CanucksArmy Game Day: J.T Miller is a machine, more McDavid, and the Green mile

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1 year ago

Trap game alert, trap game alert!

The Oilers made easy work of the Canucks yesterday and earned the heralded “X” beside their name to indicate they are a playoff team. Remember the playoffs, folks? Remember when the Canucks would routinely win their division, win the first round, and THEN it got tough? It sure has been a long time since those feelings were relevant.
Tonight, the Canucks face those same Oilers, and doesn’t it just feel like it will be a carbon copy of yesterday’s game? There are no indicators to suggest we’ll see anything different but if it’s up to ol’ J.T. Miller, this season is far from finished.
There’s a lot of frustration surrounding Vancouver but if you asked any player in that locker room, they would tell you they can make these final games as important as the first ones. Until it’s over, it’s not over.
Let’s Do This!™


Brandon Sutter was the latest Canuck player to hit the injury list and it wouldn’t be surprising if Tyler Myers is nursing an injury as well. If the Canucks make it to the final game with enough players to ice a healthy roster, that alone deserves an award. Travis Hamonic took a nice shot early on last night but it’s unlikely he misses time from that.

Walking the Green mile, McDavid update, the Ottawa line, and just end it already

  • Travis Green looks like a man defeated. He ended his presser last night after three questions and basically showed his hand a bit towards the frustration he has to be feeling. Despite the effort lately, the Canucks are not getting wins in any shape or fashion. Last night’s game had a few “moral victories” but it was still very unwatchable. He knows this, we know this. The last few games are going to be painful.
  • As I predicted, Connor McDavid would get at least eight points against the Canucks this week and he’s halfway there after only one game. This isn’t miraculous by any means, this is just what he is capable of. McDavid will probably end tonight’s game with three points but don’t be surprised if they’re just assists; even superheroes need a break, too!
  • You have to wonder if the Canucks will pass the Senators for sixth in the Scosche (Scotia for the uninformed). Ottawa has played six more games than Vancouver and only sits four points ahead. The way the Canucks are going right now, four points seems like a monumental task. Including tonight, there are three games against the Oilers (four if the TBD game happens), two against the Jets, and four games against the Flames which are yet to be confirmed as well. Nowhere in that schedule right now do I see two remaining wins. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. The NHL should pull the plug on the Canucks season and just leave it be.
  • If you’re a diehard, this is even tough to swallow. The Canucks have had one of the worst seasons in their history and they can’t even lose with dignity. No Elias Pettersson to at least make the final games interesting, a COVID explosion that has the team looking gassed after every period, a coach who still doesn’t have a deal despite his accolades and to top it all off, an owner who has to sell part of his lego collection to keep the lights on at the arena. This isn’t the Canucks team we deserve. It could be worse, it could be Buffalo.
  • Does it feel like J.T. Miller is just giving the Canucks absolutely everything he has? He has goals in two of his last three games but it’s the “don’t quit” attitude that has been the most impressive. He has been so much to the Canucks with and without its other stars and it’s weird to think of him like this but he’s the more talented version of Bo Horvat.
  • Alex Edler still doesn’t have a goal

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Thatcher Demko. If any of these games are going to be close then the Canucks need one of their goalies to pull off a Vezina-calibre performance. At its core, this team has promise but the current state combined with the dark post-COVID cloud is too much, even for this resilient group.

Things I’m looking forward to

  • Let’s start with a lead going into the third period. That seems like an attainable goal.
  • If they make Buffalo Dill Pickle flavoured wings, I need to know where to find them.
  • Alex Edler needs a goal and he deserves to score it at Rogers Arena before a crowd of 10s.
  • The inevitability that playoff hockey is coming and we’ll be able to enjoy it because there is no stress involved.
  • Free Slurpee Day

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