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Canucks closing in on deals on Tyler Myers and Jordie Benn

Free agency day technically hasn’t started yet, but we’re already well into Free Agent Frenzy. A wealth of free agents, ranging from major names like Matt Duchene and Sergei Bobrovsky to smaller names like Richard Panik and Ryan Hartman, have already agreed on contracts during the NHL’s free agent interview period.

According to Darren Dreger, the Canucks and Tyler Myers are closing in on a contract. Dreger said on Twitter that there’s no reason that the Canucks and Myers won’t come to a deal and that they’re just ironing out the details now. This deal really isn’t shocking as it’s something that’s been talked about for weeks now. We’ll find out soon what the terms are.

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Also, it appears the Canucks will be adding another defender in Jordie Benn. Like with Myers, we don’t know the terms of the contract just yet. It was reported earlier by Rick Dhaliwal that the Canucks were in on Benn, so this also isn’t anything out of left field.

Both the Myers and Benn deals are confirmed as “things to look for” by Elliotte Freidman…

Joe Pavelski to Dallas (I’d initially heard four x $8 million, but The Fourth Period’s David Pagnotta reports it is three x $7 million-ish); Mats Zuccarello to Minnesota (five x $5.8 million); Joonas Donskoi to Colorado (AAV between three and $4 million); Brett Connolly to Florida (four x $3.5 million); Richard Panik to Washington (four x something more than $2.5 million); Jordie Benn and Tyler Myers to Vancouver; a goalie carousel that includes Sergei Bobrovsky to Florida (looking around seven x $10 million), Mike Smith to Edmonton and Cam Talbot to Calgary.


It looks like a five-year deal with a cap hit of $6 million for Myers, which is significantly less than the seven-year deal worth as much as $8 million annually that had been speculated over the last few weeks.

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      • JDMay101

        There is no such thing as a good deal for Tyler Myers. He’s not going to be paid less than $6M per, which is the best case scenario, and still roughly DOUBLE what he should be paid as a bottom-pairing quality blueliner. He’s not going to sign for less than 4 years, which is too much term for a bottom-pairing quality blueliner.

        If they sign him, it will automatically be a bad deal on day 1. So you might as well get a head start on that trip to the BCLC.

    • J-Canuck

      About what What?
      You are obviously a moron since most Canucks fans do t want to sign Myers.

      Again, your Mom is calling you, time to take the cat out for a walk.

    • JDMay101

      It’s terrible. Your second point could be correct though, only because there are other dumb GMs in the league… I mean, they traded Gudbranson, so they can trade anyone.

  • Freud

    Amazing that management leaks $7 or $8 million a year so $6 million does not look so bad. I’m sure the lemmings will lap it up.

    Let’s buy out Benning’s bad contract in Gagner/Spooner so he can hand out other bad contracts.

    Aquilini is a clown for allowing this management team of ignorant idiots to continue.

    We deserve so much better than this.

    • Killer Marmot

      The total amount that some players are overpaid given their performance is probably around $6 million. That’s not good, but every team has such contracts, and the Canucks are no where near the worst.

    • Bucket

      Nice conspiracy theory there. Do you have proof that Benning did this just so that it didnt look as bad or are you just ranting, as per usual, at every breath JB takes? You sound like a trump supporter who calls everything that goes against your narrative ‘fake news’. I really dont think JB is concerned enough with what Fraud thinks on CA so he probably isn’t creating stories in the media just to make you feel confused and let down. Enjoy Canada Day, smile for a change.

      • jaybird43

        I heard from a fellow who says he heard that Myers power skating coach that he will be working hard on mobility and getting that “explosive first step” built into his skating, which will increase his ability to cover his man better.

        Plus, I heard from CCM that he’s ordering a special stick that 12″ longer, also to help with defending.

        With these two new arrows in his fulsome quiver, he will become an excellent #3 defenceman. At least I think that’s the story I heard before I passed out last night. 😜

  • speering major

    I don’t mind this at all. 7 years is significantly worse. 7 million is a lot.

    6×5 where the contract can be bought out in the final year is fine. Not happy about it but its good in the short term and ok overall. I think it’s important to note that Podkolzin will be on an entry level deal until this contract expires

  • LiborPolasek

    If the Myers signing is true, then I would be more incline to put this signing on Aquillini. Myers is a top 4 but not a top pairing; if the aav is 4-5 then that is more reasonable.

  • J-Canuck

    If GMJB gets Myers at 5yrs 6 million. I will take that as value in FA!
    Myers would fit perfectly with Tanev and Stetcher! Not a top 2 Dman, but a big guy that will ,make the team better

  • Kanuckhotep

    IF, and that’s a big If, these signings become reality IMHO this is more on ownership than Benning. The concern theoretically is the cap coin spent on a non contending team in tough in a very competitive division AND conference. If they do indeed sign these two Ds so be it. You’d better make the post season, guys.

    • Kevlar73

      A 5 year deal for Myers in free agency would be a pretty respectable signing by JB. Considering Myers is the top rated RHD to make it to free agency even at 6 million per is understandable. Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that these are the real numbers and that Myers can be a top four defenceman for the next 3-4 seasons

  • Defenceman Factory

    While 5 at 6 doesn’t sound too horrible a signing in terms of term and cost the bigger problem is Myers isn’t a very good Dman and will likely get worse every year.

    • wjohn1925

      Given where our D was at the last couple of years, we had to get someone on the right side, and Tyler Myers is far from a ‘bad’ defenseman. With a 5 year contract that would allow Jet Woo to have development time and perhaps a couple of others to move up in the depth chart. I’m not sure these signings make us a playoff team, but it should make us more competitive over the course of the season, and allow Tanev to log fewer minutes and hopefully stay healthier. Still have to wait and see on the term, but 5 years is a good length of time for the Canucks.

      • Defenceman Factory

        Sorry this is just wrong headed. Myers is a giant wuss who defends poorly and whose mobility is in rapid decline.

        It has been clear the Canucks have needed to land a top pairing RHD to form part of the core into the future. Woo is 3 years away from his ceiling as a 2nd pair guy. That top pair RHD is still the Canucks biggest need looking a couple years out.

        Jordy Benn is not an upgrade on Hutton. He is more physical and hopefully has less cost and term but he isn’t very mobile.

        If Tanev and Edler stay healthy this year the Canucks could be a wildcard team however their failure to acquire that top pairing RHD means that might be the plateau.

        • DogBreath

          Waiting to hear on NMC/NTC. So far the 5X6 is better than feared and palatable for a UFA RHD. Nothing given up, so you give up more $$ on July 1. Strangely this, almost seems like a best case scenario, given the position of weakness they were in.