CanucksArmy Game Day: Team Playoffs, no green for Green, and rocket power

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1 year ago

The Real Journey Begins

Tonight, the Canucks embark on a treacherous four-game set against the Ottawa Senators: a team that most of Canada deems to not exist. They do exist, much like zombies, unicorns, and Roberto Luongo’s recapture penalty exist. Vancouver has won five-straight against the Senators which sounds great but if I told you I beat my 10-year-old at Uno, you wouldn’t care.
Like Uno, the Canucks have picked up their game and have a few more cards in their hand. They’ll need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive after the Canadiens won yesterday.
No turning back for this squad and their goals (squad goals, if you will).
Let’s Do This!™

Time For a Rocket Launch?

I’m going to keep beating this drum until it happens but will THIS be the game Madison Bowey and Kole Lind make their Canucks debut? They’d join Tyler Myers and could potentially equal the amazing feat accomplished by Nolan Foote, Nick Merkley, and Damon Severson of the Devils when those three former Kelowna Rockets combined for a goal the other night.
I believe in miracles, do you?

Will the Canucks Make the Playoffs? Where is Travis Green’s Contract? Who’s Coming Back Next Season? How Many Soft Goals Are Left in The Canucks?

  • Montreal’s victory over the Oilers put the Canucks back to a 14% chance according to Dom Luszczyszyn’s model. It was as high as 25% just one day ago so this is something to watch on a nightly basis going forward. The Canucks aren’t exactly being talked about as a postseason favourite but if they can beat COVID, they’ve got enough talent on that team to grind it out until the last day. I say they do it.
  • So now that Thatcher Demko and Tanner Pearson have been signed, a few moves have been made at the deadline, and Travis Green has continued to prove he’s a winner: where is his new contract? Donnie and Dhali talked to Jeff Paterson about this yesterday and it just seems ridiculous that they haven’t locked him up yet. This may be one of the all-time lame-duck seasons for a coach.
  • Is Brandon Sutter coming back next season? His UFA status has a lot of Canucks fans worried because he’s a prime candidate to be re-signed. With Adam Gaudette out of the way, it’s Sutter’s job to lose really and he’s making his GM type that contract up early with his recent play against the Leafs. Sutter is 32 and that falls under Benning’s 24-34 range for “winning a Cup” so that has to worry a few people as well. This season just keeps throwing curveballs left, right, and centre.
  • Tanner Pearson scored what is being called a softie goal on David Rittich the other night. When a team is on the ropes like the Leafs were this week, some of those “soft goals” go in. Holtby has seen them, so has Demko — heck, Roberto has seen a million of them. If you’re on a roll, you take goals any way they come. I hope the Canucks have at least a handful more of those pillow shots left.
  • Jenna Fabulous from Twitter asked a great question and I’d like an answer:

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Brandon Sutter feels like he’s due for some love. I don’t want this to be a thing but without Elias Pettersson, the Canucks need a top-tier pivot to step up and if that isn’t Brandon Sutter, what are we even doing?

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • A Canucks win! Every game, count on it.
  • Purchasing a new Apple Watch because like a dummy I dropped mine on my tile floor. Those things blow up. They blow up good!
  • A hybrid Phillips/Robertson screwdriver head. Does this exist? Is it amazing?
  • Seeing the remaining Harry Potter movies after the third one. What’s the next one?

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