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Canucks Army Game Day 55 – Canucks @ Blackhawks (Almost Home Edition)


It’s the final game of the Canucks four-game road trip and Chicago is ready to bury Vancouver and increase the Blackhawks win streak to six games. The Canucks are once again feeling swift pain that injuries have brought the team and because of that depth players are being forced to play increased minutes and in turn, will create turnovers and mistakes on the ice.

Vancouver has managed before and they’ll have to do it again. It’s unknown if Elias Pettersson will play in a bubble wrap suit.

Let’s Do This!™


SNP / SN 650 / 5:30 PM


Nothing likely to change for tonight’s game. Guillaume Brisebois could play but realistically, he won’t. Updates on Sven Baertschi and Thatcher Demko should be released later today. Jake Virtanen is stuck on the Sutter line. That is all.

Jacob Markstrom starts, probably forever now.

Canucks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

LW C RW Forwards
Nikolay Goldobin

Rating: 70.5#107 LW

Bo Horvat

Rating: 76.4#43 C

Brock Boeser

Rating: 82.5#4 RW

FL1 Rating
Rating: 76.47#21 FL1
Antoine Roussel

Rating: 72.1#83 LW

Elias Pettersson

Rating: 79.0#25 C

Josh Leivo

Rating: 73.0#66 RW

FL2 Rating
Rating: 74.69#19 FL2
Markus Granlund

Rating: 72.1#82 LW

Brandon Sutter

Rating: 71.3#136 C

Jake Virtanen

Rating: 71.9#81 RW

FL3 Rating
Rating: 71.77#20 FL3
Loui Eriksson

Rating: 71.6#88 LW

Jay Beagle

Rating: 67.8#184 C

Tyler Motte

Rating: 69.4#120 RW

FL4 Rating
Rating: 69.58#30 FL4
Chris Tanev

Rating: 71.7#72 LD

Erik Gudbranson

Rating: 68.9#100 RD

DL1 Rating
Rating: 70.31#31 DL1
Ben Hutton

Rating: 71.7#81 LD

Troy Stecher

Rating: 72.9#47 RD

DL2 Rating
Rating: 72.29#23 DL2
Derrick Pouliot

Rating: 70.3#111 LD

Alex Biega

Rating: 70.8#86 RD

DL3 Rating
Rating: 70.55#28 DL3


Corey Crawford is still injured but has started skating with the team. Former Oiler Drake Caggiula is getting a new lease on life riding shotgun with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane. Dylan Strome hasn’t wasted time in Chicago since being acquired from Arizona, he gets to run and gun with Alex Debrincat and Dominik Kahun.

Will this be the last time we see Brent Seabrook in a Blackhawks uniform before the trade deadline? There is a lot of money owed to Seabrook but anything is possible.

Collin Delia will be the likely starter.

Blackhawks lines courtesy of Dailyfaceoff.com:

LW C RW Forwards
Drake Caggiula

Rating: 71.3#96 LW

Jonathan Toews

Rating: 78.7#27 C

Patrick Kane

Rating: 84.3#3 RW

FL1 Rating
Rating: 78.10#16 FL1
Alex DeBrincat

Rating: 79.3#11 LW

Dylan Strome

Rating: 71.9#112 C

Dominik Kahun

Rating: 72.4#97 RW

FL2 Rating
Rating: 74.53#21 FL2
Brandon Saad

Rating: 74.8#34 LW

David Kampf

Rating: 71.0#142 C

Marcus Kruger

Rating: 70.2#157 RW

FL3 Rating
Rating: 72.03#17 FL3
Brendan Perlini

Rating: 70.4#109 LW

Artem Anisimov

Rating: 70.4#154 C

John Hayden

Rating: 68.1#126 RW

FL4 Rating
Rating: 69.62#29 FL4
Duncan Keith

Rating: 72.8#61 LD

Brent Seabrook

Rating: 71.6#75 RD

DL1 Rating
Rating: 72.16#27 DL1
Carl Dahlstrom

Rating: 72.2#73 LD

Connor Murphy

Rating: 71.1#83 RD

DL2 Rating
Rating: 71.61#29 DL2
Gustav Forsling

Rating: 71.0#103 LD

Erik Gustafsson

Rating: 75.6#28 RD

DL3 Rating
Rating: 73.31#6 DL3



  • Despite losing their last two, the Canucks are still in a “playoff” spot going into tonight’s game. A win by the Blackhawks would put Chicago a point behind Vancouver in the standings. With the Hawks five-game streak bringing them ever so close to a shot at the postseason, they’re also a few points back of dead last in the NHL. It’s been a weird season.
  • Scoring has been an issue all season for the Canucks but since January 1, this is especially true. Six players have more than a goal since the start of the calendar year: Baertschi and Pettersson (5), Boeser (4), Granlund (3), and Eriksson and Roussel with two goals apiece. Granlund is a head shaker but everyone on that list through 12 games aside from Eriksson sort of makes sense. For the single goal shooters, Bo Horvat and Jake Virtanen are the ones that stick out the most. It’s been a rough ride for Bo but he’s working just as hard and the scale has to tip at some point. It won’t get easier but if the team can get their power play going, there just might be hope for this edition of the Canucks.
  • Further to the point about the man advantage, only four goals have been scored on the power play since January 1. Four. Brock Boeser isn’t one of those players and Brandon Sutter is. Vancouver’s transition from their own end into the attacking zone is mind-numbing and their drop passes are becoming painful. There is no innovation, no creative thoughts being made, just bland, predictable garbage. If Pettersson and Boeser aren’t scoring, the coaches have to re-evaluate their approach.
  • Josh Leivo needs to step up, plain and simple. He has a single goal in his last 13 games along with three shots combined in his last three games, one game in which he didn’t register a single shot on net. There are plenty of struggles up and down the lineup but the loss of Sven Baertschi is Leivo’s gain. If not, he’ll be sent packing eventually.
  • Prediction: Nikolay Goldobin scores a pair tonight. He’s buzzing and it’s only a matter of time before his renewed efforts pay off.


Chicago is red-hot. They’re winners of five-straight and they always seem to give the Canucks headaches. Vancouver has been close the last few games and add to that, their just missing on shots. It could turn around in an instant but without Edler and Baertschi, as well as Markstrom’s heavy burden of endless starts, the pucks are going to need to find the net early and often for the boys in blue and green to finish on the winning side of the ledger.


You need a Sutter? We got a Sutter.

  • wojohowitz

    According to the morning skate Tanev will once again play on his off wing with Gudbranson and that should last all of one period as they get buried again. It seems to be a weakness of Green`s that he refuses to see what everybody else sees. Even Pouliot might make more sense than Guddy.

    • Dank22

      Oh lawd, we dog-piling again? Given the choices, which coach doesn’t put his best remaining defenceman on his off-side? You seriously going try the other three in that spot? Hell, no!

      Everyone and their mother can see the recent struggles of Pouliot, affecting not only his D partner, but whichever 3 forwards are out there with him. You going to put him on the top-pairing with Tanev? Who seriously watching this team would do that?

      Our defensive depth is horrible. Everyone knows that already. Constantly going with the same BS narrative is tiresome as hell. Go ahead and trash this.

      • Bud Poile

        Tanev got burned on the fourth goal.
        Pre-game Green said he doesn’t want to play d-men on their off side and RARELY does a d-man play his off side effectively.
        The BS narrative is yours.

        • Dank22

          Are you using the fourth CHI goal for your argument? That was in OT where Tanev is the only defenceman out there. It was a one-on-one against Toews and he got walked. What does that have to with which side he is better on?

          Sure, d-men rarely play effectively on their off-side and it doesn’t matter if Green prefers to not play guys on their wrong side. He’s an NHL coach that keeps putting his best D Tanev there because there is no better option right now. We all know there is little defensive depth on this team.

          He repeatedly decided that matching the worse D-man in Pouliot to keep Tanev on his right side is not good. He doesn’t want Poo out there matched up against Kane and Toews on the top-pairing if he can avoid it. Because if that happened, Hutton would have to probably end up playing 35+ minutes a game. This allows Pouliot to be on the third pairing and not have to throw Brisebois to the wolves. Until Edler comes back and Hughes arrives, it’s going to be lesser of evils.

          You can’t even state your case, instead you parrot the same crap that CA started and continues to spew.

          I don’t like the multi-troll, but you make it easy for it to repeatedly quote you Buddy.

          • Bud Poile

            Tanev was on the ice for all four goals,buddy.
            He was repeatedly turnstiled.
            The same as last game and the game before.
            You don’t put a d-man out there on his off side unless he is an extremely gifted skater.
            Green doesn’t play his d men on their off side because it does matter.
            The answer is putting another left side d man with Tanev but you and Green will keep up the old losing narrative.

          • Dank22

            Buddy, D playing on their strong side can still get repeatedly turnstiled.

            The first goal was a 5-on-3 powerplay.

            The second goal was another powerplay. Tanev was on his strong side for that one.

            The third goal happened when Granlund couldn’t handle the puck, turned it over, it bounced off Virtanen then through Sutter. If anything you could say Gudbranson didn’t see DeBrincat soon enough before he took the shot.

            Sides do matter but I just outlined why Green would prefer to put his best D out to his weak side to spare Pouliot or Brisebois from impossible matchups. Green wants to keep the Stetcher/Hutton pairing together getting the top minutes but Gudbranson/Tanev for the defensive assignments. You’re going to put Biega or Gudbranson on their weak sides instead? Green is keeping Biega and Pouliot under 13 minutes for a reason.

            Tanev is not going to go from NHL-calibur to beer leaguer because he’s forced to shift over for a few games. Tanev on his off-side still isn’t as bad as Pouliot is on his strong side. They probably would have won if it weren’t for those first period penalties.

            They lost 3-2 to the Caps due to a flukey goal. Neither of these losses were due to Tanev being on his off-side.

            Green has tough choices to make until the righty-lefty situation can properly sort itself out. But the usual “narrative” was that Gudbranson is bad and even the worst Dman Pouliot would be better off paired with Tanev, in which I say, uh, NO.

          • Bud Poile

            As Auldy rightly stated on the post game show the Hawks were going for Tanev’s side of the pairing.Targeting him.He may be injured because he’s playing like it.
            Hutton is playing the most minutes on the back end.10 more than Tanev. Stetcher played more minutes than Tanev.
            At this stage Tanev is not the best D. He is number three,going on four when Edler is in the lineup.
            I have never suggested Pouliot be paired with Tanev so I have zero idea what your problems are with reading comprehension,buddy.

  • Dragonslayer

    Wow – Just had a look on YT at that awesome ‘exorcism’, ‘slay the dragon’ win against the ‘hawks. Goosebumps. Magical. Thank you Burr. Thank you AV, Thank you GMMG – those were the days. I miss them so much. We won’t see them again under Benning and Green’s watch I’m afraid.

  • rediiis

    This is gonna be a test. The second line for the hocks is solid. Canucks need a strong start. Hopefully Dipietro and Brisbois are learning from this experience. I hope TG moves the defensive pairs around as everyone should get a dose of the Guddies.