Photo Credit: San Jose Barracuda

Canucks acquire Francis Perron and 2019 7th for 2019 6th round pick and Tom Pyatt

The Canucks have swung a minor deal on the draft floor with the San Jose Sharks.

The Province’s Patrick Johnston made this observation earlier in the day:

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Well, it appears that there was something there as the Canucks and the Sharks agreed to a deal that saw the Canucks add Francis Perron and San Jose’s 2019 7th round pick for Vancouver’s own 2019 6th round pick and Tom Pyatt.

Purely from a draft pick value standpoint, the organization really lose no value

Based on the Michael Schuckers trade value chart, going from 164th to 215th is only about a 20 point value loss (the above chart was done prior to Vegas joining the league. So they are essentially adding Francis Perron for next to nothing.

He gives the Canucks an interesting player that looks ready to compete for a depth role on an NHL team. Perron had a really tough year with the Belleville Senators in 2017-18 before being moved to the Sharks system in the Erik Karlsson deal. He thrived in the new organization and reasserted himself as an intriguing offensive player. He scored 18 goals and 29 assists in 63 games this past season with the Barracuda.

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Perron is a pending RFA that will require waivers next season.

It’s another player added to the mix for the Canucks forward ranks next season, it’s clear that they are looking to beef up their depth at the NHL and AHL ranks and taking a risk on Perron is a worthwhile gamble. Even more so given that the cost wasn’t that much.

    • tyhee

      I don’t think the Canucks gave up anything at all in trading either Mazanec or Pyatt.

      Mazanec was moved just to provide the contract space for the Canucks, who were already at the 50 man limit and couldn’t take on Miller without losing a contract. Taking on the Mazanec contract didn’t cost Tampa any money as he’s a pending UFA and as mentioned will be playing in Europe.

      Tom Pyatt is a pending UFA and it was highly unlikely the Canucks would re-sign him.

      Perron is a pending RFA and presumably the Canucks will qualify him by the Tuesday deadline, if the Sharks didn’t already do so. My guess is that he’s intended as a Gaunce or Boucher replacement (despite the very different styles of play) as a LW with the Comets who could be called up to the Canucks as an injury replacement, possibly with a little hope that he’ll develop into more.

  • El Kabong

    Lousy Canuck coverage on TV.
    Canucks just traded their fourth rounder and we don’t know the return because the panel was chatting with Marty. Also we didn’t get an interview with our 1st round pick, may have been a language issue but still didn’t even get much of a profile either.

  • speering major

    Same age and production as Zack. Seems like a good depth move. Maybe he takes another step or maybe he’s a good piece to help surround guys like Lind, Madden, and Hoglander