Canucks superfan Clay Imoo has cheered his way onto your television screen

There will be no fans in attendance during the NHL playoffs but that hasn’t stopped one fan from cheering at the top of his lungs.

Clay Imoo is a superfan whose Canucks themed YouTube channel has gotten over one million total views.

CanuckClay as he is known on Twitter and YouTube is most known for his Canucks parody songs and his daily content where he gives his Canucks take all in one take.

The founder of the Good Looking Canucks Positivity Club or “The GLCPC” was recently asked to submit a handful of videos to the NHL to be used during Canucks broadcasts.

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“I thought it was a really neat and creative opportunity to get fans involved and fans excited. They’re basically your shareholders and you want them to be able to be excited and spread that excitement to other fans. I did realize that this had the potential to go sideways and very cringy very quickly. But it was another small way to show my fandom and a bit of creativity, so I was excited to be honest with you. It was great to do three things: to represent the Vancouver Canucks, to represent Canucks fans and even to represent the Asian community a little bit too because there weren’t a lot of Asians in that video. I love bringing my family into my Canucks fandom too, so these videos were a great way to involve Sean and Jacob.”

The NHL is exploring a magnitude of different ways to get fans involved in the action without giving them access to the NHL bubble. Having fans cheer, chant and boo from home is one of those ways.

Imoo has been a season ticket holder since the 2010-11 season and is constantly taking photos and hanging out with fellow fans in the concourse at Canucks games and admits that he misses the fan to fan interactions at Canucks games.

I absolutely miss the fan to fan interactions. Intermissions are a chance to meet up with people that we follow on Twitter. I do miss that, it’s one of the best experiences. But just seeing supreme athletes playing the exciting game that we love. I don’t love doing that alone and that’s the whole point of being a fan. I certainly miss the cheers, the cheering sections and all those things that come with being able to experience a Canucks game at Rogers arena. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cheer on the team from home with my family but I do miss cheering with 18,000 strong on any given night, you can’t top that.”

Hockey fans have sure missed the sport they love but they are now just a few days away from seeing competitive games with the dream of their team raising the Stanley Cup as the final destination for this two month journey ahead of us.

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Even though he won’t be able to attend any games, Imoo will still be cheering from his home like so many other Canuck fans will be as the month changes over to August.

I have a decent sized TV and surround sound so that’s a good thing. I will grab a couple Pepsi’s for sure because I’m not a big drinker although game one is Sunday and that is my son Sean’s 19th birthday so we’re going to plan some sort of celebration for him! I’ll do a quick two minute intermission reflections directly on Twitter and then I’ll be doing some post games live streams on YouTube, right when the game ends.”

The play in series between the Minnesota Wild and Vancouver Canucks begins on Sunday night at 7:30. The rest of their schedule includes a game on Tuesday August 4th at 7:45. Back to back games on Thursday, August 6th and Friday, August 7th with a possible game five on Sunday, August 9th. The final three games of the series do not have an announced start time yet but we will keep you updated here on CanucksArmy.