Halloween 2020: Which Vancouver Canuck had the best costume?

Which Canucks players showed some Halloween spirit this year, and who had the best costume? Due to COVID-19 circumstances, the players couldn’t coordinate group costumes like last year’s Shrek and Peaky Blinders themes, but that didn’t stop them from dressing up.

Here’s seven Canucks (or their children) in some frightening, adorable, and hilarious costumes last night:

1. Bo Horvat as a beekeeper

Photo Credit: @bohorvat & @gus.frenchie_ on Instagram

Gotta give props to the Canucks Captain this year, with his entire family dressing up in a bee theme. Newborn Gunnar and their French bulldog Gus were the cutest bumblebees I’ve ever seen.

2. Adam Gaudette as the Joker

Photo Credit: @micaelakimxo on Instagram

Gaudette definitely had the hair (and grin) to channel the DC villain with his wife Micaela. Their dogs were also dressed as a spider and Frankenstein, so they deserve extra points for that.

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3. Brock Boeser as a carnival ringmaster

Photo Credit: @katyaulyankin on Instagram

Another year of total Halloween dedication from Boeser. He went all out as this horrifying clown-carnival leader… and seemingly dyed his blonde flow black!

4. JT Miller’s daughters Scottie and Scarlett as poodle girls

Photo Credit: @nmiller_02 on Instagram

Retro fashion, but make it two times cuter!

5. Jordie Benn as Joe Exotic from Tiger King

Photo Credit: @koho8 on Instagram

Jordie and his wife Jessi accurately impersonated Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin from the popular Netflix documentary. Their newborn baby Billie and dogs Juice and Lilli also dressed up as some adorable tigers and lions.

6. Tanner Pearson’s son Tucker as a monkey (who plays golf)

Photo Credit: @tannerjpearson on Instagram

Monkey see his dad play golf in the offseason, monkey do. Bo Horvat commented “Start ‘em young” on the post.

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7. Elias Pettersson as (the tallest) Elmo

Photo Credit: @_eliaspettersson on Instagram

You really thought I wouldn’t mention Elias Pettersson on this list? He hung out with the cast of the CW show Riverdale as the tallest Sesame Street puppet I’ve ever seen.