CA Podcast: Episode 17 of Canucks Conversation ft. Eli Wiebe (#ShotgunJake) & Anna Forsyth

Another week, another podcast. This week I sit down to chat with two Canucks fans from very different backgrounds. Our first guest is Eli Wiebe, a Cyclone Taylor Cup champion, PIJHL and BCIHL alumni with the Richmond Sockeyes and University of Victoria Vikes. After Eli we chat with Anna Forsyth, born and raised across the pond Anna brings her British accent and enthusiasm to the C4 Podcast, a weekly Canucks podcast that has been running for multiple years, while featuring Anna for the past two seasons.

Eli has been called a “Generational Shotgunner” by TSN radio hosts Jason Brough and Mike Halford, the creators of #ShotgunJake. His shotgun videos including a powerful Motley Crue intro with a combination of a thumb-gun and some luscious locks of hair for maximum awesomeness.

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Eli was asked to open up the live show version of the Power Hour, featuring those previously mentioned TSN hosts alongside Jason Botchford and Eli knows how to get a crowd fired up. We talked a lot about #ShotgunJake at the beginning of the conversation and then move into some of his local hockey career while we turn everything around and then dive into a great conversation about the current state of the team and Eli talks about how Elias Pettersson takes some ideas from other sports and brings them to hockey for his advantage.

Our second interview of the episode is with Anna Forsyth, she has been a part of the C4 Podcast for two years, she came to Vancouver in 2011 and fell in love with this team during their cup run. We ended up talking a bit about her show and how they have been able to pump out podcasts on a weekly basis for so long. We talk about her experiences watching games in the “Larscheiders” section and what it was like being at the Sedin’s final game in Vancouver.

These two conversations were a lot of fun and I was glad that both of these two were willing to come on the show to talk about both their opinions on the current team. Both conversations consist of a lot of Jim Benning talk as the #FireBenning hashtag was trending in Canada last week.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode as it was a lot of fun to sit down with these two Canucks fans with very different hockey backgrounds. Next week we go diving right back in the Canucks twitter pool and will be chatting with a couple of well known twitter personalities. As always, if you are interested in coming on the Canucks Conversation podcast please do not hesitate to send a direct message to the twitter account @CanucksConvo or send an email my way to [email protected]

Show Rundown

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0:00 (Introduction)

4:45 (Eli Wiebe Conversation)

37:11 (Anna Forsyth Conversation)

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