WWYDW: Goalies

The Canucks finally acquired a third goaltender yesterday, but not before throwing 19-year-old Michael DiPietro to the wolves in a 7-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks. Acquiring Marek Manzanec solves their immediate issues in goal, but it’s debatable whether or not it will address the lack of goaltending depth in Utica long-term, with Demko expected to remain with the Canucks once he returns from injury.

Are you statisfied with the way the Canucks handled their goalie situation? How would you like to see them address the goaltending situation in Utica next season.

Last week I asked: Where would you like to see Roussel play long term? Do you think he’s a long-term fit in the top six?


Roussel is a 3rd line player on a good team. I could see Roussel, Gaudette and Virtanen as a good 3rd line on a competitive Canucks team in a couple years.

Robson Street:

Overheard in 2006: “Play him with Jan Bulis, he’s a bottom six player, not a top line guy who fits with the Sedins.”

For whatever reason he has chemistry with Horvat. That’s found money as far as I’m concerned. Until something changes, play him there and instead worry about the many (many) other holes in the lineup to worry about (including Horvat’s other winger).


I’ve said before that Roussel could become a latter day version of Alex Burrows with his grit and ability to get in the opposition’s face. He may end up a classic 3rd line grinder for the Canucks and this is one FA signing that so far has made Benning look pretty good. He was very popular with DAL fans and is rapidly becoming the same thing here. Like this guy.

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Roussel is a high energy player that should play 1st, 2nd or 3rd line. Whenever a little grit is needed. He plays great with Horvat and is quite tenacious. That being said Horvat could really use a goal scoring winger on his line. Unfortunately that is not Virtanen as he just doesn’t have a nose for the net. This isn’t popular, but I would like to see Virtanen and Goldy trades for Tarasenko. As for Roussel. He has proven he can play anywhere in this line up. A great acquisition by coach Benning.

Chris the Curmudgeon:

He’s a great third line player with the ability to fit in the top 6 when the coach needs him to. So I’d play him on the third line and move him up to the top 6 on occasion. In other words, Green is using him exactly right at the moment.

  • Robson Street

    Honestly, with the way the rest of the roster has been managed the past few years this feels like complaining about the in-flight wifi signal during a plane crash.

  • No, the goaltending situation could have been addressed earlier by signing Leighton to a two-way contract a week after McKenna was claimed or Demko was injured. McKenna and Leighton are almost the same age, have similar AHL/NHL stats (although Leighton has more NHL experience) and similar contracts. There was no need to wait for McKenna when Leighton was available the following week at no cost.

    The goaltending situation will resolve itself for Utica next year. DiPietro will be able to play in the AHL and if Bachman is resigned, we’ll have a vet/rookie tandem both in Utica (Bachman, DiPietro) and Vancouver (Markstrom, Demko).

  • Sandpaper

    I would sign any goalies to the remaining 3 or 4 roster spots available and draft another 6 goalies this draft…thos just can’t happen again, unless of course, the goalie gets a win and the hysteria crowd finds something else to complain about, like, they shouldn’t have 2 rookies, Zack and DiPietro, both getting debuts on the same game.

  • Kootenaydude

    I think the whole situation was blown out of proportion. Benning obviously wanted McKenna for Utica not Leighton. Unfortunately McKenna wasn’t put back on waivers and DiPietro had to play one game. Manzanec plays backup for Markstrom til Demko is better. Then we have 3 goalies for Utica!! DiPietro had some NHL experience and spent time with an NHL goalie coach. As you can see. No goalie controversy.

  • Holly Wood

    I’m ok with the way Canucks handled the latest situation. If not for Markstrom being held out for one game as a precaution it’s a non issue. If an earlier report is accurate, teams were asking for a second or third pick. Plus DiPietro got into a game. The end result, they lost one game they probably wouldn’t have won anyway .

  • tyhee

    1. With the Canucks having traded for Mazanec and having Leighton in Utica on a PTO, the situation is mostly now dealt with. I’ve been critical of the way it was handled but there really isn’t any issue going forward.

    2. I’d like to see Leighton signed to an AHL deal for the balance of this season. He’s supplanted Kulbakov in net for the Comets and when Demko is ready to go again and Mazanec gets sent to Utica, the Comets could reassign Kulbakov to Kalamazoo, play Mazanec and Leighton in Utica and be back to their full slate of goalies, the same number they started the season with.

    3. Although part of the question was what to do about next season, there isn’t really any issue about next season. It seems pretty much decided (and has seemed the plan since the summer of 2017) that in 2019-20 the Canucks will play Markstrom and Demko in Vancouver, Bachman and DiPietro in Utica and Kulbakov or some other youngster on an AHL contract in the ECHL.

  • Fred-65

    There are more decissions to come about goal tending. When Demko returns from his injury do have trouble sending Mazanec back down to the AHL ? to fill a hole in Utica