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Canucks officially re-sign Edler to two-year deal

Rumours abound yesterday and the term uncertain, the Vancouver Canucks have officially announced that they have re-signed defenceman Alex Edler to a two-year contract.

There were reports by us at Canucks Army of Edler signing for three or four years, but the deal has now been sealed as a contract that keeps him in Vancouver for two more years. We apologize for the miscommunication.

The new deal will carry a cap hit of $6-million per season, making him the current highest-paid player on the Canucks blue line. Edler joins Quinn Hughes as the only Vancouver defenceman signed beyond next season as well.

At 33 years old, Edler has his best days behind him, but he demonstrated how he was able to stay consistent, putting up 10 goals and 34 points last season in just 56 games played. His 0.61 points per game was his highest rate since the 2010-11 season.

A major factor in the previous rumours, signing for just two years leaves the Canucks with massive flexibility. He will now be not available for the Seattle expansion draft, letting Vancouver have an extra protection spot for the upcoming headache.

The shorter term also signifies a lot of future planning from Canucks management. Edler’s new contract will expire right when both Quinn Hughes and Calder Trophy winner Elias Pettersson need new post-ELC deals.

Vancouver is now heading into the 2019-20 season with a total of seven defencemen on their NHL roster, but as it has been widely reported, Benning and his management team have been making calls to improve their blue line — whether that be via trade or a free agent signing.

It will be an interesting weekend as the hometown 2019 NHL Draft is a destination to make a significant splash as they approach the new season with an eye on future success.

  • liqueur des fenetres

    I’m surprised it’s only $6M per year, but a 2 year deal was the logical outcome if Edler didn’t want to go anywhere else. A good deal for both sides.

      • Locust

        I really have to wonder how many of the hater posters here are CA sponsored fakes. I’m sure the normal idiot Fraud and the multiple reincarnations of pqw will stay away from this post but ya gotta wonder how many other posters are fake too.
        The irony is the model that the Nation network has set up works for other teams but is an abject failure here. Why?
        Time to clean house again.

        • I am Ted

          Let’s talk about it at 8 rinks sh9t stain… I will even pay your ferry ride over from the Island. Remind us what you said about Botch again so i can psych myself up for your comeuppance.

          • Locust

            Surprised you know 8rinks, didn’t think you could count that high.
            What a sh!tty life you must lead posting so many multiple comments with so many names – just a Fraud. I feel sorry for you.

        • Each It

          If you go to Oil Nation and post something like, “The oil blows”, or “The oil suck worse than the Phlegms”, you get a warning about being banned, or just banned.

          They wouldn’t tolerate posts like what p*ssy boy I am Ted spews

          • Locust

            I know huh.
            I know why JD allowed it and probably contributed to it – because he is personally a douche. Ryan says in a wimpy voice “there is nothing I can do….” so he is either complicit or just a dumb rube way out of his element. CA is in real trouble but the bozo’s cant see it.

        • Freud

          I’m right here Locust. Once again, nothing of substance to add, but instead the regular whining. A whiney broken record.

          A regular deal by most GM standards is a “huge win” for Benning? What a bar to clear here for the apologists, bootlickers and slurpers.

          In the announcement, Benning says Edler is his best defenceman. What a statement from a GM who’s been at the helm for 5 seasons.

          We all know you’ve got multiple personalities on this site. You’re too dim to even realize you use the same idiot terms under different usernames and are easily spotted.

          I suggest we clean house of all the whining and sniveling.

          • CamBurke

            Wow, Freud once again chases away the whiny wimp Locust and his numerous fake IDS – it’s like shooting dead fish in a barrel.

            So many deluded idiots on here crowing about ‘great job by Benning’… but the truth is HE has not been smart enough to move on from Eddy in FIVE YEARS!!!! HELLO Hellooooooooooo

  • Blind Side

    As the Seattle expansion draft approaches, Edler will announce that he will not report if Seattle picks him. Seattle will be forced to move on to another selection.

    If there is any life left in the old legs, Edler will then be free to sign a one year deal with Vancouver.

    Hopefully, by that point, Edler will be more of a backup than a go-to top line defender, with all kinds of youngsters pushing to get time on the back end.

    • livininvic

      Players on expiring contracts are not eligible for the expansion draft. Win win for Edler, he won’t get drafted, and if he’s still playing well he can re-sign in Vancouver for another year or two at a lower salary and retire a Canuck. Win for the Canucks, because they don’t have to protect him, Seattle can’t select him, and we don’t have to resign him if his performance declines too far.

      • Mellowyellow

        Actually quite the opposite. Teams are forced to pick a player on a roster.. if theres nouthing worth taking.. You would take a player that becomes a UFA so you would not be stuck with that contract. Also, I forget if the total of the picks have to meet some salary threshold..

    • MM

      If you listen to the agent talk. Edler has a modified NMC such that it expires a month before the expansion draft making him available. Agent says if he gets picked, it’s only for a month, and he becomes a UFA on July 1 anyway.

  • truthseeker

    There you go. As I said before, all the self loathing emotional speculating morons in the other thread getting their little knickers in a knot all over unfounded rumor and nonsense. Making fools of themselves….as usual.

    Sounds like a pretty good deal for the canucks. Dollar value is a little high but I’m sure he could have gotten that number pretty easy on the open market. Glad to have him back. Solid stable D man who hopefully will be able to see his role reduced somewhat to keep him more healthy.

  • Killer Marmot

    I’m guessing Edler wanted a longer contract, but agreed to the current one because the money’s good and he gets to stay in Vancouver. He has to face a painful fact — NHL careers don’t last forever.

    • Killer Marmot

      I’m also guessing that this contract came with an understanding: at the end of it, Edler will be offered a job with the organization, possibly as an assistant coach.

      • Mike Bossy

        That’s what I think as well. If he’s still able, they can sign him to a 1yr contract as a depth dman/mentor. Or, if he’s done, I’m sure there’ll be a position for him within the org.
        Whatever the case is, it appears that he wasn’t kidding about wanting to stay in Van. Good for him.

      • MM

        Agent was saying that Edler is hoping to sign on with Vancouver again after this contract expires. He’ll either be worth it at that time or not, so i guess we’ll see.

      • Killer Marmot

        That’s probably the argument that management made — that if Edler can still play NHL hockey in two years, his can always re-sign. But players, correctly, prefer guarantees.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    Is there a No Movement Clause, or a No Trade Clause on the contract? I hope not. I hope the Canucks have the ability to trade him a the trade deadline in his second year.

    • North Van Halen

      You really want that cake and eat it too eh?

      There is no chance Edler would sign for a team friendly cost, a team friendly term & not get a full NMC. Canucks have to give up something too.

      • MM

        It’s a modified NMC that expires a month before july 1st such that he becomes available for the expansion draft. Agent said even if Seattle takes him, he’s UFA on July1 and goes where he wants.

        Cake and eat it too would be a limited NTC. So Edler’s not going anywhere, and fans will want him traded at the deadline and complain he wont agree, but this was a clear win for Benning.

        • North Van Halen

          Brilliant. It’s amazing how so many pine for the days of Gilman but he gave out full NTC’s like they were blankets for the homeless.
          Meanwhile present management seems hell bent on not tying their hands with full NTC’s like that and front loading deals to make them easier to move at the end. Almost like they’ve learned from past issues.

          • Dirk22

            Curious how Edlers no trade clause from his 27 to 32 year old seasons were bad yet this NMC in his 33 and 34 year old season isn’t? They still would have to ask him to waive if they want to trade him. What other of his NTC’s that Benning’s handed out (Sutter, Eriksson, Miller, Beagle, Roussel, Tanev, Vrbata etc) did he or will he deal at the end when they’re ‘easier to move.’

            Benning’s almost at the same amount of clauses and Gillis’ teams were, y’know, actually good.

          • North Van Halen

            Still think Beagle’s deal is impacting this one? I didn’t hate Edler’s NTC, of the gaggle that got ntc’s as mentioned he was more entitled than most.

            My exact words were FULL NTC’s. Every player has at most a list of 15 teams he can block a trade to. Do I really have to explain how having Limited NTC’s are better than having players give you a list of 1 or 0 team to be trade to? Really?

            More willful ignorance to quote ummm, oh yeah, you.

        • Macksonious

          Ha! That above response was for your prior comment, NVH.

          This management group certainly has been more stingy with the NTC’s vs the previous administration.

          • Goon

            This isn’t actually the case. Benning has given at least a modified NTC in almost every UFA contract he’s signed.

            Loui Eriksson has a full NMC for most of his contract, shifting to an NTC at the end.

            Edler just got an NMC.

            Roussel and Beagle last year both got modified NTCs.

            Going right back to the beginning, both Miller and Vrbata received NTCs as well.

            I mean, Sam Gagner didn’t get one, I guess? Chris Tanev didn’t get one.

            I have no problem at all with NMCs and NTCs if it gets a player signed to a lower cap hit, but let’s not pretend they were solely a tool of the previous management group. This management group has given them out far and wide.

          • North Van Halen

            Every one of Gilman’s NTC’s were full NTC’s. To state the obvious, unless the player waives, he goes nowhere, like Edler. All of Benning’s are limited, except Edler, who’s actually earned it. After next season Louie can only block 15 teams. Beagle can protect from 15 this year and 5 the next 2, Roussell 15, 8 & 5.
            Comparing Higgins/Burrows/Edlers/Bieksa/Garrison/Hansen/Daniel/Henrik/Kesler’s (did I miss anyone) full NTC’s to these limited ones is patently ridculous.

          • Dirk22

            And yet 5 of those ‘full’ NTC’s were traded but people like you cling to these contracts to excuse for Benning’s performance over the last 5 years. Not to mention many of those deals were players who had either earned it (Sedins, Burrows) or were being paid under market value (Kesler, Edler).

            Which of Benning’s deals, apart from Edlers recent one, fit either of these criteria?

          • North Van Halen

            Question, do you think these assets could have been moved for more had the team been able to negotiate with more than one teams for Burrows/Hansen/Bieksa/Kesler/Garrison? Thats a lot of lost assets you seem to be ignoring.

            I have said for 5 years

            A) Aqullini/Sedins meant whoever took never couldn’t rebuild right away.

            B) I would judge the whole after 5 years.

            This is now Benning’s team. No ore excuses. If he can’t make the right moves this off-season/next then get out and don’t let the door hit you in the a$$. I’ve always stated his revamp of the scouting earned him a chance to finish this and nothing that has happened in the the last 3 years changes that.

          • North Van Halen

            Dude, stay in the present. The milk spilt 5 years ago and this same circle is sooooo tiring. The team was going as far as the core of the Sedins et al was going to take it. Nowhere.

            The concept was ill-advised and doomed from the start but the decision was made when the Sedins were signed 6 months earlier.

            I don’t micro-analyzed every deal. There’s been some I’ve liked and some I’ve hated and everything in between. As I’ve said multiple times, there is more than one way to build a team, just because it’s not my way does not mean it’s not the right way. 2 different paths can lead to the same place.
            The ONLY thing that has mattered to me from day one is the team that is iced in 2020. That’s it. That’s when we can compete again and that’s what I care about. Since the team looks to be on the right path for 2020 and deals like Edlers show the team seems to have the right priorities now, I’m going to keep staying positive.
            This could all change if some combination of Simmonds/Ferland/Gardiner/Myers eats up our remaining cap flexibilty for the next 5 years and he acquires Lucic & Zaitsev in deals that don’t include Kapannen & Puljarvi.
            So keep worrying about 5 year old problems, 4 year old contracts and 3 year old trades if you want, I’m going to be happy Petey, Brock, Bo & quinn are on our team and hope they get the next couple of months right.

          • Dirk22

            “The ONLY thing that has mattered to me from day one is the team that is iced in 2020” – NVH

            Yet you don’t want anyone to criticize a GM who has jeopardized this over and over again by using picks to trade for veterans and being unable to build any kind of draft equity (see New York Rangers or Detroit Red Wings if you’re confused)?! Let me put it to you this way – what outside of draft picks has Benning done that will make this 2020 team competitive. I can think of one thing – Troy Stecher. Maybe Sven Baertschi although still a big question mark.

            Benning’s only saving grace is that he’s been so bad at building a competitive team he has been able accumulate 4 straight top-10 picks which will be the basis of the new core (not to mention another top-10 in 2014). You cannot say that all you care about is 2020 yet ignore everything that’s happened from 2014 to now!

          • Macksonious


            Fair enough point, but you have to admit that modified NTC’s are less generous (and constrictive) than full NTC’s.

            The previous management group gave out more of the latter as opposed to this current group.

          • North Van Halen

            Criticism is fair but you, and a few others look for, seek and invent negative scenarios (somehow Beagle’s deal with a very limited NTC is ruining Edler negotiations, right?) and feel the need to do it as condescendingly as possible (remember our 2 days started with your LOL) which, don’t want to have a proper debate, it just makes people want to show why you’re wrong.
            You choose the tone of the debates, you get what you give.

          • North Van Halen

            So my point, if you actually want to understand instead of telling me why Benning sucks again, is that if the team he fields in 2020 is good enough to make the playoffs, then start competing for cups, I don’t give a rat’s ass how he got there.
            If the team isn’t there, the next guy will be in charge and he’ll have a lot of really good assets to work with. Blah, Blah Sutter, Blah Blah Guddy, doesn’t matter now.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Outstanding job by Jim Benning on this negotiation. For all the JB haters I ask don’t you think he has come a long way as a GM from when he first came here? I’m not a cheerleader type by any means but a pragmatist has to read the room on this one and it’s a good read for the Canucks, Eddie and the fan base. Now if Benning can only do something about Loui…

    • North Van Halen

      Haters gotta hate. One day maybe we can actually discuss Benning based on facts and not just, duh Benning dumb, me smarter, Benning move must be dumb….dare to dream.

  • B_Rad77

    This was the absolute best outcome we could have wished for. I winced at the rumours of 3 and 4 years. Nice job by canucks management to keep options open for the big deals coming in a couple of years and cheers to Edler for signing a reasonable deal at home and not testing the fa waters

  • TheRealPB

    Great contract, decent value on both sides.

    One thing I find quite surprising is how (generally) solid his re-signings are versus (some) of the FA signings. It’s not always the case — Gudbranson, Sutter and Sbisa stand out as poor value resigns, but you can argue that in the case of the first two they are wildly and bizarrely overvalued by the league as a whole which suggests the market dictates at least some of this. Same is true of the Beagle and Eriksson deals. There’s a bunch of UFAs that still confound me because I can’t imagine there was much of a market for any of their services (MDZ, Schaller, Bartkowksi). But much like many of the small fish it’s not been a big deal.

    What is surprising to me is how much JB is able to get really good — some would say bargain-rate — contracts for some of our best players. Edler joins Tanev and Stetcher with really good value resignings along with Horvat, Baertschi, Markstrom, Pouliot, Demko and Granlund. It does make one wonder why the overpays for some of the less talented players.