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Canucks trade Jonathan Dahlen to the Sharks for Linus Karlsson

The Canucks made their second trade of the day close to the 3:00 PM EST deadline, acquiring forward Linus Karlsson from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for forward Jonathan Dahlen.

The team also traded blueliner Erik Gudbranson to the Penguins in exchange for forward Tanner Pearson.

The 19-year-old Karlsson has put up four goals and 17 points in 48 games for Karlskrona HK in the Allsvenskan. He tied for the league lead in goals (27) and finished tied for second in points (52) in 42 games for Karlskrona Junior in the SuperElit league last year. He was also named the league’s top player.

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The 6-1, 187-pound forward was selected by San Jose in the third round, 87th overall, at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. Here is a scouting report on Karlsson.

The Canucks are giving up the 21-year-old prospect Dahlen in the trade.

Dahlen is currently playing with Utica in the AHL, where he has 14 goals and 29 points in 50 games in his first professional season.

Dahlen previously played for Timra in Allsvenskan before going to North America. He was named the League’s Most Valuable Player and Forward of the Year in 2017-18 after scoring 23 goals and 44 points in 44 games. He also posted 14 points (eight goals) in 10 playoff games, helping Timra capture a league championship and earn a berth in the Swedish Elite League.

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Dahlen also represented Sweden on the WJC-18 team in 2015 and the 2017 World Junior Championships, where he scored five goals in seven games.

The 21-year-old was originally selected by the Ottawa Senators in the second round (42nd overall) of the 2016 NHL Draft.

According to GM Jim Benning, Dahlen’s agent asked for a trade. Listening to Benning on 1040, it seems Dahlen’s development wasn’t going as hoped.

“(Linus) Karlsson is a player our scouts like. He’s strong on the puck, he’s a good two-way player, he’s a good playmaker. He’s a guy at the draft, we looked at drafting. With Jonathan Dahlen, he went into Utica and he’s been kinda up-and-down in his development, so we felt we liked the player we were getting back, so we made the deal.”

“I find sometimes young players now, sometimes they don’t want to pay their dues in development time, they just want an NHL opportunity off the start. We just felt there was development left before that, and I guess that’s where the discrepancy was…”

Benning ultimately chalks this deal up as a lateral move.

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“I think this is a lateral move. His agent asked me a couple weeks ago if we could move him. I said if we could do a lateral move where we feel good about getting a player back we like, we’d do it. And our guys feel good about Karlsson, so we did it.”

Hockey prospect analyst Shane Malloy says Karlsson has high hockey sense and a very good shot, and projects to be a solid two-way, third-line centre, while he has doubts that Dahlen can create the time and space he needs at the NHL level.

It will be debated if the Canucks gave up on Dahlen too early, but Benning was put in a tough spot and was able to get a solid return. The system in Utica and Vancouver’s AHL player development will likely receive more attention and be called into question following this deal.

    • Gino's 3rd Cousin

      If you look at the Comets post game reports he devotes a lot of time to Dahlen’s development. Nothing in it made me excited to see him here and I am happy to see him gone knowing that he wanted out.

      • Thanks for the heads-up. I went through the last dozen game reports by Cory and it seems like Dahlen struggled at even-strength and had his stats inflated by power play points? A quick check of the AHL stats show that 17 (8G, 9A) of 29 points were scored on the power play. So that means Dahlen scored only 12 points in 50 games at EV. Perhaps Dahlen was starting to look like Shinkaruk?

      • Looking closer at the AHL stats, I can see the argument by Canucks’ management that Dahlen isn’t ready. When you compare the PPG for guys with NHL ice time, Dahlen is way worse in terms of EV points. Here’s a breakdown of even-strength point production this year for Utica players with some NHL upside:

        Boucher (31 pts in 44 games – 0.70 EV PPG)
        MacEwen (29 pts in 49 games – 0.59 EV PPG)
        Kero (27 pts in 53 games – 0.51 EV PPG)
        Gaunce (26 pts in 40 games – 0.65 EV PPG)
        Jasek (17 pts in 43 games – 0.40 EV PPG)
        Dahlen (12 pts in 50 games – 0.24 EV PPG)
        Lind (9 pts in 37 games – 0.24 EV PPG)

        On a lark, I looked at Gaudette and Archibald from this year and Shinkaruk from 2015-2016:

        * Gaudette (8 pts in 14 games – 0.57 EV PPG)
        * Archibald (10 pts in 23 games – 0.43 EV PPG)
        ** Shinkaruk (21 pts in 45 games – 0.47 EV PPG)

        So we can see that Dahlen was statistically terrible when it came to even-strength point production when compared to other bubble players that had actually played in the NHL or similar prospects.

          • DogBreath

            Apparently dahlen didn’t understand his context. He proved almost nothing in the ahl, which is a long way from the nhl. With this in mind, who asks for a trade in their first year? It says a lot.

        • DJ_44

          This may be a bit harsh on Dahlen. I do not think he was ready for the NHL. He would probably need another year at least. His skating is an issue, although he is crafty. Has a nose for the puck. If he askedout…because he and his agent think he is ready for th NHL …. then there is a big difference of opinion.

          I know nothing about Karksson… other than Shane Malloy says he has grown and is actually 6’ 2.5”…and projects to be. Solid 3C with offensive upside.

  • copey

    So they’re getting a bigger player who is half as good, at least statistically.
    Dahlen must have been very very unhappy in Utica.

    It’s a bad trade in terms of prospect development and especially as it will be the first nail in the coffin of Pettersson leaving Vancouver (Tavares style).

  • EP40MVP

    the canucks development is a tirefire year in and year out they dont develop period. Whatever happened to lind whatever happened to palmu or gaunce or the long list of prospects that were drafted in high faith but each and everyone of them was run down to the dirt by this organization? The canucks believe they can compete for a cup/playoffs when in reality they are miles away from that. IF you seriously think this team is good enough for the playoffs you’re kidding yourself the only reason why they are in the race is cuz the West has been god awful ALL year. They are SIX points from LAST place in the west & yet this organization thinks they have enough pieces to be competitive. There is no such thing as rebuild in this organization its always retool retool retool and the same excuses every year. JB says he wants more draft picks yet he didnt trade for a SINGLE pick not one single pick. You can’t tell me somehow everyteam could get picks yet the canucks couldnt year in and year out even KEITH KINKAID&Kiselvich GOT A PICK BACK LMFAO.

    • DJ_44

      So PQW …. the same guy who posted similar drivel when the Canucks drafted Pettersson…. no thinks people will listen to any of his opinions on hockey. Priceless.

      • EP40MVP

        Who me? I never said anything about the EP pick lol i thought it was a good pick back then he was rated in the top 5 EU skater back then(kostin was #1EU back then)

  • This one’s a lot more confusing than the Gudbranson trade.

    Also: “Dahlen previously played for Timra in Allsvenskan before going professional”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Allsvenskan is a professional league. It’s the #2 pro league in Sweden.

  • Kootenaydude

    Emmanuel Perry has Karlsson listed as having a 58% chance of making the NHL. Jeremy Davis of CA only gives him a 23% chance of making the NHL. Will be interesting to see who is correct. I’ve also read that Dahlen wanted a trade. If so, glad to see him gone!

    • Ragnarok Ouroboros

      Technically they will both be correct. Either the player makes the NHL or they don’t. If he makes the NHL they he beat the percentages given to him by Emmanuel and Jeremy, If he doesn’t make the NHL they he fell within the percentage of failure assigned by Emmanuel and Jeremy. So you can never tell who is right unless you look at their predictions for a group of players and see whose predictions proved more accurate over a larger sample size.

  • petey40

    Terrible asset management again in Utica following the Petrus Palmu and Demko concussion debacles.

    You rarely hear of a prospect demanding a trade form the farm team like this in his first season. This is an absolute disaster. Watch him light it up for the Sharks in the future.

    When will this Benning/Green/Brown etc nightmare end?

  • Gino's 3rd Cousin

    Well if his agent asked for the trade then I am even more ok with this trade. Dahlen’s trajectory may end up being Reid Boucher-lite. Karlsson looks like he can potentially be a future 3rd line centre w offensive upside.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Palmu asks to be released so he can go back to Finland where he is doing better. Dahlen asks to be traded.
    Either there is a problem on the farm or Utica is terrible. Other prospects look slow in developing, Lind Gajovich. Lots of icetime for never will be’s and not for prospects. Worrisome .

  • Burnabybob

    So much for what I thought would be a ho-hum trade deadline for the Canucks.

    I like the Gudbranson trade, as it opens up opportunities for youngsters, and he hadn’t played well. Hopefully they pursue Myers in the off season.

    Not sure about the Dahlen trade. One of the big disappointments this year has been the performance of many their second tier forward prospects, including Dahlen, Goldobin and Lind. When they traded for Goldobin and Lind two years ago, I had really hoped one of them would have firmly established himself in the lineup by now. Dahlen had a lackluster season in Utica, and Goldobin rotates between the lineup and the press box, on a team that is starved for offensive talent.

    It seems likely that Benning will be in a position to draft a forward this year. Hopefully he will have better luck than he’s had with those two. Horvat needs a wing man to make the second line a credible scoring threat.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Since the model for Canucks is developing young players. This is a monumental fail. He is telling the team he is not developing. and the response is, take a hike.

  • North Van Halen

    Just like when hunter Shinkaruk was traded, my thought was, I’ll let you know what I think of this deal in 2-3 years because I haven’t seen either at the NHL level to give you an opinion on either.

    I would like to know the actual reason he asked for a trade. If he thought it was because he deserved to be in the show, I won’t miss him.

  • Nuck16

    There has been a lot of unhappy, underperforming, previously promising prospects down in Utica this season…not sure what that says about the coach/GM down there. Zack developed at least.

  • LTFan

    From what Cory has written Dahlen was playing well for the Comets. If Dahlen asked for the trade then it appears there is a problem in Utica. Maybe the Coach and staff or maybe in the locker room. Palmu left because he wasn’t being played. Maybe it is the Europeans?

    • EP40MVP

      Not just the europeans have you seen the way lind and gadjovich and jasek are dealt with? 4th line minutes to press box thats how you call developing prospects?

      • Kootenaydude

        EP40MVP you don’t even know the minutes they play down in Utica. You’re just making assumptions. If you read Cory’s articles on Utica you will see that the young players are being taught all facets of the game. The biggest problem was too many young guys being sent to Utica. Especially when the AHL players are better than the young guys. Hopefully Benning learns from this and let’s some of the players stay in the Swedish / Finnish leagues instead of a log jam of youth in the AHL. The thing people forget is that there are many players in the AHL that are better than some NHLers. They just haven’t gotten or made the most of their opportunity.

        • EP40MVP

          They play 7-12 mins a game sometimes less i remember reading those articles fam and those ahlers are ahlers for a reason(ie hamilton,bancks,arseneau) would that reallu be helping their development lol

  • Doodly Doot

    Sad. I thought he had the scoring upside that clearly Goldy does not. The one line I most wanted to see (even if just for a few games) was Dahlen, Pete and Virtanen. I feel like Green needed to get a good look at him. Not to be. C’est la vie.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Don’t know much about Karlsson beyond the stats. Hopefully CanucksArmy brings us some perspective soon. Had high hopes for Dahlen that weren’t being met. Karlsson’s accomplishments in Sweden haven’t been as impressive but perhaps he is a future bottom 6 guy. Is he on an ELC? Will he need to be protected at the expansion draft? Dahlen is going to need to play in a top 6 role and may never make it.

  • Gino über alles

    I was really enthused about Dahlen when we drafted him but the comments about him getting impatient and his agent asking for a trade are worrisome, to say the least. I wish him all the best but what’s best for us is that if he wants out then he’s no longer here. There isn’t any list that I’ve seen that still has him as one of Vancouver’s top five prospects and anyone that Brackett and co are happy about getting has my stamp of approval.

    However, I am a little worried about the development path that leads through Utica at this point. Maybe there is more to it than I can see but Palmu went back to Finland, Dahlen topped out, and both Lind and Gadjovich seem very promising but still are having a slow year offensively. The drafting and development of prospects that are not first round picks are just as important as ones that are, I really hope this is just a mirage and not a sign of a farm system that is not up to the level of where we need it.

    • DJ_44

      This is not a correct take on Lind or Gadjovich, or Jasek for that matter. Gadjovich is a project that is a year and a half away. Lind has improved greatly over the season…i am starting to really like his game. Jasek has been steady. Development is a process that needs a couple of years….look at MacEwen. Look at Briesbois…Chatfield….pro hockey is a big step. Patience.

      • EP40MVP

        The thing is the canucks were so high on Lind and dahlen to an extent even gadjovich back then but it seems that excitement has faded you cant expect prospects to develop when you dont play them or you play them but give them 5-10mins a game or you play them and sit them out for 3-4GPs. The thing is both lind and gadjovich were junior-eligible/EChL eligible i dont understand why they chose to stunt a year of development to keep them pressed to the press box when both are clearly not ready for the Pro-game yet

        • bobdaley44

          They would learn nothing in junior. The AHL is a huge step up and even playing limited minutes against men is a good developmental experience. Dahlen himself said he was overwhelmed last year when he play some AHL games and went back to Sweden. You have to build confidence not crush it.

          • EP40MVP

            are you suggesting by sitting them in the box/benching them/giving them 4th line minutes/benching them every other game(Jasek) is a way to build confidence? IF yes then I dont know what/why/how that can build their confidence. If kids isnt ready for the pro-level yet its best for their development to play in a league where they can continue to grow not stay in a league where the only thing they can grow is popcorn sitting in the press box. Dahlen played against men in sweden every young propsect would be overwhelmed when they hit the pro-league. If you think thats building confidence then look at jesse puljujärvi his confidence has been destroyed because he should never have been put in the lineup when he wasnt ready. Lind/Gadjovich have not shown they are ready to be playing in the AHL at all.

          • bobdaley44

            WTF are you talking about? The reason Puljujarvi confidence was destroyed was because he missed a step. Should have stayed in the A learning the North American game not thrown to the wolves. You ease guys in and give them more as they earn it. Not to mention you’re on the ice practicing more in the minors getting instruction on the nuances of the pro game. Second level Swedish pro league is nowhere near the AHL.

          • EP40MVP

            Puji wasnt eligible for the A in his draft year in case you didnt know and thats what im saying if the kids isnt ready they shouldnt be up at that level yet

        • DJ_44

          You are obviously not watching the games. Lind got minutes and is getting more. He is developing. Gadjovich needed work. He has obviously beiing puttung in the work. He is now getting more ice time. Lind rarely sat: he was injured for a month….maybe this is your confusion. People need to temper expectation … or more like immediate gradifaction …. and let players develop. Dahlen was on the PP and top 6 all season.

          • EP40MVP

            Lind RARELY sat? he got ICE time? I distinctly remember him only getting 3-4th line minutes playing with career-AHLers for THREE plus months until recently. IS his play really been that GOOD? for a second rounder it has not look at his stats its been a nightmare the same goes with gadjovich. compare those with other second rounders in their draft year(volkov, hague, shaw) and its clear theres a huge gap. I have been watching the games thank you very much i’ve seen times where both including Jasek were scratched in favour for a SEVENTH defenceman. ok maybe perhaps they can pan out but if we are expecting prospects to pan out this way its not going to work just ask shinkaruk and mcCann(i recall JB admitting they rushed McCann too quick and hurt his development). IF you have that many prospects and none are performing exceptionally well or being given the opportunities and then use the “oh but look at Gaudette” “look at MacEwen” thats plain excuses/coverups for the sketchy work being done in terms of developing down in Utica. Gaudette was given opportunities given ice time same with MacEwen the same cant be said for the rest of their prospects.

      • EP40MVP

        MacEwen was a big suprise just like Jasek was i dont think anyone would have expected MacEwen to turn into a legit NhL ready prospect when they signed him to an ELC. im not too sure if the credit should go to the comets staff or not in terms of macEwen. there’s just something not right about the way they are developing their prospects but its been a yearly thing i still remember they spoke highly of schroeder/Jensen/Suave ….

        • canuckfan

          Difference is MacEwen has worked hard to get better and still knows that he needs to do more, sounds like Dahlen thinks he should be in the NHL Ottawa gave up on him early it is hard to move to a new country and adjust to a new way of playing from being a dominant player to just another good player.
          Wish him luck and hope that he can show he deserves to be in the NHL. Will be tougher to crack the Sharks lineup than Canucks.

      • Gino über alles

        DJ_44 You’re absolutely right, I didn’t word that well as I’m not worried about them as prospects just that I hope the system is as good as we need it to be. So far Ryan Johnson says and does all the right things and every prospect there is at least 2 years away from making the big club, other than Juolevi as I seriously think he’ll be up sooner than that. It’s probably more to do with the fact they’re all 19/20 and playing in a really tough league as opposed to anything wrong with their game, I’m sure they’ll turn out great.

        • DJ_44

          In my opinion, you judge a prospect’s development by their incemental improvement over the season…and from season to season. MacEwen was given more responsibility as he showed the ability to handle it. Same with Lind, Jasek, Chatfield, Brisebois, Juolevi. Gadjovich is taken longer but there are signs.

          Dahlen was given top 6 Minutes and PP 1 time. He was also improving in my opinion.

    • Kootenaydude

      Good points mister Gino. We don’t want to be like the Oilers and unable to develop players. They are in Utica to learn a complete game. Not to come to the Canucks and learn the game. Hopefully our prospects get more playing time in Utica in the future

    • Hack-smack-whack

      I’m actually ok with Lind and Gadjovich’s development. Obviously this is quite a step from the Whl. As 2nd and 3’d rounders, they always were long shots to some extent, with substantial development needed. Johnson stated the second half is where rookies will start to find there way, and I think we’re seeing that.

  • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

    “The system in Utica and Vancouver’s AHL player development will likely receive more attention and be called into question following this deal”

    Utica/Trent Cull/Canucks mgmt was already called out 2 weeks ago by JD Burke at the Athletic, and then again 2 days later, sat afternoon on Rink Wide (https://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040/rink-wide-february-9-1.1255209), then again the following monday by several TSN 1040 studio personnel.

    • DJ_44

      All by people who do not watch utica games. Read Cory.

      Couldn’t let this one go…”the rink wide” podcast. Gulp. Now we know what shapes you partially formed opinions.

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        interesting take considering that Cory Hergott is their guest on that particular episode I attached the link to. Guess you were too busy looking to shoot me down than simply give it a listen.

      • Nucklehead

        I admit I’m also fan of the rink wide podcast, primarily because of their regular Utica content. They rotate guests Cory Hergott as well as Ben Birnell of the Utica Observer Dispatch, two guys who are keenly watching and reporting on the Comet games.

    • North Van Halen

      Saying I got my hockey knowledge from JD is like saying I got my culinary skills working the line at McDonalds.
      Only writer I’ve ver stopped reading because of just how many truly stupid things he’s written. I honestly can’t figure out if he says the things he does because the controversy will cause clicks or he’s really as dumb as the things he writes. I stopped trying to figure it out and just won’t give him clicks at The Athletic or listens on his radio shows but if he’s your source for informed opinion you need to find new places to look.

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        Another interesting take. Feel free to point out just where exactly I said that I “got my hockey knowledge from JD”? I used him, along with multiple other examples of people who have attempted to address the situation down on the farm. Thanks for demonstrating how simple minded people can be when they elect to put words in others’ mouths in order to validate their own opinions of others. Keep up the good work. Glad to see you get lots of thumbs up in support of your pedantic comment.

  • Kanuckhotep

    If a guy wants out he wants out so accommodate him. We don’t see it here living in Vancouver but perhaps the “A” is a very tough league to play in with its strange roster rules et al and maybe Euros don’t like it or understand it. At least Benning gave up no picks on this move.

    • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

      Isn’t it nice when over 4.5yrs the bar of GM standards has been lowered so much in Vancouver that thoughts like “at least Benning gave up no picks on this move” are reassuring and comforting…..How sad and pathetic is that?

  • Captain Video

    Karlsson’s currently playing with Karlskrona in the Allsvenskan, where he isn’t half the player Dahlen was at Timra. For that reason this trade is a win … for the Sharks.

    • petey40

      Of course it’s a win for the Sharks and Dahlen.

      It’s also an insult to Canuck great and future ROH inductee Alex Burrows who waived his no trade clause to enable this move for the franchise. Insulting and tragic.

  • Freud

    As a 19 yr old in the same league, Dahlen had 44pts in 45 games.

    Karlsson is 19 and has 17 pts in 48 games.

    It does not matter what Dahlen’s projection is. When you constantly start with a dollar and turn it into a quarter or 50 cents, you end up a Chiarelli.

    We will leave the question as to why this is the only organization that has prospects demanding trades and leaving for Europe for another day.

    Don’t want kill the cheerleaders buzz while they predictably blame the player, yet again.

    • Freud

      Benning stood at the podium today, with his hair freshly dyed and said the team will stay the course. Draft and develop.

      This, on day when they did not acquire any picks and gave up developing Dahlen after half a season.

      NYR, on the other hand, acquired their twelfth extra pick today over the past year. Benning has acquired 11 picks in 5 years while giving away 12.

      • Rusty bucket

        Karlsson didnt have the benefit of having Pettersson feeding him the puck in his D+1 season. Sounds like the Canucks’ European scouts really liked him… the same guys that convinced Benning to take Pettersson at 5 when mainstream scouting reports said he shouldve went 8-12 range. Some would say Dahlen’s production stalled in his D+2 when he managed similar output as the year previous. Curious to see who “wins” this trade

        • Freud

          If Dahlen was only noticed because Pettersson was dragging him along, why was he acquired by Benning in the first place? Those crackpot European scouts didn’t notice? Stop making lame excuses.

      • Jim "Dumpster Fire" Benning

        Props for your comment. It’s always worth mentioning just how poor Jim Benning is and has been during his entire tenure here concerning literally every facet of his job outside of amateur scouting (where he’s just average).

        Communication, Asset Management, Cap Management, Pro Scouting, Ability to learn, Adaptability, Creative thinking, Proactive approach, ect….

        Just awful.

    • Freud

      Jezzus. I missed the Ducks gave up a 7th for Del Zotto and then turned around and got a 6th for him without including a salary dump.

      Now Benning is giving other GMs a nickle and they turn it into 15 cents. Amazing. He’s so charitable.

    • TheRealRusty

      Too early to tell what kind of prospect Karlsson is. What are his deployment stats, who are his linemates, is he battling through a nagging injury, is he getting special teams time etc? As with everything context is everything…

  • rediiis

    I think that some of you must know all about Karlskrona HK’s depth chart. I can’t even find it, let alone advanced stats on the young center Linus Karlsson. That being said, I know he isn’t a midget and plays a premium position.

    San Jose has never hit on a 3rd round pick. This is just a weird science, since they have hit in later rounds.

    Older fans scream of kids being mollycoddled and young fans scream at blow-hard coaching. I need others to speak out in Utica. Kero could be my hero.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    I was angry at Benning at first until I heard the Dahlen demanded a trade. I don’t like it when a player acts like a Diva when they haven’t proven their abilities at the AHL level. Dahlen was not ready for the NHL and he should have accepted that he needed time to develop instead of demanding a trade. Benning did ok in that context.

    • TrumpTowerNHL

      The player believes he is ready and trusts his own judgement and belief Raggy.

      Who you gonna believe, Dahlen himself, an elite PPG player in Sweden or Jim Benning, who isn’t even in Utica to see for himself. You know, the same guy who told us Gudbranson and Sutter are foundational and that Loui Eriksson is an elite playmaker and scorer?

      I’ll go with the kid Raggy – watch him fly for the Sharkys. Skol!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • North Van Halen

        Without hesitation Benning. You actually think a player should decide when he’s ready for the NHL?!?!

        Holy crap, that’s the stupidest statement you’ve ever made and that’s saying something because you’re middle name should be ‘listen, I’ve got something really stupid to say’

      • Ragnarok Ouroboros

        It is not Benning who promotes players from the AHL to the NHL. It’s actually the coaching staff. Green’s coaching staff will contact Trent Cull and the Utica coaching staff to talk about what players are ready to make the jump and which players require more development. Management will approve/reject transfers of players recommended by the coaches between the leagues taking into account asset management (IE waiver eligibility, cap issues, etc…). It’s the coaching staff that has determined that Dahlen is not ready to make the team, end of story.