Shots! Shots! Shots!: Vancouver Canucks Brock Boeser needs to shoot more

Its time for Brock Boeser to put the “show me” in the show me state versus the Blues and take the wise words from Kevin Bieksa.

Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots.

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Boeser’s work ethic and compete level have been with him this postseason. He’s hard on forechecks, but lacking shots.

Having five shots through five games against the Blues (three came from the powerplay), it’s time for Boeser to start calling hail marys and shoot from anywhere.

While he has two goals this playoff run (both against the Wild), we still haven’t seen Boeser use his lethal shot.

His first goal of the playoffs came right in front of the net, a tap in that Canucks fans are accustomed to seeing.

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His second goal came on the powerplay, and you would think it came from a powerful wrist shot from the circle or slot, but it was again a few feet away from the net.

The silver lining is that Boeser is scoring.

Deeper drive

Boeser’s advance stats so far in the playoffs through nine games is good but not great, his Corsi percentage is 52.6.


While his overall numbers are good, seven points in nine games, the shots that he is generating are a tad bit worrying. In all situations, the 2019-20 playoffs, Boeser is shooting below his predicted average.

Boeser is nine percent below his predicted shooting talent; his expected goals per 60 are at zero for the postseason; however, there is still time in this series to turn that around with game six and, if necessary, game seven.

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Heat map


Boeser is known for his shot. However, he only has one shot atop the left side circle where he can get a one-timer off and two directly from the slot. Boeser needs to generate more shots from his bread and butter area, which made him an all-star.

Wild vs the Lou

Boeser thus far has had a better series against his hometown team.

Games Shots (5v5) Points CF (5v5) CA (5v5) CF%
WIld 4 5 3 60 47 56.07%
Blues 5 2 4 67 72 48.20%

Yes, Boeser does have one extra game plus overtime under his belt against the Blues, but Boeser was more noticeable in the qualifying round, two shots five on five will not cut it during the postseason.

He does have four points in five games without having a dominating performance, which is a good sign for the team and for him. Boeser needs to find the same energy he brought into camp and the series against the Wild, or he could see a spot on the third line.

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If the Canucks want to make a deep run, they need Boeser to be consistent, meaning popping in a few more goals. They can’t rely on the powerplay and a few role players. The positive is Boeser hasn’t played horribly despite not having a goal in this series. He’s a streaky goal-scorer who needs to shoot more and will find the back of the net soon enough if is work rate remains high.