CanucksArmy Game Day: Reality check, dazzling DiPietro, and sympathetic Leafs fans

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1 year ago

Coding for beginners

So, let me get this straight: Alex Edler was on a 3:00 min marathon shift and ended up kneeing Zack Hyman resulting in Wayne Simmonds teeing up Edler for a fight over a week later? Edler served a two-game suspension but was still required to fight because of the code. So is there a code saying that dummying a guy that has NEVER fought before entitles the victimized team to then fight the aggressor?
Confused? Me too.
The Leafs have it backwards and in all actuality, so do the Canucks. How does something like this go accepted in the room? It’s idiotic.
Anyway, there’s a game today between the Canucks and the Leafs that holds almost zero significance to either team and will result in the Canucks being dog-tired around the beginning of the third period.
It’s a good thing the NHL felt these were meaningful games that wouldn’t tarnish the image of safety or respectability of its teams whatsoever. Very classy of them.
Maybe the Canucks fluke out and win on a rebound or something?
Let’s Do This!™

Tyler not… in the lineup and more surprises

Tyler Motte did not return to the game on Thursday which could mean they just didn’t want him involved in the rest of that game or he’s actually injured. He could definitely have a concussion after the hit to the head but we may need to wait until warmups to find out. Kole Lind looked decent in his debut and even though his minutes were high, he didn’t stand out.
Every player is different and it’s likely Lind was a bit star-struck in his first-ever game. Now that he’s seen the pace, he should have a way better idea of how to conduct himself for 60-minutes.
It’s a rough time of year for lineup updates and the COVID protocols don’t help.

DiPietro does the thing, understanding the current state, a new deal, and Leafs fans… why?

  • It looks like all of the hand-wringing and yelling at clouds was all for naught as Mikey DiPietro made his season debut for the Comets on Friday night and he was brilliant. Two five-alarm saves bookended a great return and the Comets put up a converted touchdown for the win. Ian Clark’s student had his first test and A+ is the only grade he could get.
OH, and this one, too!
  • There are 12 games left in the Canucks’ pandemic season and it’ll be a miracle if they win more than a game. That being said, their 0.8% chance of making the postseason should tell you everything you need to know: it’s over. The series against the Senators and the first game against the Leafs this week have shown that the Canucks are worn out.
  • There are still athletes around the North American sports landscape that are feeling lasting effects of suffering from COVID after almost two months, so why are the Canucks being asked to “tough it out”? It just doesn’t make sense.
  • Travis Green has been rumoured to have a deal in front of him. It could just be a deal for a half-price loveseat when you buy the couch and chair or maybe it’s a combo deal for a footlong sub, drink, and a bag of chips for $7.99 (lobster subs not included). If it’s a new contract, the Canucks better have not missed on their shot. They need wins wherever they can find them and this is a big one.
  • Have you ever had a rational conversation with a Leafs fan, whether it be online or in real life? Ya, me neither. Twitter is the conversation platform where a lot of these discussions take place and the Canucks’ misery is really angering a lot of Leafs fans these days because they can’t get their barbs in. Because many of us have accepted the Canucks’ current situation, saying the team “sucks” or is “playing lousy” isn’t exactly a burn. The Eastern media and the fanbase beneath are having a tough time getting the stinging last word in and as a Canucks fan, this might be the best feeling ever.
  • This is one example and yesterday there were a few out there. It’s really amazing that Leafs fans need to know they’ve broken Canucks fans, but you can’t break something that’s already broken. It’s broken so much.
  • Alex Edler still hasn’t scored a goal. He’s stuck on 99. I guess we’re finally at the point where he has 99 problems.

PowerGlove™ PowerGlove Player of the Game

  • Do you want to pick one? I’m out of ideas. Nate Schmidt maybe? How about Tanner Pearson? Let’s go with… Tyler Myers. I predict Myers will be the recipient of the award tonight after he ragdolls Darcy Tucker, err, Wayne Simmonds a la Zdeno Chara style.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • The creation of a SIX-hour energy drink. Someone’s sitting on a fortune with this idea.
  • Let’s be honest, a win would be great and also doubles as a moral victory. It only counts as one real victory but there would be two victories. It’s a 2 for 1, really.
  • J.T. Miller swearing on HNiC, and not just any swear — a loud one.
  • Trying every summer flavour of DQ Blizzard. I just had the drumstick with peanuts and it didn’t disappoint.

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