enjoyed the fanbase’s passion during some of his bigger games at Rogers Arena. We can all remember Pettersson’s five-point night with a shootout winner in a 6-5 win over the Seattle Kraken last season — Pettersson clearly loves what the arena can look like when the team makes some magic happen on the ice.
Friedman and Marek certainly did a great job getting fans excited to hear the entire boat interview with Pettersson. It’s rare that we get one of the Canucks’ top players in a sit-down interview setting during the offseason and we will surely dive in on the entirety of the Pettersson-Friedman conversation when it drops, which is apparently soon according to the 32 Thoughts hosts.

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