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Canucks Army Game Day 82 – Canucks @ Blues (Ride Wit Me Edition)


We have once again made it to the season finale but there will be no cliffhangers like when Ross raced to get Rachel off the plane or when Neo and Bane are lying on the table at the end of Matrix Reloaded, or ultimately when Thanos snapped his fingers with that jewel glove or whatever it’s called and everyone (almost everyone) dissolved into nothing.

No, there will be no Infinity Gauntlet (I knew what it was called, I’m not that stupid) just a game of hockey between one of hockey’s hottest teams and the St. Louis Blues.

The Canucks dropped a heartbreaker to the Predators on Thursday and the “Core 4” will want to leave a mark for what to expect next season, the 50th anniversary of the Vancouver Canucks.

St. Louis has absolutely turned the NHL upside down on route to an unlikely playoff berth and a win of any kind combined with a Nashville loss and Winnipeg loss would crown the Blues the champs of the Central Division.

A loss by the Canucks would increase their lottery odds by a whole one percent. Too bad Willie Desjardins isn’t coaching still, he’d have that locked up.

Let’s Do This!™


The odds for today’s game are: (VAN +215/STL -265) courtesy of OddsShark


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SNP / SN 650 / 1:00 PM


With no morning practice, the lines will be a bit of a surprise. Matinee starts screw everything up. Will we see another game with Brogan Rafferty or does Alex Biega get to play in the finale? Jake Virtanen would be nice to see again on the Pettersson line.

All signs seem to be pointing to Jacob Markstrom will get the final start of the season and Jake Kielly looks to be backing him up. Thatcher Demko’s season appears to be done. Next season will hopefully see a steady diet of both Markstrom and Demko which could end up being the surprise tandem of the 2019/2020 season.

Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

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LW C RW Forwards
Tanner Pearson

Rating: 74.6#42 LW

Bo Horvat

Rating: 77.0#36 C

Loui Eriksson

Rating: 71.8#84 RW

FL1 Rating
Rating: 74.47#27 FL1
Jake Virtanen

Rating: 71.7#85 LW

Elias Pettersson

Rating: 76.4#42 C

Brock Boeser

Rating: 80.3#6 RW

FL2 Rating
Rating: 76.13#9 FL2
Ryan Spooner

Rating: 70.1#161 LW

Adam Gaudette

Rating: 69.9#167 C

Josh Leivo

Rating: 73.5#55 RW

FL3 Rating
Rating: 71.16#25 FL3
Tim Schaller

Rating: 71.2#106 LW

Jay Beagle

Rating: 68.1#191 C

Markus Granlund

Rating: 70.7#103 RW

FL4 Rating
Rating: 70.00#30 FL4
Alexander Edler

Rating: 77.4#13 LD

Troy Stecher

Rating: 73.8#42 RD

DL1 Rating
Rating: 75.60#16 DL1
Ben Hutton

Rating: 70.9#105 LD

Brogan Rafferty
DL2 Rating
Rating: 70.86#28 DL2
Quinn Hughes
Luke Schenn

Rating: 68.5#105 RD

DL3 Rating
Rating: 68.53#31 DL3


If we didn’t know any better, the Blues look like the castoff team of the Oilers, Leafs, and Flames. There are no lineup updates for St. Louis so the team that got them to the playoffs will be in full display against the Canucks today.

Jordan Binnington gets the start today and with a convincing win could sway the voters over fellow rookie Elias Pettersson.

Blues lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

LW C RW Forwards
Brayden Schenn

Rating: 76.3#43 LW

Ryan O'Reilly

Rating: 81.1#14 C

Vladimir Tarasenko

Rating: 83.5#2 RW

FL1 Rating
Rating: 80.32#4 FL1
Jaden Schwartz

Rating: 77.2#23 LW

Oskar Sundqvist

Rating: 71.5#122 C

David Perron

Rating: 75.2#41 RW

FL2 Rating
Rating: 74.65#15 FL2
Patrick Maroon

Rating: 73.3#62 LW

Tyler Bozak

Rating: 74.3#59 C

Robert Thomas

Rating: 72.4#94 RW

FL3 Rating
Rating: 73.32#10 FL3
Robby Fabbri

Rating: 70.6#119 LW

Ivan Barbashev

Rating: 71.8#110 C

Alex Steen

Rating: 72.2#72 RW

FL4 Rating
Rating: 71.53#6 FL4
Vince Dunn

Rating: 76.0#22 LD

Alex Pietrangelo

Rating: 80.6#6 RD

DL1 Rating
Rating: 78.33#7 DL1
Carl Gunnarsson

Rating: 72.3#72 LD

Jay Bouwmeester

Rating: 72.3#68 RD

DL2 Rating
Rating: 72.32#25 DL2
Joel Edmundson

Rating: 73.6#46 LD

Robert Bortuzzo

Rating: 72.8#62 RD

DL3 Rating
Rating: 73.22#4 DL3



  • Elias Pettersson and Bo Horvat are tied for the team-lead in goals with 27. The only likely player to score a hat-trick today is Tanner Pearson but no one is rooting for him to hit 11 goals. Pettersson’s goal scoring has been dormant for far too long and the voters need to be reminded of the shot that gave him “elite” status. Bo hasn’t scored since the last Ottawa game on March 20 and Elias was three games prior to that against the Devils. The effort will be there today but will the results?
  • Quinn Hughes has been as advertised so far this season, even in such a short time. As you know on the CA GDT, there are bold predictions that litter this area and you’re about to have a truth bomb dropped on you: Quinn Hughes will accumulate three points today and tie Brandon Sutter with six points on the season. Six points. Putting Hughes on PP1 would get him there sooner, you can be sure of that.
  • After a season’s worth of line combinations, the line of Brock Boeser, Elias Pettersson, and Josh Leivo is the CF% leader with 55.96%. That’s OK but adding a player like Artemi Panarin or Jordan Eberle would surely help Boeser and Pettersson reach their next level of production. Jeff Skinner would be a nice addition as well, maybe on the wing of Bo Horvat? This team needs change if they’re going to the next level. Adding another 20+ goals to the team would really help the Canucks stay in the mix for next year’s postseason.
  • Luke Schenn has absolutely obliterated the hitz counter for the Canucks this season. Today will be his 18th game as a Canuck and a spirited 10 hit performance will put him 9th on the team in that category. Even the hitz king, Michael Del Zotto, only had a 4.0 hits/GP while Schenn sports a massive 4.5 for the Canucks. On the whole, Schenn is a solid 4.0/GP which puts him sixth-overall in the league. Schenn isn’t all about laying the body, he has the ability to keep the puck away from the back of the net, something a former defender could not do. As a seventh defenseman next season, he’d be a nice addition.
  • Looking off Boeser and putting Quinn on PP1 have been movements that have taken shape amongst Canucks Nation and when Boeser started receiving passes on the power-play, he started scoring goals… lots of them. If Hughes gets a full game of top-unit duty, he’s good for at least a goal and he’ll set at least one up as well. One way or another, we get what we want and this is a movement that needs to be appeased.


It’s always bittersweet to see a season like this end as a Canucks fan. On the one hand, it’s over, there’s no more suffering and we can all look forward to next season when we get a full season of all the young stars and the crowning of Bo Horvat as Captain. On the other hand, there are five fingers (just kidding), watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs without a team in the race is never easy.

I personally can use a break and now I have time to watch the Blue Jays screw their team up the same way Vancouver has.


What is this point of this? We get that he is amazing but this is just ridiculous! He needs to try that in a game now.


Thank you to all the supporters (and haters) of the Game Day Thread. Whether you love to read these previews or literally just click to see if I’m going to sullen the name of Erik Gudbranson yet again, I appreciate you tuning in. Believe it or not, a lot of work goes into these and unless you check it out, they’re just words on a screen.

Tune into all the articles about to blow up your computer screens as the Draft nears and you want to know every single prospect that’s out there. I won’t be writing any of those, I leave that to the smart people that run this site. It’s time for me to take a break for the summer and I look forward to previewing next season’s Canucks which could turn out to be one of the most exciting teams in the franchise’s history.

See ya soon!

  • Burnabybob

    “A loss by the Canucks would increase their litter odds by one percent.” It would also increase their odds of picking in the top three by 3%. And it would also likely improve their draft positioning by one, assuming they don’t win a lottery pick.

    Lose, Canucks! Lose!

  • TheRealPB

    Ran the Tankathon simulator 25 times = #1 x 1, #2 x 1, #9 x 15, #10 x 7

    At least it makes it feel less like a gut punch than we have been with falling out of the top 3, even if that was the most likely scenario.

    I still find it hilarious that Ottawa managed to bungle all of this so badly. Colorado making the playoffs AND getting the #1 overall pick? Also, does trading Strome (50 points in 57 games) and Perlini for Schmaltz and Domi (71 points) for Galchenyuk (40 points) remove Chaykya’s lustre? It’s easy to bang on about how bad Benning is but there are plenty of rebuilding teams that have made some really questionable moves this year. I have a hard time seeing the vaunted Leafs lasting more than six games against a much better Bruins team. And then it’s cap hell soon enough…

    • ClassOF2011

      Ah yes, the classic bitter and twisted CA armchair warrior comment to make themselves feel better about how bad Vancouver *still* is in year five of the Benning disaster.

      The typical jealousy hating on other teams in full effect. Teeny tiny sample sizes, dissing a team that is in it’s *first season* of a rebuild and slating a Toronto team that is again in the playoffs… where *anything* can happen and the regular season means nothing.

      Do keep getting bent out of shape and licking those windows whilst watching anyone BUT the Canucks on CBC playoff coverage though PB. And all you other sad sacks with so much hate and anger in your sad lil lives. Sucks to be you eh.

        • ClassOF2011

          Spare me the sarcasm PB. You know perfectly well that Ottawa have only been in full rebuild mode since trading away Karlsson and then offloading Stone etc at the deadline.

          However, looking at your sour grapes post again it appears you said ‘Ottawa’ when you actually meant AZ. Bigger fool you.

          • ClassOF2011

            Yeah sure, you are rambling on about so many teams in an incoherant manner you may’ve well be posting in hieroglyphs PB!

            Ottawa have bungled nothing pal – unlike this Canuck FIVE year trainwreck!

            Thanks for playing and losing PB… just like the Canucks, as usual. :-p

          • TheRealPB

            You are right, trading a potential #1 draft pick for Duchene and then flipping him for a mid rounder and a couple of prospects is Excellent asset management. SO many insights you have ALL the answers

      • Bud Poile

        “..all you other sad sacks with so much hate and anger in your sad lil lives. Sucks to be you eh.” Said PQW,
        the most mentally deranged, anger-diseased prick on this board.

        • ClassOF2011

          “The most mentally deranged, anger-diseased prick on this board.”

          Yes Dud… YOU are… as TOLD personally by CA Associate Editor Jackson Mac…

          “Bud has generally served to make the comment section an unwelcoming place not just for the authors but also for a lot of the commenters as well. ” – Jackson McDonald

          ”the least I could do is occasionally remind Bud that if all he is going to do is be rude to other readers he doesn’t need to come back especially because this isn’t Tim Hortons and I don’t get brownie points for smiling and being polite while someone makes the work area a nuisance to be in for staff + customers. ” – Jackson McDonald

          and STILL here YOU are insulting and abusing board members who won’t play along with your pathetic trolling act… WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE sad little man?

    • Kanucked

      Yes agree Benning is not the worst. Don’t think he’s in the top half either.

      I think Ottawa’s biggest mistake was thinking they were closer to a championship than they actually were. I’m not sure it was only talent though. I think the Hoffman vs. Karlsson split devastated the team.

      I think Chaykya is/was over rated. I don’t think the same is true for Dubas though.

      • TheRealPB

        No Dubas and Chaykya are both pretty smart. But not investing in a quality backup or more defense depth is not a good move especially because the Leafs window is much smaller than it might appear

        • Kanucked

          I don’t think Chaykya are in the same category. Chayka’s only hockey management experience came from Arizona (though he did consult with Vancouver previously). Dubas spent some time Sault Ste Marie before he went to Toronto.

          I might be over estimating Dubas, but I have been impressed so far.

          • TheRealPB

            I like Dubas a lot. But I wonder if the Nylander situation was mishandled both this season and longer term in what negotiations with Marner and Matthews will look like

          • Kanucked

            Completely agree. I think that they can fix it if they trade him now. Not they are going to do that.

            I think Kapanen is comparable to Nylander and will be cheaper.

          • Beer Can Boyd

            Nylander has a 6 year deal for 6 mill per. He had 27 points in 54 games. This contract is Eriksson like in its untradeability. Lamoirello would have let him dangle before signing that deal.

  • Rayman

    yep. Off course Nucks win again.
    If they just lost 2 more games, they would be 5 on the pick. I think we should fire bunch of idiots this off season. Starts with Green and JB.

  • canuckfan

    Canucks win too many games fire Green and Benning, that is just too funny they get paid to win hockey games. So many people on here want to trade away assets for draft picks that may or may not make the NHL. I am glad that the idiots on this site who trade insults with each other are not running the team.
    Now that the season is over I am looking forward to reading more about the young players that are draft eligible I know that the American goalie is highly thought of is he worth taking at 9, 10, 11, 12 if that is where the Canucks pick. That would set the Canucks goalie position for quite some time, plus gives options for trades in the future. I think there were a couple other goalies who played in the World Juniors this past winter who also looked good.
    If the Canucks drafted a good young goalie they could resign Demko and extend Markstrom and then be pretty deep in the position. That would then give them an option of trading Demko if the right deal came along and bring in another backup and develop the young guys to be able to come in and replace Markstrom at the end of his contract which would be another 3-4 years. I am not sure if Edler or Tanev would get an asset back that wouldn’t be the same gamble as when Hanson and Burrows were traded, but Demko likely will get a usable asset back.

    • Locust

      Your first paragraph is a beauty. Agree with your goalie assessment too.
      Not too many changes needed.
      Unlike this site where there better be some more changes this summer.

    • truthseeker

      That would be a mistake in my opinion. Goalie value has historically been very very low. I think teams are right to not draft them in the early part of the first round. People complained about the return for Schneider but compared to trade precedent at the time that was actually an excellent return for a “1B” goalie. (and I mean the #9 pick…not Horvat in hindsight)

      It would be good to have another top goalie in the system no doubt, but it’s just wasting value to take one that high in my opinion. Even taking a winger at that spot is not really a great idea, unless their ability is clearly head and shoulders better than the picks surrounding them.

      There is also this to consider


      • Braindead Benning

        Wow.. You just said the most boring and. “cliché” opinion… 😂 ‘goalie & wingers are a’ dime a dozen… Please elaborate… Bro… And BTW, finding new ways to come up to rebuttal to your arrogant attitude is like finding ways to make sense or retardation from a zealot

  • kermit

    I agree, it’s a point we didn’t need. But on the bright side, we had four rookies in the lineup, and we took the team with the best record since Jan 1 to a shootout, and it was a meaningful game for the Blues, they dressed their best players. So there’s hope for the future.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Colorado made it into the last spot with 90 pts while the Canucks had 81 pts. Five more measly wins over 6 months and they’d have made the playoffs. Five more. So to the nay sayers I say was is all that bad this year? Yes, it could’ve have been better and I’m no cheerleader but things are looking up from the last two lousy seasons the VC have had. Next year will tell the tale as to whether this management group keeps their jobs or not. Benning has made some great moves and some lousy ones too but it’s time to contend. They simply cannot miss the post season next year or it’s over IMO for this management group.

    • canuckfan

      I just hope they don’t go out and sign an expensive free agent or two. I think they have the parts to be in next years playoffs but there are also a couple spare parts that can be traded for players that can play positions the team is not exactly deep in such as another winger who can score.

    • Bud Poile

      Re: Five more measly wins to make the playoffs
      42 0f 82 games this season were decided by one goal.
      It was a rebuilding year in which the team played competitive and entertaining hockey.

      • ClassOF2011

        Re: It was a rebuilding year in which the team played competitive

        “The team is rebuilt and competitive within just two down years. From talent waster/franchise destroyer to rebuilt,exciting hockey squad in record time.” – Dud Poile

        “All that matters is the playoffs” – Dud Poile

        WTF guy… troll, hypocrite, idiot, concussed?????????

        or all of the above? Seriously wtf???????????

      • Braindead Benning

        I guess this comes to the conclusion that you hated the Canucks during the time they were the best from around 2010- 2013…and you call yourself a fan… No wonder why CA and many people hate your ass 😂 you are pathetic

  • james

    There will be goalies that will be available. Teams will be trading them because they will want to get something for them when Seattle comes in, so better off not drafting goalies at this point. As for name calling, it’s not a great look. All of you have good ideas at times, you come off like children in a sand box throwing sand in each other eyes. MINDFULLNESS IS A SUCCESFULL WAY OF LIFE