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WWYDW: Jason Zucker

The draft is just a few weeks away, and with the event being held in Vancouver, the Canucks have found themselves at the centre of the types of rumours and speculation that are common at this time of year.

One rumour that appears to have legs is that the Canucks have interest in Minnesota Wild forward Jason Zucker.

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Zucker is 27 and has 4 years left on a deal that pays him 5.5 million annually. He’s been a strong even-strength scorer for much of his career, and is coming off three straight 40+ point seasons, including a 64-point campaign in 2017-18.

Would you trade for Jason Zucker? What would you be willing to give up? 

Last week I asked: What jersey design would you like to see for the Canucks?


This redesign is exactly what I wanted. I liked everything about the old jerseys except the big stupid “VANCOUVER” on the front. The modification to the stick-in-rink on the shoulder is slick, too.

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A cynic would say a team only changes their jerseys to boost sales. This change is pretty subtle so it’s nice to see it’s not a cash grab.

I prefer the skate but that’s a reflection of my age. If I wasn’t a kid in ’94 I’d probably find it ugly. The whale logo was never overly great or relevant. It’s time to change it up. A Johnny Canuck logo could work.

Killer Marmot:

I’d keep the fish just because I’m tired of all the major changes throughout the years. But the “splash” component where the orca breaches the water is confusing and incoherent. It could use a little tweaking.


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the whale has no real relevance at this point and is dated at this point as well. Would like to see a redesigned logo and to be honest a more modern/flashier colour scheme as well. Just me although I’m not holding my breath that the majority will agree. At this point the flying skate would be my favorite we have had.


Coleman E. Hall when he started the Canucks in 1945 chose Johnny Canuck likely to reflect the wood industry of B.C. That was the logo in the 1960s when they played at the old PNE forum and could never figure out why they abandoned it. Yes I’m giving my age away but for me Pac-Man smiling hockey rinks, spaghetti skates going down hill and an aquatic mammal never cut it with this fan. Get rid of Orca Bay. Those guys are history just like these jerseys and the next idiotic ones they come up with.


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The uniform can stay the same except have the orca restyled by an Indigenous artist who can incorporate authentic traditional design elements (e.g. ovoids).

Captain Video:

I would like to see the “Vancouver” placed under the orca in smaller font and to the right. Sort of like an appendectomy scar.

    • Spiel

      This looks like a case where a relatively new GM is trying to remake the roster. Fenton started in May 2018 and inherited the previous regime’s core players including Zucker. Zucker, an RFA last summer, was signed by Fenton to a 5 yr deal which has a no trade clause that kicks in July 1st, 2019. The contract signing may have been just to keep the player under team control for a future trade. A player that is signed at a reasonable rate is worth more than a pending free agent. The Wild probably want to trade him right now because of a combination of a drop in production and they have an open market of all teams until July 1st when his no trade clause takes effect. Fenton has already shipped out Granlund, Coyle, and Niederreiter who were mainstays of the prior management group.

  • TD

    I don’t see where the Canucks have available players the Wild would want. No to Boeser, Hughes, Horvat or Petterrsson. After watching the playoffs, I want to keep Virtanen unless we get way over value, and a 27 year old 40-50 point guy isn’t it.

    I question whether Zucker is an upgrade over Pearson or Leivo, if so is he enough of an upgrade at his age. Zucker won’t put up the same points on the third line.

  • Colenuck

    Zucker would be great to play with Pearson and Horvat, but I would give up Virtanen to do it. It all depends on price, Minne is at 12th in the draft, maybe they want to move up a couple spots?

  • wojohowitz

    Who knows what Fenton is thinking. First it was Niederatter to Carolina, then Charlie Coyle to Boston. Even Dorion might be able to pick his pocket. Course the owner is very involved – eight years of Fletcher accomplishing nothing and now Fenton.

  • Defenceman Factory

    This is the minimum calibre of player the Canucks should be targeting. Zucker is an immediate upgrade on the top 6. It’s opportunities like this that make it so frustrating the Canucks haven’t acquired a couple more draft picks to use as currency. I am doubtful the Canucks can afford to make the deal.

    I can’t see the Wild being interested in more than one of Virtanen, Hutton, Tanev or Sutter. The one of those the Wild like best, swap of 1st round draft positions and the 2019 2nd rd pick would still be a real bargain for the Canucks. Giving up more picks is untenable and I hate the idea of trading away Virtanen or a 2nd rd pick.

    Like with virtually every under 30 20+ goal scorer the Canucks just don’t have the assets to swing a trade.

  • Why are we automatically assuming Virtanen is the one being pitched? Would a trade based around Baertschi work? A little younger, cheaper but less accomplished and more injury prone.

    Fenton is blowing up his core and was raked over the coals for his Coyle, Granlund and Niederreiter trades. Apparently, Fenton wants to make up the lost ground by asking high for Zucker.

    • Defenceman Factory

      I don’t think most are assuming Virtanen is being pitched but Baertschi won’t get you close to a deal for Zucker. Virtanen is the first player I would ask for once it’s clear I wasn’t going to get Boeser or the other untouchable young players. Hard to believe a deal could be possible if it didn’t include Virtanen.

      That said I think that given the number of rumours the Canucks are very active looking for opportunities to get better. They don’t have the assets to trade for the players they want and are unlikely to find the bargain they need.

  • Robson Street

    Zucker is excellent and very much the sort of player we could use. It’s probably faster to name the players I wouldn’t give up: Elias, Bo, Brock, and Quinn Hughes are a given. I’d be reluctant to trade Troy Stecher as well. That’s probably it. Tanev? Hutton? Markstrom? Demko? Virtanen? Gaudette? Juolevi? Any of these guys plus a non-first round pick or a prospect I’d be fine with.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Jason Zucker is just another one of those proposed trade rumour guys swirling around Canuckland recently. Again I cannot see Zucker being a significant upgrade compared to who they have now or worth giving up decent young talent for. Nothing wrong with Zucker as a hockey player at all but I don’t see top six there and I don’t see him helping to lead the franchise out of the wilderness into the post season. A soon-to-be-forgotten trade rumour I’m sure.

  • Beer Can Boyd

    If the Wild want Boeser so bad, how about Zucker and their first round pick (#12) for him? Would you do that deal? Then the Canucks could possibly get Boldy AND Soderstrom.

    • Minnesota would need to add a blue chip prospect to the pick and player for any Boeser trade to be remotely feasible. Except they don’t have any of those. Boeser will be a 30 goal guy whereas Zucker only averages in the low 20’s, we’re giving up the best player here.

      • Spiel

        What about Boeser/Stecher for Zucker/Dumba? Go big or go home, right? Boeser and Dumba are both high value assets. Pretty strong argument that the Canucks would be getting the best player, Dumba, a right shot scoring D in this deal. Minnesota gets their one that got away in Boeser.
        Remakes our defense with a first pair of Hughes/Dumba.
        If Minny is unwilling to part with Dumba, it would need to be a ludicrous offer to get Boeser. I’m thinking Zucker+12th overall+Greenway+Kaprizov

        • Beer Can Boyd

          I think I’d do that deal. Dumba had 50 points 2 years ago. And both players have decent cap hits for the next 4 years, as opposed to Boeser, who’s looking for, and is not yet worth, 7 mil per on a long term deal. Although Troy from Richmond bleeds Canuck colours. I’d rather give them Hutton.

        • I don’t see a huge upgrade in the team as our defence strengthens while our forwards weaken. However, I do see an issue with contract terms.
          Boeser will likely get locked up for 5-7 years. Dumba and Zucker are UFA in 4 years. Stecher will be UFA in probably 2 years. Between Boeser and Dumba/Zucker, we lose out over the long haul.

  • Captain Video

    It seems the Canucks are investigating trade targets in reverse alphabetical order this off-season. While Zucker would be a quality addition to the top six, I wouldn’t move any of the “core” (Petey, Boesser, Horvat, Hughes) or the Canucks first rounder for him.