CanucksArmy Game Day: FIN conspiracy theories, why isn’t Lind playing, and Josh Leivo has COVID-19

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2 years ago


Just kidding. The Canucks get another chance to beat up on a team that doesn’t deserve to be in the same building as Vancouver. Despite the puck luck Vancouver experienced and the atrocious officiating, the Canucks weren’t out of that game. Matt Murray proved to be a Vezina candidate in his shutout but it feels like HE was the one that got lucky.
Thatcher Demko mentioned most of his teammates still aren’t at 100%, and yet they didn’t look out of place. With an off day for most of the team on Friday aside from a few at the optional practice, the Canucks should be ready to go.
Time to eat!
Let’s Do This!™

No More Pettersson But Kole Lind Will Play, Right?

Elias Pettersson did skate on his own but he is still far from returning. Rumours are a hairline fracture in his wrist and that’s his moneymaker. There is no reason for Petey to return so we’re cool with letting him rest. Unless it’s for cap reasons, Kole Lind needs to be in the lineup. Madison Bowey should get a look as well. Why trade for these guys if they don’t even get a sniff?
But back to Lind.
This guy needs to get a shot to play and against the Senators, there’s no way he falters. I mean, Erik Gudbranson is on the other side. Seeing that pylon get walked is reason enough. What’s the worst thing that can happen?
Just sayin’.

Why Isn’t Fin at games, Leivo and his COVID, Juolevi’s dangles, and Brock needs to score

  • Hear me out: Rob Williams tweeted about Fin’s first appearance in forever at a Canucks game while Fin responded he’s busy doing birthday stuff. Nope, I don’t buy it. Gritty is busy being a super mascot and Fin can’t even show up? Is money that tight they can’t pay the mascot or is this a bigger situation?’
Are the Canucks about to embark on an epic rebranding with the skate jersey and are slowly phasing out Fin?
Probably not, as Fin broke his silence:
  • Josh Leivo now has COVID-19 and skated yesterday. The Flames awaited word to see what the next step was and in true NHL fashion, they played… and WON! Did the NHL not learn a thing after the Canucks debacle? If there are more tests this will get quite dirty. There really is no plan with this league but what do we know?
  • It may have been worth the wait for moves like this:
  • Brock Boeser hasn’t scored since March 20th against the Canadiens. He put a few assists on the board since the break but the team needs his shot. He got close last game but he’ll need to hit the net tonight. Brock never disappoints.

PowerGlove™ Player of the Game

  • Nils Höglander gets my vote for player of the game. He’s been a pain in the ass against his opponents and even has a few goals to his name this week. Nils is going to bust out tonight, that’s the prediction, and if it comes true, make sure to reference my greatness.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • One day seeing a short giraffe, not a baby one, a short one. You know, like how miniature ponies are.
  • CanucksArmy keeping me around after the first request.
  • Nils Höglander pulling off “The Mike Legg” goal against the Senators
  • Fruity Pebbles being recognized as part of a well-balanced breakfast.

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