Photo Credit: Canucks / Twitter

Canucks will join Flames and Oilers in Alberta Prospect Tournament

It was reported earlier in the year that the Young Stars tournament would not occur this upcoming September.

At the time, one of the logical ideas for the prospects within the organization was to join the Oilers and Flames in Alberta for their event and that is exactly what appears to be happening:

Canucks management always heaped praise onto the Young Stars event, so it is really unfortunate that it won’t be happening in Penticton this year. But it’s good to see that they have found an alternative to allow their prospects to play some games before full training camp kicks off. Unfortunately, it won’t be in person for many Canucks fans but at the very least it allows them to see some of the new prospects in Canucks colours.

At this moment, there is no official dates or location(s) for games against the Flames and Oilers prospects but if I had to hazard a guess it will be the weekend of September 7th-9th.

Ideally, this is just a one-year thing as it was such a successful event in Penticton every single year.