Alex Edler will hit the free agent market, unlikely to return to the Canucks

Photo credit:© Candice Ward
David Quadrelli
2 years ago
Vancouver Canucks defenceman Alex Edler will test the open market in free agency, says his agent Mark Stowe, who broke the news on Donnie and Dhali – The Team this morning.
“Alex has decided to pursue free agency in lieu of re-signing with the Canucks and he will test the market pretty soon,” said Stowe. “There wasn’t an issue in the negotiations, it was just the right time for Alex to try free agency… It was more just the chance to do so, and perhaps for one of the last times in his career since he’s older now.”
“Given the dynamics and the timing and his age, once he decided to move on, I advised the Canucks that he will be doing so.”
Edler still played a prominent role on the Canucks last year, and was still asked to be a top-four d-man on a nightly basis.
Stowe was asked if there’s a chance Edler will circle back to the Canucks, to which he said:
“Yeah, there’s a chance. You know the whole UFA thing is risky, as you know, even if we circle back, there may not be money on the table. If it doesn’t work out for Alex with other teams, he could be without a job potentially. That’s one of the things to consider, but players got to make a decision. But there are a number of other teams out there and I guess we’re rolling the dice a little bit but hopefully it will turn out in his favour.”
Stowe also added that he thinks Edler considered all the losing the Canucks have done in the past ten years when making his decision to try to move on from the club.
The 35-year-old defenceman is the Canucks’ all-time franchise leader in goals, assists, points, and games played among defencemen.
Day one of free agency begins on Wednesday, July 28th.

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