Mitchell’s Comment

  In his September 5th article for The Province, Tony Gallagher takes up Willie Mitchell’s recent comment: "We have a big gap in our union where you have the star player and the blue-collar player. All those top-end guys are getting paid more and more and the bottom-end guys are getting less and less. Maybe…


Kesler 2K11

Ryan Kesler is the cover athlete for the new NHL 2K11 game. This strikes me as interesting.  At first, I didn’t really get it. Video games are by their very nature all about creating a flashiness and hyperbole that isn’t quite captured by the reality they are meant to represent. There are loads of things…


Backstrom versus Ovechkin

Since there’s a current lull in the Canuck schedule, I thought I’d write about something else. Try this on for size: Backstrom is a better player than Ovechkin.


What’s The Last Thing You Remember?

Last night I felt a little like Christopher Nolan in the film Memento. I felt I was afflicted with a kind of short-term amnesia, unable to store new memories, and so to put everything together, to make sense of it all. So strange was it, that not even in retrospect, with the benefit of hindsight,…


Becoming Edler

“Become who you are” – this was Nietzsche’s slogan for the idea that we as individuals have the ability to create and choose out of what we have to work with. We are all born like a piece of clay that already has its unique shape, and it is up to us to do the…


The Swedish Ethos

I went to school in Scandinavia for seven years. I learned a little bit about the psyche of this social democratic culture. They are taught from early on not to talk too much about themselves – it is rude to do so. Salary is rarely mentioned. In fact, there is a general leveling of wage…


The Athletic Saint

It is too often said that athletes who are ethically suspect run the risk of morally corrupting their fans and audience. We judge and condemn the athlete – from Shane O’Brien’s late nights at the Roxy or Kyle Wellwood’s weight gain, to Tiger Wood’s sexual infidelities – for not being moral saints. They have a…


Captain Luongo

Luongo after the Kings’ game: "As a team, we should be embarrassed by the way we played. From the first guy, which is me, all the way out to the last guy, it’s unacceptable to play this way."  I’ve been saying it ever since it happened, but Luongo shouldn’t have been anointed captain.


Getting To The Hart Of The Matter

Typically the Hart Trophy goes to the flashier player and to the candidate with the most goals. But what is flashy and why is the flashy player often equated with being the league’s most valuable player? Ditto for goal-scoring. Why is scoring goals almost always taken to be more valuable than setting them up? I…


Learning to Forget

It is a difficult thing to get over discouragement and anger. Seneca, the Roman statesman, spent his life trying to find ways to avoid becoming too angry and bitter. He noticed that our anger invariably lasts longer than the damage done to us. He thought we were fools to allow our tranquility and composure to…


The Place of Willie Mitchell

Willie Mitchell is a master-disrupter at close quarters – in front of the net and especially in the corners. He anticipates well, is good at angling his body in the right ways, and, with that long stick, is able to knock the puck off opposing players – even when it seems they are out of…