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Report: Various Canucks rumours

Summer is here but Vancouver is still a hot hockey market and such, there is still plenty of appetite to figure out what the team will do between now and puck drop in October.

There won’t be too many big moves over the next little while as teams take the summer off but that doesn’t mean things won’t happen.

TSN 1040’s Matthew Sekeres dropped some nuggets of information yesterday that gave us a glimpse of the things that the organization might do.

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We’ll quickly go through those notes.

  • Chris Tanev being available isn’t surprising with the additions that the Canucks made to the backend and the fact that he is an unrestricted free agent at the end of this upcoming season. As Matt suggests, they would then use the cleared space to look to add another winger. Based on the comments, it appears that they would be motivated to do this quickly to snap up one of the forward free agents there. The only issue is that Tanev has lost a lot of value over the last few years and it’s hard to see the Canucks coming out ahead on the trade and then add the winger they covet.
  • Brandon Sutter is another player that the Canucks would look to move to clear cap space. There is likely a desire to have Adam Gaudette take over the 3rd line centre spot and then that leaves Sutter without a tangible spot in the lineup. It’s unlikely that they can find a deal at this point for Sutter and will need to start the season with him and work to rebuild his value.
  •  Schaller wanting a new chance somewhere isn’t surprising. The problem is finding a team willing to take on his $1.9M cap hit without any burden coming back to the Canucks. If the Canucks opt to waive him and assign him to Utica in October, they will get $1.075M in cap relief but still, have the remainder on the docket.
  • Eriksson is another player that clearly wants a new home but the Canucks are unlikely to want to tie an asset to him to get rid of him. This may drag into training camp.

The theme with all of the rumours is that the team is clearly looking to shed salary to add to their offensive firepower. Now it’s just a matter of finding a match to get a deal done. For Tanev, Sutter and Schaller, it may simply be something that gets solved in the early parts of the 2019-20 season as all three of them recoup some of their value with a good start.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Benning goal #1: Meat and Potatoes for dinner
      Benning goal #2: Pretend organization doesn’t have a surplus of bottom 6 forwards
      Benning goal #3: reheat leftover meat and potatoes for breakfast the next day

      • CamBurkePQW

        LOL – post of the week right here. Dumpster back and on fire… speaking of elite top 4 – Freud, Dumpster, TheRealRusty, Beercan and fifth man Dirk – all killin it…me as head coach/GM/President of course.

        Already sent to the minors in disgrace – Goon aka Matthew Dolmage. Locust and sock accounts, Dud Poile, Marmot and Gino the stalker bum.

        Take out the trash CA. They bring NOTHING.

  • J-Canuck

    If the Canuck want to sign a guy like Ferland, they will probably have to move Tanev out quickly.
    Tough decision since they won’t get much value at this point and if he has a healthy season and the Canucks are in a playoff hunt, he probably won’t be traded. I’m torn between having a deep defense or adding a forward to help drive offense. Also wonder if this shows worry about Sven being in top six with Bo or EP?

    • Suki Sidhu

      I just read an article about Ferland where he said that I don’t want to go & play in Vancouver so I say if he doesn’t want to play here well like the Islanders fans said to John Tavares “we don’t need Ya”

      • Beer Can Boyd

        J–Canuck is the guy who prefers the Canucks D to the Oilers. Who now have Nurse, Klefbom, Larsen, Bouchard, and Broberg. All big, all 26 or younger. Canucks have 4 guys in their 30’s, 2 of whom reliably get injured every year, undersized but game Stecher, undersized rookie Hughes, potential draft bust Julolevi, and second rounder Woo. And a bunch of 24-25 year olds who have yet to stand out in the AHL, let alone prove they can play in the NHL. And just to set the record straight before I get piled on, I’m a lifelong Canucks fan who attended my first game in the Forum in 1965, long before most of you were born. Theres nothing more I want to see than the Canucks winning a cup. I’m not sure wether its Aquilini’s interference, Gillis’s fault for going all in and leaving the cupboard bare, or Benning’s incompetence, but this team as it stands will need a miracle to make the playoffs. When that doesn’t happen, Benning will get canned, Green probably as well, and the whole stinking situation starts all over again. This is not trolling, this is me venting my frustration at the last 6 years of borderline unwatchable (except for EP) hockey. Cue the personal insults and foul language attacks.

  • Dan the Fan

    Can you imagine how far further along the rebuild we’d be if Tanev had been traded when he could have fetched a 1st round pick? He was once a high-end shutdown D on a cheap contract, now he’s a cap dump.

    And if cap space had been used to earn even more picks by taking on bad contracts? Imagine this team with an extra 2 or 3 first round picks, and no Eriksson.

    Instead…. we have Perpetual Mediocrity.

    • Colby7

      I am pretty sure we would be in the exact same spot, but maybe with another high first? Would another D seasoning in Utica or a forward trying to find a place on the roster really make some kind of difference? Hard to say it would.

    • Nuck16

      How about one or two of Sutter, Eriksson and Beagle as contracts to flush to free up space. Keep Tanev unless the return is good. If he stays healthy until the trade deadline, he’ll be worth a lot more.

      • Bud Poile

        Realistically,Gaudette was meant to play in Utica last year,according to the AGM.Gaudette should play in Utica this year.
        Keep both Sutter and Beagle on the roster until some team hits injuries at center and will overpay.Tanev is on an expiring contract and both Benn and Hughes have played their off side so he is fodder in a pinch.There is enough depth for a sixth D in the system now.If nobody wants any of these players and/or are not willing to pay market value for them then players can be waived.Capfriendly has the Canucks with 26 players signed so there are three signed players headed out.

        • Locust

          Agree Bud.
          Let it roll till the deadline and see what happens. I bet someone will need Tanev more than we do come Christmastime.
          I hope Sutter has a huge year and his value returns. Gaudette should be a Comet until Sutter is unavailable or gone.
          Cant give away assets for nothing, would rather waive Loui and let him decide if he wants to be an AHLer or retire. I think he has lost his motivation anyways . He has made something like 30Mill so he can just go away quietly with what he has in the bank.

          • CamBurkePQW

            Oh look, dumb and dumber having a lil love-in. $h(i)t sticks together folks. These two clowns make Don Cherry seem relevant.

            Of course the dim-twins think 30 other teams don’t already know what hot garbage Sutter, Beags and Eriksson are hahaha you could not make it up hockey fans.

            Just like in life, the game has passed Dud and Low-life by friends. FACT.

    • J-Canuck

      I love the arm chair GMs saying woulda coulda shoulda. Guess Dan Fan would have had 4 first round picks this year or last or whenever.
      Again up until the Twins retired, the team wasn’t going tear everything down around them. They gave everything to the City of Vancouver and the team, not trying wasn’t an option. Now that EP, Brock and Bo are the pillars the mission is completely different.
      Eriksson was signed because he had played very well with Hank and Danny in International play and everyone hoped it would continue. Context is everything

      • Bud Poile

        Armchair Dan forgets there was zero RHD depth within the system to replace Tanev with.I would re-sign Tanev if the other GM’s don’t want to pay market value for him.

        • TheRealRusty

          Jock strap Bud. If we had flipped Tanev when his value was highest, and replaced him with a UFA RHD. We would have still ended up missing the playoffs and being dead last in the standings. Only difference is that we would have tangible assets to show for him and possible have better odds in the draft lottery (not to mention earlier selections in the 2nd round and thereafter). Simpleton…

          • CamBurkePQW

            Rusty squishing Dud like a bug yet again.

            No dude, it’s Mike Gillis’ fault… don’t you know it takes FIVE years to ‘turn it around’ after inheriting an ELITE team and two HOFamers… how is that workin out again lol

      • BBoone

        They gave everything to the city of Vancouver in return for over 100 000 000 dollars . Linden Benning made a big mistake in not being more aggressive in getting their slew of veterans to waive their no movement clauses when they reached the trade deadline in their last season . That should have been a day one conversation .

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        Pessimistic…look at J-Canuck…he thinks we now have a deep defense.

        Anyone remember the MadTV sketch “Lowered Expectations”?

        Meat and potatoes baby!

        • LACANUCK

          Deeper than we have had since 2011 cup run. I wasn’t comparing the Canucks to The Preds or Avalanche.
          Look what happened last year when Hutton was playing 1st pair minutes! This D-corps is deepest “The Vancouver Canucks” have had in a while.
          Also don’t be surprised if Myers doesn’t get better analytics! He was paired mostly with Kulikov, who has been a disaster in the Peg. Pairing Tyler with any of our lefties is an improvement.
          Check out Jets nation on Myers leaving and Kulikov. He will never be a #1 pairing but I foresee a solid second pairing with Edler for offense and size

    • truthseeker

      Tanev was worth way more than a first back then. Trading him for only a first at that time would have a colossal mistake and a message to the rest of the GM’s that you could rip the canucks off at will. Just like not accepting a low ball offer on Hamhuis was the right move by Benning so was not trading Tanev for what would have been a low first round pick who would only have had a 20 to 30 % chance of ever becoming a top 4 D.
      “Perpetual Mediocrity” is exactly what you get when you waste proven talent on a long shot lottery ticket.

      • james

        As I remember ( may be wrong and most likely wrong)there was a two team list. The owners of Dallas and Van had a court battle over the ownership of the canucks and there was bad blood. Just to screw with the Canucks ,the owner of Dallas could of pulled the plug at the last second to lay f u out of spite, to the owner of Vancouver.

    • LTFan

      Dan – “Can you imagine how far further along the rebuild we’d be if Tanev had been traded” This is pure speculation. IMO Tanev will still be your #1 RHD with the caveat – he doesn’t get injured. The problem is – depth – he plays a lot of minutes against the other teams best players which includes the PK. He is aggressive on “shot blocking” and the players on the points for the opposition can really shoot the puck – very hard. Hence injuries happen. I am sure that if the Canucks had another player who was just as effective as Tanev on the PK, that player would be out there. Same for Edler.

    • bobdaley44

      Ya because a first rounder=superstar. A team that would trade for Tanev would have been a playoff team which would be picking from 17and up. You really think a late first rounder would accelerate the rebuild?

  • speering major

    They could move Tanev but they would also need to find a guy like Schenn or an overpaid but reliable vet on a 1 year deal that a team wants to dump. That’s why I was thinking it would have made sense to trade for Sekera before the oil bought him out. Might have been a way to Dump Sutter or Schaller and also maybe pick up Jesse P. Sekera is on a 2 year deal and that would give them the option to not sign Benn or move Tanev for futures without a hole in the roster

    I think Sutter is the piece that needs to go. If they can move him and add Ferland, the team just got a lot better. I don’t think there’s any market for Baertschi but his inconsistency is a huge problem. When healthy sven is fine but he’s more of a skilled 3rd liner

  • Flatus

    It seems that the Canucks are in a bit of a dilemma – the talent that is worth anything to other teams they want to keep; the ‘talent’ they want to trade is not worth anything to other teams, mostly due to the contracts they were signed to. Hmmm.

    There may be some ‘spare’ parts – but will Baertschi or Virtanen actually bring a return?

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Well, the GM has for 5yrs shown he’s more than willing to toss in draft picks for no reason whatsoever in trades. Now that he’s shipped out a 1st it’s pretty safe to assume the goal is now play meaningful games in late Feb/early March to save his job?

      Lowered Expectations

    • Fred-65

      Yeah for some reason mediocrity seems to attract JB attention. Maybe players simply don’t wish to play and travel with the Canucks. Look at Schaller, what attracted Vcr to this player, MDZ, Pouliot, Leipsic, Spooner et al I mean what was there redeeming skills. Man, we need a fresh bunch of Pro Scouts

      • liqueur des fenetres

        Not sure you can blame the pro scouts for all of those guys… Pouliot and Leipsic were both guys that played for TG, while Spooner played for Boston while Benning was there. The problem may just be that there is a ton of selection bias involved in their selections.

  • DogBreath

    Keep Tanev to mentor Hughes through the first 40+ games. Keep Sutter for now and hope he stays healthy. Assuming you can create value, move both at the TDL and get Gaudette and Juolevi In here, to play out the season (assuming they aren’t already here on injure recall).

  • TD

    The Canucks seem to have too many forwards already. I can see the worry about Baertschi, but I like Miller with Pettersson and Boeser, Horvat with Pearson and Baertschi and a third line of Sutter with Virtanen and Lievo. Roussel will start on the IR, but is a top nine forward when he returns. Leaving Tanev in place on right side seems more important than adding another winger.

    Unless they get a decent offer, I would keep Sutter and Tanev until they recoup some value and they can get a good return. Tanev has value now and in a lower role with less shot blocking should help return a better asset later.

    I have always appreciated how well Erriksson plays defence. He is not worth his contract, but he did at least contribute on the kill and I thought he looked good to end the season with Horvat and Pearson. But after the summer whine session to the Swedish media, I would waive him and send him to Utica until he retires. I would not trade an asset with him. If he doesn’t retire back to Sweden this year, he would likely retire after his 3 mil bonus next July 1. After that there isn’t much owed to him.

  • Rodeobill

    I think the media amplifies the bad blood part of things said. Players want to compete, get opportunities, etc. When they don’t, they are unhappy. Usually, they have press box language that they use that keeps everyone happy, but sometimes something gets out (like playing at home and speaking in a different language (Loui, Tryamkin, etc.), or maybe drunk in an Uber, and once said, in whatever context, catches like wildfire through the media, and the discourse and following interviews all get framed in this antagonistic bent with a “you don’t want to be here,” or a “you hate Vancouver,” or “you hate your team/coach/whatever.” Then the ever-present ‘eye of Sauron’ of the public’s gaze is set with disapproval. And that’s hard to get through (on top of whatever personal/professional troubles you were dealing with to get you here in the first place). But, here we are with Loui. All of these players (except maybe Schaller?) are still useful NHL players. They definitely do not have trade value. But they all can provide something useful. Tanev’s play may be a drop off due to playing without fully recovering (probably due to lack of depth), he might NOT get injured this season, he might return to form. Sutter can win faceoffs and can be an excellent shut down center, put Motte on his wing, they can do it. Loui still plays well, just not in the same capacity or role he had before he got signed, and he knows he can’t be moved (ironically due to probably his own agent’s excellent negotiating skills), so he needs to play, or get sent down into irrelevance in the AHL.

    I doubt any of these guys get moved, and if they do, it will be at a cost greater than the cap space they bear on us now. Don’t buy high sell low. I don’t think they should get moved if that is the case. Perhaps JB understands that and he just wanted to make a gesture that he was trying.

    • KGR

      Lots of what you say is true; though change is coming. I believe a decision was made on Sutter the day they signed Beagle. His injuries last year just slowed the process. The team has to many 3rd and 4th liners, some will be going. The usual names will be trotted out because they make sense to move on from. Nothing personal to any of them. I like Sutter more than most; but his salary, age, and lack of production means he is very replaceable. Same with Louie. With Sven: If he could get healthy he would be a solid 2nd liner; but more likely is his retirement in the near future. Once a player has had a significant concussion he is unlikely to be in the league in a few years. Goldy either makes the team or is gone on the waiver wire. Change is still coming.

  • rediiis

    So we have lot’s of rumors from one talking head. He has no insight. This drivel is as bad as most Ekland and Hockeybuzz drivel. I realize you were in your car, but Shiite man, this is awful. I guess I need to take a few weeks off.

  • Burnabybob

    The Eriksson signing is perhaps Benning’s worst move as Vancouver GM. I didn’t like it three years ago and it’s gotten worse with age. I wouldn’t be surprised if FA had a hand in it.

    • Beer Can Boyd

      Meet Tyler Myers, Bennings last desperate grasp to save his job. 6’8″ , 230 lbs, last year finished tied for 203rd in the NHL with 97 hits. Tied with Nic Dowd, in case you were wondering.

      • DJ_44

        I think you wanted to say “gasp” as opposed to “grasp”.

        Myers was also 30th in the league for Goals by a defenceman, and 49th in points by a defenceman. You can look up Dowd’s boxcars yourself.

        • Beer Can Boyd

          I didn’t, actually. Benning is grasping at a 6’8″ straw to save his job. But thanks anyway. And to Captain Obvious, hits might not win hockey games on their own, but they sure help.

          • Flatus

            As Benning said on July 1 when the signing was announced “…with Tyler, it’s more than the analytics..” Did he just say *cough* intangibles* in a different way?
            Honestly I hope that Myers works out, because the Canucks need all the help that they can get on the blue line. I am just not convinced (yet) that Myers is the guy to do it, but I hope he proves me wrong by playing well.
            The defense is certainly different than it was last season and arguably it is better. I just really hope we are not arguing that Myers is Gudbranson 2.0 in a few months time.

          • CamBurkePQW

            Retarded Burnaby Bob clearly didn’t watch the Boston Bruins in 2011 or the St Louis Blues this season… hits grind weaker teams down and win Stanley Cups muppet. Marshmallow Myers plays 5′ 8!

            Time you moved further out of civilisation to Port Moody or even better, Mission… Burnaby… Bob.

    • Burnabybob

      You don’t have to be a d$ck, Cam. You shouldn’t say things in an online forum you wouldn’t say face to face.

      Hits are a double-edged sword. They might be helpful in some cases, but they also backfire. See Rome’s hit against Horton in 2011 or Torres’ hit against Seabrook. Hits also take a physical toll on the player throwing them.

      • CamBurkePQW

        Everything i say on here i would happily say face-to-face Bob… no one is yet to show up when offered though. You know keyboard cowards like Locust, Dud Poile, Green Bastard, I am Ted, Goon, Marmot the lsit is endless.

        So you want hitting out of the game just like fighting Bob… real fans love *legal* quality hits and they win Cups Bob… come on down to 8 rinks and see for yourself.

  • copey

    Dump Schaller back to Boston for a 7th. Or anywhere, and failing that, waive him to the AHL. At least that saves 1 mil in cap space.

    Sutter should be on the 3rd line with Leivo/Eriksson/Virtanen. If he plays poorly, put him on the 4th line and bring Gaudette back up from Utica. If Gaudette already outplays Sutter as 3C in camp, then plug Sutter in beside Beagle to start and have the most expensive 4th line in the league; at least they will win faceoffs. Oh well. I don’t see any team taking on Sutter’s contract now, not even LA, unless there’s a cap floor team needing an expansion pick, maybe Arizona?

    Eriksson should stay on the team as he is still defensively reliable and can play one good game a month. Trade him for peanuts at the TDL or let him retire next July 1st. Whatever. Putting him in the AHL will be the most laughably awful optics since that curly-haired defenceman in Carolina/Edm. Treating players like that sends a rotten message; it’s already hard to sign them out here (why do you think Benning overpays?).

    Keep Tanev. Period.