Vancouver’s first all female Canucks podcast hits the airwaves this Friday

This Friday, five women will look to add to the female voices in Vancouver sports with the newest Canucks podcast preparing to hit the market.

It seems like everyone has a Canucks podcast nowadays, but there aren’t many that feature a female voice and there aren’t any that feature five.

That is about to change now that five female members of the Smylosphere have decided to join forces and give their hockey and hockey takes on Vancouver’s newest Canucks podcast.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Broadscast.

Former CanucksArmy contributor Vanessa Jang and current CanucksArmy contributor (and postgame ace) Danielle Huntley are a part of a group that rounds out with Georgia, Sam and Mallory to be the first all-female Canucks podcast in the market.

These ladies were a bit shocked at the immediate positive response on social media from fans and media members alike. Before even putting out an episode, the Twitter account has accumulated over 1,500 followers.

The girls have been pretty shocked by the response on social media, Vanessa Jang says she was definitely caught off guard with the response.

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“It was pretty overwhelming, I don’t think we expected that much but we noticed during Covid that people were hinting at us starting something. It’s been crazy though, I don’t think any of us expected this. We are going to be excited to establish ourselves, hit our niche and find our vibe. The first big direct message we got was when Elliotte Friedman messaged us. That was big, we also heard from Matt Sekeres (TSN1040) and Scott Rintoul (Sportsnet650). We were surprised on how quick the word got out.”

Now that the girls have gotten a following and this many kind messages about the show, they are feeling a bit of pressure to perform.

Danielle Huntley of CanucksArmy knows there is pressure but is confident in her ladies.

“We’re definitely feeling the pressure. We have to perform after the following that we just got. It was overwhelming and surreal but now we have to perform. I think we are going to kill it.”

The first all-female Canucks podcast is looking to fill the void in the Vancouver sports market. There are women who have voices in sports talk radio such as Karen Surman, who does sports updates and BC Lions coverage on TSN1040. Surman has also done some great on-air work with the morning show in the past and other various coverages of the Olympics and other big events.

Shantelle Chand is a producer with TSN1040, best known for her basketball analysis and jokes with Rob Fai on TSN1040’s former late-night show RobFaiNation.

There are female voices in this market but we don’t always get to hear female opinions with the way things are structured.

“It’s a huge gap that everyone knows is there. We all look at sports radio in Vancouver and go ok. Where’s the women?” said Georgia Twiss.

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Sam has the most podcasting experience of the group and she is excited to see more female voices involved in the Smylosphere. Sam grew up taking in so much sports information but almost all of it was from male voices.

“All of the writers I grew up loving were men. All of the radio shows I grew up listening to were hosted by men. I used to listen to Dan Russell every night. Up until the last couple years, the way that I consumed hockey content has been really from more of a traditional standpoint. Because that’s the way I grew up learning about sports. When I got more involved on Twitter I think Georgia, Mallory, Dani and Vanessa have done a lot of heavy lifting for creating a space for women’s voices.”

This is what the Broadscast wants to do. They want to be a spot where women’s voices can be amplified. The ladies mentioned that they won’t be trying to copy any other podcasts. They aren’t going to be the analytics show like The PDOcast or the insider Canucks podcast line the VANcast.

They want to be different and Huntley believes they have found their niche.

“We’re taking a different approach to talking about hockey. We really want to show that these players do have personalities, they aren’t robots. To see players smile and open up (on zoom calls) has been awesome. The Canucks have young players like Pettersson and Brock, and now we are seeing Petey with his content creator camera (in the bubble).”

Each of these girls are bringing something different to the table. I asked them about each of the other girls in the podcast and they all seemed to say that each girl has a special talent that is their expertise but together feel like they have assembled an all-star team of women in the Vancouver sports market. Georgia is the artist of the group and has made amazing artwork for Canucks podcasts and massive articles in the past two years. She believes that this group of girls is a great mix.

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“Mallory is the funniest person, she’s our idea person, I don’t think there’s anyone funnier on Canucks Twitter. Dani is our all sports girl and the writer of the group. Sam is ferocious and quick witted, ready to challenge anyone. Vanessa knows marketing, the tech side and she’s into the sports business side. There’s going to be stuff that we disagree on for sure, some of us like Tyler Myers, some of us don’t, some of us like fighting, some of us don’t.”

Georgia brought up this tweet as a great example of what her show is all about.

The Broadscast debuts this Friday with their much-anticipated debut episode. The girls have been busy working together to brainstorm for the episode and are ready to bring the heat.

Here are the links to subscribe to The Broadscast:

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