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Canucks reportedly shopping Tanev

As the 2019 NHL Draft approaches this weekend, the Vancouver Canucks have been active in trade talks apparently and have added defenceman Chris Tanev to the trade block.

As Matthew Sekeres of TSN 1040 reports, the Canucks are shopping Tanev as the market for a right-handed defenceman increases.

Tanev has one year left on his contract, with a cap hit of $4.45-million — could certainly provide a team with some certainty on their right side of the blue line.

As Sekeres pointed out earlier, with the recent trade of fellow right-handed defenceman Justin Braun from the Sharks to the Flyers for a couple of significant draft picks, it makes sense that the Canucks are exploring their options when it comes to moving Tanev.

The 29-year-old Canuck arguably has a much better track record than Braun, but has the downfall of injury problems plaguing his whole career. He’s never played a full season in the NHL and has never played more than 55 games in each of the last three seasons — if a team does acquire him, that will be in major consideration.

Never known for his offensive production, Tanev has been consistently one of the better defenders in the league but last season ran into some trouble in that area. Notching in an on-ice 57.25 CA/60, which was 11th among all Canucks skaters with at least 200 minutes.

As for what the Canucks might be able to get back for the 29-year-old right-handed defenceman, it’s somewhat up in the air. It all depends on whether a team thinks that he can return to some of that past production, or is seen as a high-risk acquisition because of his injury history.

Throwing a couple of mid-round draft picks might not be out of the question for the Canucks, since it is just one year of the player left and therefore doesn’t hold a risk on the cap structure of the other team.

Nine years and 445 games played for the Canucks, Tanev has been a consistent factor and presence on this team in their recent history.

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  • Burnabybob

    Makes sense to get whatever they can, especially if the Canucks are going to sign Myers. Tanev’s play is declining, and he may not even be in the NHL the next time the Canucks make the playoffs. Already, he’s basically a depth player on a good team. I just wish Benning had done this a couple of years ago, when Tanev’s trade value was higher, and before his no movement clause kicked in.

    • Rumour is that Winnipeg will look to resign Myers after trading Trouba (who allegedly only wanted to go to 1 or 2 teams, a la Kesler). If Benning could get the equivalent or something a little better than the Braun trade (2nd and 3rd round picks), I think that’s fair. The modified-NTC is not a major issue, it only blocks trades to 8 teams.

  • I am Ted

    Poor asset management by Benning. The Laffs would’ve given up a boatload when old Lou was loading up with vets for a run but that ship has sailed now. He won’t bring back much now and Edler is walking so….

    It’s gonna be real ugly next season, unless Karlsson and Burns are coming.

  • North Van Halen

    So far this off-season, Benning has been linked to: Zaitsev, Lucic, Gostisbehere, Ritsolanin, Bogosian, Myers, Karlsson, Gardiner & seemingly every other available player. He’s also shopped Tanev, Jake, Ben & the 10th.
    In other words, it sounds like Benning is doing this weird thing where he gathers all the available info he can, finds out what deals are available, and is trying to figure which one/s will be the most beneficial to the team.
    It sounds to me like Jimbo is doing due diligence on as many possibilities as he can.
    Either that or he’s just looking for as many bad defenseman as he can find while off-loading us of any quality defender we have at 50 cents on the dollar.

  • GM decides to keep defender that he re-signed for duration of 5 year cost-controlled contract then looks to trade pending UFA when the demand for RHD heats up.

    Looks like a totally reasonable asset management strategy except in the eyes of the anti-Benning crowd.

        • Goon

          I assume he means that this isn’t good asset management, since Tanev did not move the needle toward winning a cup for the Canucks over the past five years, and has seen his value significantly decline from 2014 or 2015 when he was one of the elite shutdown RHD in the league, to now where he has a reputation for being merely average and extremely injury prone.

          Had Benning traded Tanev 2-3 years ago he would almost certainly have been able to get a better return, and the team did not make the playoffs in the time Tanev was retained.

          Holding on to a player that isn’t doing you any good and watching his value consistently depreciate is in no ways “good asset management”.

          • Well, I can’t disagree that Tanev’s abilities sharply declined two years into his current contract and that he has been more injury-prone over the last 3 years. And I can’t disagree that the return would have been better 3 years ago on a trade. However, the argument of good asset management is incomplete because it fails to address the best alternative to Tanev.

            So if we trade Tanev for, let’s assume a good 1st round pick, who replaces Tanev? Good RHD are very difficult to replace. How would a 1st round draft pick have improved the team over the last 3 years? I think it would too easy to say “I would have simply drafted McAvoy or Heiskanen.” If you trade a 26 year old Tanev, the only RHD you’re getting back is probably a prospect, not a Top 4 roster player like Tanev was/is.

            Moreover, blaming the inability to make the playoffs due to Tanev is a weak argument. Maybe the non-stop soft goals from Markstrom and Nilsson was a factor? How about the absence of scoring outside of the Sedins, Horvat, and Pettersson? Injuries that plagued the entire roster? Dumping Desjardins a year too late and not giving Green a chance to implement coaching strategies? Maybe if we had better goaltending, then there wouldn’t have been an emphasis on shot blocking which probably accounts for half of Tanev’s injuries.

  • Fred-65

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tanev might be part of a move by Vcr to move up the draft order. Maybe an exchange such as a move from 10th O/A to 5th O/A plus a third round pick. That’ just an example I’m not suggesting it

  • Defenceman Factory

    There are 3 or 4 promising RHD likely to go in the first half of the 2nd round. The Canucks need to land one of them.

    It is no surprise Tanev is being shopped. I expect Sutter, Leivo, Pearson, Goldobin, Spooner and Schaller are as well. Benning needs to get 2 or 3 extra picks before the end of the 3rd round. He has some expendible prospects and some extra later round picks to help get that done. I hope he throws the rights to Tryamkin into a deal so we can quit hearing about him.

    • Dirk22

      More like three years. The regular apologists are out in full force on this one though.

      “Well yeah they could have got way better value for him three years ago but then they might have been the absolute worst team in the league instead of the second worst team”

    • Goon

      Given that Benning hasn’t acquired a 1st since the Kesler deal five years ago, and is at a net-loss for second round picks over his tenure, I’m not holding my breath.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    Man, looks like Benning was a day late and a dollar short. I wonder if Philly offered the same deal for Tanev, that they got Braun on from the Sharks? And if not, why not? What an absolute steal of a deal for the Sharks, as the rich get richer.