Could Vasily Podkolzin be on the move before the NHL trade deadline?: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
4 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Patrick Johnston discussed the possibility of Vasily Podkolzin being used as a trade chip ahead of the deadline.
The Canucks recalled Podkolzin, who has 15 goals and 28 points in 44 games with Abbotsford, on Saturday. He then played his first game with Vancouver this season on the second line with Elias Lindholm and Conor Garland against the Ducks. It was a quiet but overall solid night for the 22-year-old Russian. There’s a speculative school of thought surrounding the call-up: is Podkolzin being showcased at the NHL level to be used as a potential trade piece?
“Tenth overall pick, hasn’t gotten regular deployment at any point throughout his career – even in Vancouver, he’s been top six, bottom six, no regularity,” stated Quads. “This season he got some regularity in Abbotsford; he’s looked great there, hasn’t put up a ton of points, but he’s been looking really solid. Came up yesterday, zeros on the stat line, but again, I thought he played pretty well. Two games left for opposing general managers and teams to see him. Is he a member of the Canucks after Friday?”
Podkolzin was allowed the opportunity to showcase his raw talent as a high draft pick, playing 79 games with the Canucks in his rookie season. Tocchet’s “moose and bull” comparison last season highlighted Podkolzin’s developing NHL presence. He has all the tools to become a solid mainstay in the league. But after going from a top-10 pick to bouncing around trying to find his footing, Podkolzin has more reason than ever to want to solidify himself as a big-league regular.
“I have to say no,” answered Patrick. “I think he’s going to end up being a trade chip. They’re going to show him in these games coming back, and someone’s going to look at him and say, ‘that’s a player I like.’”
“This management regime, from everything we’ve heard, doesn’t want to move on from Lekkerimaki,” continued Quads. “They don’t want to move on from Willander or D-Petey. What do all those guys have in common? They were all drafted by this management regime. I’m not trying to say they don’t like Podkolzin; I’m saying they understand how business works in the NHL, and they understand if they want to go out and make a trade, they’re going to have to give up something they like. Who do they like the least out of this pile of prospects? Maybe it’s Vasily Podkolzin.”
“They were being very quiet about him,” said Patrick. “As soon as they called him up, you can’t help but notice the timing, and I think the timing does matter on this one.”
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