NHL hoping to resume NHL schedule in 60 days

The NHL is hoping to hold mini-camps in 45 days and open the schedule in 60 days, the NHL said in a statement today.

“Our objective will be that, in addition to continuing regular updates, we will be able to provide high-level guidance on the potential of opening a training camp period roughly 45 days into the 60-day period covered by the CDC’s directive,” the league stated.

Players are being urged to continue self-quarantining through March 27, while those traveling are being urged to do the same in accordance with local mandates.

“Players should continue to report immediately any symptoms or testing results to club medical staff,” the NHL said. “At the end of the self-quarantine period, and depending on world developments between now and then, consideration will be given to allowing the opening of club facilities to players in scheduled and coordinated small groups for voluntary training and care of the players on the same basis as in the off-season.”

The league has also allowed players to return home, wherever in the world that is, so long as flights allow them to.

The suggestion from the league of a mid-May return to action means we could be seeing some of the latest games the NHL has ever seen. We are, after all, in unprecedented times here.

The league has also requested teams look into stadium availability all the way into July in hopes of maximizing on what a playoff window could look like.

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