CanucksArmy Top 25 of 2020: #22 — WWYDW Part Deux: More Thoughts On Loui Eriksson’s Departure

Welcome to the yearly wrap up of the top read articles over the last year!

There are few more enigmatic figures in Vancouver than that of Loui Eriksson. And this year, the 22nd most-read article was another on his potential future.

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WWYDW Part Deux: More Thoughts On Loui Eriksson’s Departure

The article was penned by Stephan Roget and published on March 19th offering readers the chance to chime in on what they would like to see happen.

And with that, people were ready for him to be off to greener pastures. Here’s the comment that was noted by Roget as being the most eloquent:


(Winner of the author’s daily award for eloquence)

I was hoping for some playoffs to see how JV18 performed when it matters. I’m anticipating he’ll be a beast and we’ll want to keep him! But if he plays just as lazy and lackadaisical as a regular season game, package him with Eriksson and move him out. Otherwise JB should see what else we can offer as a sweetener to have someone else take LE’s contract.

Shame that Sutter and Myers are both overpaid and thus also have negative trade value, but a good performance in the playoffs from either could boost their short-term value for a summer 2020 trade.

Outside of a gift from the league (extra buyout!) or LE himself (voluntarily on IR to collect salary), I just don’t see any non-painful way out of this. If he can’t be traded, then send him to Utica. It’s only a minor cap savings, but it sends a message to UFAs – we expect you to perform to your contract – and honestly he’s below replacement level at this point, so it’s addition by subtraction. Try to move a slightly-less-painful contract like Sutter’s instead.

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