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Canucks recall Tanner Kero

The Canucks just can’t seem to get 100% healthy.

With Elias Pettersson expected to come back any day now, the Canucks made a trade to make room for him on the roster. The morning brought something new as they recalled Tanner Kero from the Utica Comets

This move was done, as Patrick Johnston reported, that it was a precautionary move due to Bo Horvat possibly being out:

Horvat took a couple of big hits late in the game and hobbled to the bench after a run-in with Zack Kassian in the third period. If Horvat can’t go, then Kero would likely slide into the lineup. This won’t impact the Canucks ability to activate Pettersson from IR and makes sense to have Kero being the safety net instead of Adam Gaudette. If Horvat can’t go, then Kero would be sent right back and thus could end up sitting around. With the Comets playing on Friday and Saturday night, it allows Gaudette to keep playing and let the more veteran depth player take that grind.

At this time, we don’t know what is ailing Horvat but hopefully, it’s nothing serious as Canucks fans were counting down the days for when all the young guys were healthy again.

  • Playing Kero on the 4th line may not be that bad. He’s put up 22 points in 72 NHL games (0.31 PPG) while averaging 13 mins TOI. His PPG is a bit better than Virtanen, Motte, Dorsett, and Beagle and twice as good as Megna, Chaput, Skille, and Schaller.

  • It looked like Kassian actually kicked the back of Horvat’s leg. I thought at the time it back as a cheap shot, and outright dirty.

    I imagine it is some sort of leg bruise.

    • Yes, there must be a fight after every hard, clean body check in the NHL. We should eradicate all body contact. It would have been especially wise to fight with three minutes left in a tie game.

      • Kootenaydude – El Cid is an idiot. Your best tact with him is not to read his posts and never reply or click on the Trash It – Cheers boxes. He/She just loves the attention and does not post anything that contributes to the discussion.

    • I only seen the Kassian hit once in real time and have deleted the game already. I felt that Kaasion’s knee drove Bo’s knee into the boards. Although it wasn’t a classic hit from behind it was in the numbers so there’s that. Might be a bone bruise which can take a while to recover from. He seemed to take a couple minutes then was right back including a couple O.T. shifts. Didn’t think it was a penalty nor reviewable. Just hope it doesn’t amount to anything. It certainly didn’t appear to be a reaction to Gudbranson’s hit on Jones just a part of the game. I do hope though that we can collectively ignore ElCid or LA Kid or who ever he is next week or that Ryan can just punt him. I do believe Ryan’s email address is Ryanbiech@hotmail.com

    • Totally predatory. Kassian was pissed Guddy didn’t drop the gloves in a tie game after a legal check. Man would I like to see him and Lucic get their comeupance.

    • What was that Neil Young song?
      Oh right, “Whine on you Crazy Oilers.” You guys may never win another Stanley Cup, but you’ll always be #1 in the Self-Pity Championships.

    • That’s an interesting move by Kassian. Very hard for the refs to pick up on. If I were on the Department of Player Safety, I’d be keeping my eye on him. Once is an accident, twice deserves a warning, three times should get a suspension.

  • Horvat probably has a bruise to his rear thigh muscle or hamstring. Kassian raised his knee in a kicking motion and hit him there before he made the upper body contact. Depending on how deep the bruise is, they can be one of those injuries that takes time to heal, although Horvat seem to shake it off. I thought the league really frowned on kicking when the motion is in the direction of the skate blade, which this was, it’s the kind of play where someone can get their achilles cut. Kassian has always been a dirty player.

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  • This move is kind of odd. I wouldn’t mind if Kero was brought up for a test drive, but I wouldn’t like to see him claimed for nothing. I wonder if he is part of a trade this week?

  • This call up shows the necessity of having your farm club closer than Utica NY. There are three 8 team divisions in the AHL, and one 7 team division. Yes it is the Pacific with teams in California, Arizona and Colorado. If the Comets were in say, Portland you could have a player here within hours. The Canucks play approximately 60 games in either B.C, Alberta and California so emergency call ups would be so much easier.

    • Emergency call-ups are just those that won’t matter. TG will not play Kero unless told to without seeing him practice. I was hoping from the ‘lil ball of hate rubbed off on Schaller, didn’t happen. Big noses on smaller players…who’s gonna do the metrics?

  • Credit has to be given to Benning for beating retreats from all of his 2017 FA signings when the team probably had much different requirements then. Who can complain really (I actually liked Vanek) and adding a guy like Kero to the mix won’t hurt the cap all that much. Big Jim stumbled in the beginning but is accruing picks, and the future of this game lies in draft choices even if they are in the 6th and 7th rounds. If they handle their capology properly too the sky can be the limit.

  • Credit has to be given to Jim Benning for retreating from all those 2017 FA signings when the team had different requirements. (Liked Vanek though) JB stumbled in the beginning but is now accruing picks because the future of the game is in draft picks and development. Who cares if they are 6th and 7th rounders? Adding a guy like Tanner Kero to the mix doesn’t hurt the cap at all and with proper, pragmatic capology practises the sky can be the limit.

  • Let’s think about it, Kero is not here to play unless absolutely required. He’s here to save Guadette a wasted travel day. It might help him in his wallet do a small degree. The Comets played Wednesday and again on Friday and I think he’ll be back in his own bed for the game on Saturday

  • There is a curse which won’t allow the Canucks to be 100% healthy. It’s struck a couple times this year just at the moment it was about to happen. Same thing happened last year…first game we were 100% healthy we had 2 injuries in that game.