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2019 Draft Countdown No. 8: Alex Turcotte

Welcome to Canucks Army’s 2019 Draft Countdown. Over the next four weeks leading up to the draft, we’ll be rounding up scouting reports, quotes, and videos about our Top-100 prospects available. Here is an aggregated profile on Alex Turcotte.

Alex Turcotte

Date of birth: February 26th, 2001

Nation: USA

Position: Centre

Shoots: L

Height: 5’11″ / 180 cm

Weight: 185 lbs / 84 kg

Profile: Turcotte had a tough season due to injury and then getting mononucleosis later in the year. When healthy, he’s an outstanding two-way centre without any real flaws in his game. Turcotte’s lethal combination of speed, skill and strength has made him a top prospect for several years. His defensive play and high-end skill has drawn comparisons to Jonathan Toews and Brad Marchand. 

Alfie’s son is a 200 foot centre with decent size and elite feet and hands. His wide skating base and strong edging work allows him rapid change in direction. Unfazed by venturing into the dirty battle areas. He can finish and his puck-handling, high hockey instincts, and soft hands rate up near the top of the class. An injury-riddled year has set him back a bit, but I wouldn’t count him out of being taken in the early part of the first round. Has great speed, an extra gear and displays strong edging. Has really good patience in his possessions, and will rile defenses into over commitment, and then place the biscuit on a teammates stick for a shot. He plays fast because he is able to slow the action down in his head and use his hands and stick abilities to surprise offensively, and in the two other zones to beat opposition to the puck with his intense compete level. He will fearlessly take a hit, kills penalties, block shots and more importantly is an improving in the dot. Has built a two-way game. His high end skill, balance, explosive feet and terrific touch and handles in tight spaces, is enough to make NHL suitors think the end product is going to something special. Has seen action as a winger. Committed to the University of Wisconsin. – Bill Placzek, Draft Site

The Wisconsin commit blends exceptional defensive play with high-end speed and skill. Has played second fiddle to Jack Hughes for years, but is beginning to step out of his shadow. A coaches dream. – Cam Robinson, Dobber Prospects

Alex’s personality is a blend between Sidney Crosby and Brad Marchand because he’s so agitating like Marchand but will never give you the time of day like Crosby. Just the way he carries himself on the ice is very annoying to the other team because he’s so good and so versatile. He can go right through you or dangle you. – USDP coach John Wroblewski

Powerful center with excellent playmaking abilities and game-changing speed who has the potential to become a top-line pivot in the NHL. Turcotte is a low-maintenance center in that he can excel in both optimal and non-optimal conditions, plus handle physicality better than most offensive forwards. He is a fast, agile skater with a wide, powerful stride and the balance of a seasoned NHL power forward. Getting knocked off the puck while he’s either static or moving is something you rarely see.

Turcotte possesses superior vision and passing ability, and it’s clear from his first shift that he understands the game’s intricacies and nuances that require a center to develop chemistry with his linemates. He plays smart hockey with his head on a swivel and attacks with decisiveness, maintaining situational awareness no matter how fast he’s motoring up ice. Turcotte is one of the few draft-eligible forwards who can time his passes with precision while moving as fast as he can. Although he seems to like to defer to the pass, Turcotte owns a hard, accurate wrist shot with a quick release, and he’s proven to snap off high-velocity shots within tight windows. – Steve Kournianos , The Draft Analyst 


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  • North Van Halen

    These rankings are sooooo different than almost every other rankings out there is anyone, I’d really be interested in an article where some of the guys with rankings so far from the norm justify why.
    All the USNTDP guys seem to be ranked really low. Turcotte is top 5 almost everywhere. Caulfield top 10, Knight top 20.

    • kermit

      Craig Button, in his mock draft 3.0 just two weeks ago, had him at 10. He just did version 4.0 and he’s moved him up to 3. Which is closer to where everyone else has him. I can’t image what he didn’t like about him to put him down at 10 in the first place, let alone moving him up 7 spots just two weeks later.

      • TD

        I think it’s just that the players between 3 and 12 (or more) are fairly interchangeable. Cozens and Dach were highly ranked all year and have fallen in some drafts but still go high in others.

  • wojohowitz

    Turcotte is a good example of the `best player` available dropping into the Canucks lap, but do they want a smallish, talented center when they really need a large goal scoring winger or a large puck moving defenceman.

    • Burnabybob

      I wouldn’t worry about size or position if I were Benning. Take the best player available, pure and simple. They need to amass more talent and skill, and if they need to make adjustments they can do it through trades.

  • Gino über alles

    It would be insane to believe he’d fall to 10 but if he did then yes, draft him in a heartbeat. He’d make an unreal LW on the top line but he’s as likely to fall to 10 as Byram would be….dream big but there is no way he makes it this far.

  • speering major

    It’s going to have to take just about everything going right to see him fall to 10th. A second D +


    All have to go before him. I don’t see him slipping below any other teammates and who else is going to jump up? It’s possible but it just seems like an extreme longshot