Vancouver Canucks prospect Nils Höglander scores two goals in his final SHL preseason game

Nils Höglander scored two big goals for his team today in the final preseason game before the SHL season gets underway on September 19th.

Höglander looks ready as ever.

His team (Rögle BK) played on Friday and won 3-2 in overtime. Rögle doesn’t get to overtime without Höglander’s two goals which were the only goals for the team in regulation time.

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Today was also the first time we have seen Höglander put on the team’s first line. Overall, it was a very good day for the 19-year-old Swedish prospect. It took under 10 minutes for him to find the scoresheet as during his third shift as a first line player, he scored on a wicked one-timer from the right side.

Höglander has been racking up the powerplay points, so it was good to see him get one at 5-on-5 in this game. His movement to the first line was an obvious success. As previously mentioned, this was the final preseason game for Rögle BK, so Höglander just made a huge impact on what the lineup could look like for their first regular-season game.

His second goal came on the powerplay to tie the game up at two. He poked at the puck with one hand on the stick and that was enough to get it across the goal line for his second of the game.

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Through the preseason, Höglander has been more than a point per game player in his draft plus two season. I included this pGPS Production Spectrum in the breakout season article for Höglander and Vasili Podkolzin from a few days ago.

Some people were a bit confused by the pGPS model so I’ll try and explain it a bit more. According to the pGPS Production Spectrum, if Höglander keeps this pace up in the season he has a 100% chance of being an NHL contributor and higher than 45% chance of being a top-six player.

It was a nice showing for Höglander in this final game and he was defensively responsible as well. I was able to track a limited amount of this game due to having a journalism class while the game was being played (don’t tell my teacher) but from the limited amount of tracking I did,  this was Höglander’s best game for Corsi for percentage. I had him over 70% for a CF% in this game. (I did miss large chunks of the game due to class)

His season begins on September 19th and if he is able to get near a point per game, we should expect to see him leave the two-month loan on December 13th.

He would be one heck of a Christmas present for Canucks fans with this type of production.

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BONUS: Vasili Podkolzin also played today. He played 12:57 in his game, did not see any special teams time but was very physical once again. He attempted four shots, had two shots on net, had three hits and blocked one shot. The only real clip I gathered was his shot block at the end of the first period.