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WWYDW: The Trade Deadline

The last few Trade Deadlines haven’t exact been fun for fans of the Vancouver Canucks, but they have at the very least been straightforward. Though expectations have not always been met when it comes to Jim Benning and Deadline Day deals, those expectations have been pretty clear-cut, with the Canucks in no position to do anything but sell.

This year, however, it’s a brand-new ball game.

It’s not quite so simple as saying that the Canucks are now ready to become an outright buyer at the Trade Deadline just because they’re leading the Pacific Division and barrelling toward a playoff spot. After an unconventional rebuild, the Canucks have a competitive core but not an overabundance of draft picks or redundant prospects to be doled out for rentals.

There’s also Vancouver’s salary cap situation heading into Deadline Day to consider, though that will be heavily contingent on Micheal Ferland’s return to health.

Whispers of Wayne Simmonds makes it clear that standing pat is probably not in the cards this time around. Jim Benning is going to want to make his team better on February 24, but he’s going to have to get creative to do so.

But before he gets the chance, we’re asking you:

What would you do with the Canucks at the 2020 NHL Trade Deadline?


Last week, we asked:

What would you do to improve Rogers Arena and the atmosphere inside it during games?

Your responses are below!


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Killer Marmot:

Vuvuzelas for everyone.

Also, $2 beers.

For what a ticket costs, the beer should be free.

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  • Go back to home whites and road colours (for everybody).
  • Change the colours of the seats to blue and green.
  • Stop telling us to “Make some noiiissse!”
  • Start public shaming people on their phones on the big screen.


Holly Wood:

Home whites until the All-Star break. Colours in second half. Would probably please most of the fanbase.



Don’t get me wrong, I love going to games when I can, but they do have a few things that can be better.

I’d like to seem them try to find some original ideas for celebrations rather than copying what everyone else is doing. A lot of the in-game experiences have run their course and finished a long time ago. Vancouver is a unique and special place, so surely we can come up with some unique ideas.

For example the “woo” noise after goals…ya, let’s not do that anymore.

And the Journey songs, sure I like Journey but there have been a lot of songs written in the last 40 years since they were popular.

Another thing is that the gates should open a bit earlier. Currently, they open around an hour before game time but if it is raining out, maybe you’d like to go a bit early, get your nachos and go watch some warmups and buy some overpriced swag.

I liked the player goal songs but that lasted only about one season.

And ya…is there a way to shorten the washroom lines?


Holly Wood:

How about “Thirsty Thursday $5 beers?”



(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence. But we try not to mention that particular song around here)

First off, make it mandatory to wear a logo’d top (shirt/jersey) and have a cheap option at the door. There is nothing that makes my eyes roll more than hearing someone wearing a suit try and fail to explain what offside is.

Second, lower the price of the beer to appropriate levels thus ending the gouging of the customers.

Third, strategize the sound/music better and maybe even turn it up. Looking for an effect similar to what playing “Chelsea Dagger” had at Chicago games. Music has the ability to truly draw out emotion and I don’t feel they currently do a good job of it.