Vancouver Canucks officially out in bid for NHL hub city

The city of Vancouver will not be hosting any NHL games when the league gets underway, the Vancouver Canucks announced Thursday.

Vancouver had been believed to be a finalist in the bidding process to host games, but have officially fallen out of the race.

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Sportsnet’s Christ Johnston reported Wednesday that “momentum had completely stopped” in the cities bid to host games.

The momentum has completely stopped and I think we should all understand how fluid all these situations are because if we did this hit 24 hours ago, I would’ve been speaking about the very likelyhood in my estimation that the league was going to choose Vancouver as one of the hub cities. It doesn’t appear that is the case now, but again, I think the caveat is important because there is a lot of back and forth right now with the cities still in contention and the NHL. Aspects of bids are being tweaked or rearranged or issues that are coming up are being addressed. I don’t have full clarity into wheter that’s a possibility right now if there’s something that can reverse course here, but it did look like Vancouver was all-but-certain to become one of the hub cities, and now that appears to be in serious jeopardy.

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