Tyler Myers discusses joining the Canucks

One of the newest members of the Canucks met with the media this afternoon to discuss his decision to sign in Vancouver.

The Canucks officially signed blueliner Tyler Myers to a five-year contract with an average annual value of $6.0M per season today. The towering 6’8″, 229 lbs defenseman had nine goals and 31 points in 80 games with the Winnipeg Jets last season.

Myers says there were 2-3 serious contenders to land him in free agency. He said the in-person meeting with the Canucks really sold him on Vancouver. He left that meeting feeling very serious about signing with the Canucks.

“I look at the team and the city. My family is from Kelowna. Not only about am I very excited where the team is at, you take a look at the jump they made last year. That was exciting for me to see when making my decision.  I can try to be a piece to help them take that next step forward. I wanted a good fit for my family. I’m very excited for my wife being close to home. Obviously the city speaks for itself. It’s a great city. I always enjoyed coming to play here. It’s just a great fit all-around for us.”

Myers also talked about what he’s bringing to the Canucks.

“I think my biggest strength is my skating. When I’m playing my best hockey I’m moving my feet. Usually the rest follows. It’s really just focusing on something as little as that. Not overthinking. Playing a simple game. Making sure I’m moving my feet. The rest will take care of itself.”

At 6-foot-8, Myers is bringing big size to Vancouver’s blueline. He talked about adapting to the evolving speed of today’s game.

“Obviously the game is trending towards a faster game. You see the pace of play is getting faster and faster. As a bigger guy I think we get labelled that we don’t move as well as the smaller guys. I pride myself on being a guy that moves well. You still have to work at it. A lot of the offseason prep is making sure you’re staying quick for today’s game and making sure you can keep up.”

GM Jim Benning was also at the presser to talk about where Myers slots in on the Canucks blueline.

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“Our objective going into free agency was to make our defense better. I think today we accomplished that”, Benning said.”

“Adding Tyler, Jordie Benn and Oscar [Fantenberg]. It makes our defense deeper. I talked to Travis [Green]. He’s going to see how Myers plays out in training camp. We could use him with Alex Edler in a matchup role. He could play with Quinn [Hughes]. With his skating and versatility, he can play different roles for our group. I’m very happy today that he chose us.”

Myers was a member of a talented defense core in Winnipeg and is projected to take on a bigger role and more responsibility in Vancouver.

  • Captain Video

    Match-up role? Dear God, does Benning have any idea how Meyers gets lit up on the defensive side by top lines? Stick him on the third pairing with Benn, give them sheltered minutes and pray that Tanev doesn’t get injured for more than 20 games this upcoming season.

    • JDMay101

      This is pretty much the best case scenario. Unfortunately, Tanev wasn’t very good last year even when he played. You have to hope he bounces back, but he might finally be busted after all the miles he’s put on the body.

      Let the praying for 2021 begin… Seattle, please take this deal…

    • J-Canuck

      uhh… Benning said the coach will decide in training camp, then gave options.

      Coach Travis Green will decide in training camp, who Myers plays with. I honestly think I have to repeat the quote for trolls

  • CamBurke

    This guy should fit right in with Tanev and Edler… seven straight seasons he never had a sniff of 80 games thanks to numerous injuries. The last two he was sheltered in Winterpeg on a deep D but watch him snap like a twig with the physical minute munching Dim Jim and Greener will be insisting on.

    Disaster signing guys ——- Guddy 2.0

    • Killer Marmot

      Tyler Myers played 82 games in 17-18 and 80 games in 18-19. That is, he’s missed two regular season games in the last two seasons.

      Only B.S. on facts that can’t be looked up. Seriously, do I have to tell how to be troll?

  • Kanuckhotep

    Live with it, Canucks fans. Do you have a choice? See if Myers and Benn can help propel the team into the playoffs. This neutral thinking poster urges people not to call for Benning’s head every time he makes a transaction of any kind. Wait and see, dudes, what transpires and where the plethora of intangibles surrounding the club takes them. Could have been far, far worse.

  • TheRealPB

    And to think that we have now had six of the first round picks in that 2008 draft play on our team — Hodgson who we picked 10th, Luke Schenn, Luca Sbisa, Michael Del Zotto and now Myers. I guess it goes to show you how much of a crapshoot the drafts are (though 2008 did produce Doughty and Erik Karlsson, but man there are some pretty bad picks in that first round)

    • Killer Marmot

      Nope, it’s Rocky IV, and that doesn’t have a well-known theme song. Guess Myers will have to go with “Friendship Is Magic” from “My Little Pony”.

  • Rodeobill

    Maybe playing for the home team supercharges the motivation of Benn and Myers. Seems to look good on Stetcher! Hmm, just realized probably half our D core are now BC boys!

    • Dank22

      How do you take “Goon” seriously now that he’s outed himself? I can just see Matt the lawyer pleading his case in court with his “Goon” persona and getting admonished by the judge for being in contempt of court.

      • CamBurke

        Hahaha hilarious isn’t it. This place is already better without his dual-persona drivel.

        You can guarantee Matthew aka GOON is reading every comment but is far too embarrassed to slither back in here now he has outted himself in spectacular style.

        What a complete idiot… Reap what you sow matty boy, the loser lawyer troll from dawson Creek. Check his smug little face here guys…


        (scroll down to the bottom)

  • J-Canuck

    The more I look at the contract, I’m excited for the upcoming season.
    1. On the right side we now have Myers, Tanev and Stetcher. No clear cut All Star but 3 good players. Add in Quinn, eventually Olli and Benn, this Dcorps will have a very new look!
    2. Miller and Quinn will improve the PP.
    3. Miller will provide a solid winger for either EP or Bo. Tanner Pearson was like signing a FA for Guddy.
    This team will compete for the playoffs and Myers will be a big reason, pun intended. Stetcher is on his way to being an almost Allstar vote getter with his Worlds invite. Tanev will be more effective with less minutes.
    Plus they signed Myers for the same salary as Edler. When Myers is 34 he will count 2mil against a higher cap because of front loaded signing bonuses.
    Well done with GMJB! He took advantage of sal cap space in near term and minimized long term hit!
    Dude should get credit!
    Plus Benn at 2X2mil is solid. If Hutton gets 4 mil in arbitration…. no thanks

    • canuckfan

      Blah, blah, blah Myers has not even played a game and you are crapping on Benning. It is a good signing and adding Benn was a bonus Canucks defense will be better and will translate into more points in the standings.