Elias Pettersson talks relationship with JT Miller, why he’s happy in Vancouver, and more

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Noah Strang
1 year ago
While he was down in Florida for the NHL’s All Star Weekend, Vancouver Canucks superstar Elias Pettersson made an appearance on the 32 Thoughts podcast with Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek. The three got together on the sunny Florida beach for a conversation that Canucks fans will not want to miss.
This conversation was a great chance to hear Pettersson talk openly about himself and the Canucks. Fans can get a better idea of what he’s like away from the rink and away from hockey.
Here are some of the top quotes from the interview that Canucks fans will be most interested in hearing.

Pettersson talks J.T. Miller

One of the big talking points about this interview was Pettersson’s relationship with J.T. Miller. With Bo Horvat now traded, these two forwards are going to have to co-exist and fill the leadership gap together. This was something that Pettersson spoke about at length during the interview.
“There’s a lot of rumours about your relationship with J.T. Miller,” Friedman started. “Is it good or bad or what? I want to hear it from you.”
“It’s good, um, I mean we’ve had our differences maybe in some games, but he is a teammate that I respect and he’s someone I like to play hockey with,” Pettersson responded. “There’s a lot of speculation obviously but he’s a teammate I respect.”
When asked how he would describe what Miller is like to a person that’s never met him, Pettersson continued to provide interesting answers.
“He’s a skillful player but he’s, I don’t know if emotional is the right word. He wants to win so bad sometimes he maybe gets too hot-headed, if that’s the right word,” the Swedish superstar said. “He cares a lot and he just wants to win.”

Why Pettersson is happy in Vancouver

With all the turmoil happening around the Canucks this season, there’s been some questions rightfully made about the morale around the team. Since the Canucks didn’t have the cap space to sign Pettersson to a long-term deal after his entry-level contract, he only has one more season left after this one before he’s a free agent once again, albeit an RFA.
Early in the interview, Elliotte Friedman asked Pettersson point blank about his satisfaction playing in Vancouver and his long-term prospects of playing in the city.
“I think the number one question that every Canucks fan has and wants to know is, are you happy?” Friedman asked. “They worry and they want to know that you’re going to be a Canuck for a long time.”
“I’m happy,” Pettersson responded. “I love the city, it’s a great place to play and obviously the Canucks fans are passionate which I like, so I’m happy.”

Other topics discussed

Pettersson spoke for about 15 minutes on the podcast and answered questions on a variety of other talking points. Some of the subject matter included what he does away from the rink, how he deals with media noise, which Canuck he thinks is the most underrated, and some fashion talk.
Pettersson said he likes to play the NHL video game with his friends back home, and that they play 3-on-3 with one another. Pettersson stated that he has to play defence or else “a lot of goals would go in.”
You can find the full interview of Pettersson’s appearance on 32 Thoughts on Youtube at this link here.

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