WWYDW: Jesse Puljujarvi

In the most recent edition of 31 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman indicated the Edmonton Oilers organization is torn on whether or not to move on from 2016 fourth overall pick Jesse Puljujarvi:

Their first-round pick is definitely in play. Jesse Puljujarvi? As Tuesday developed, there was pushback on his availability. There are some in the organization who want to win now and recognize he has value in the market; there are others who see a player needing patience to develop.

It’s unclear which faction in Edmonton will emerge victorious, but should Puljujarvi be on the move, the Canucks might have interest. Players with his draft pedigree don’t become available very often, and the Canucks could always use to inject some more young talent into their roster. Would you like to see the Canucks trade for Jesse Puljujarvi? If so, what would you give up? (Try to keep offers realistic.)

Last week I asked: What would you like to see the top six look like while Pettersson is out?

Killer Marmot:

If Gaudette is going to make his triumphant return then let’s see what he can do. How about:

Roussel – Gaudette – Virtanen

Lots of speed and physicality there. Then give them all the even-strength shifts they can handle for a few games.



Any of those bottom six guys would simply be an offensive blackhole whose gravitational pull the skill guys cannot escape if you moved them up. I understand TG’s willingness to tinker with things when they aren’t working, but I also think he needs to stick with a few lines for a while and see what they can do. And outside of special teams work, I’d give the top two lines the lion’s share of ice time, especially when you’ve got mediocre teams in the Coyotes and Panthers coming up.

Forever 1915:

If the Canucks are going to put Gaudette in a Top 6 role, why not on PP1?
They should try putting him in front of the net instead of Baertschi. He scored a lot of goals around the crease in the NCAA.

Defenceman Factory:

Just plug Gaudette into EP’s spot and see what he can do centring a top 6 line. It’s only a few games and I do not need to see Sutter play in the top 6 ever again.

Baertschi Horvat Virtanen
Goldobin Gaudette Boeser



Top 5 pick here we come. Losing EP hits hard in both scoring and at center. Just no one to replace him. Guadette is an option, but I like him staying in Utica and play PP and PK.

  • Goon

    One should be cautious of overpaying for players merely because of their draft pedigree. See: Gudbranson, Erik.

    That said, Puljujarvi has a lot of potential, and while the Canucks have tonnes of wingers in the system, none outside Boeser have Puljujarvi’s upside.

    The Oilers are desperate for help on defense and Chiarelli has been fleeced many times – I’d see if a package could be built around Erik Gudbranson. Would Chiarelli go for Gudbranson and Dahlen in exchange for Puljujarvi? It’s worth asking – Edmonton gets a bad defenseman who Chiarelli probably covets, who has that draft pedigree they want, and they get a solid prospect winger in exchange for a winger with draft pedigree and tonnes of upside who hasn’t put it together at the NHL level yet.

      • Goon

        Dahlen is a half-point-a-game player in the AHL and there’s no guarantee he’s an NHL player. His ceiling is probably second-line winger. His floor is that of a high-end AHL winger or tweener.

        Puljujarvi produced at a better pace in the AHL at a younger age, and has shown he can play in the NHL. His floor is middle-six winger, and his ceiling is first-line winger.

        Prefering Dahlen to Puljujarvi is lunacy.

        • crofton

          Lunacy is a bit strong. Dahlen and Pettersson have played together with great chemistry, I would prefer to see if that can continue at the NHL level. However, Dahlen does need to break through. If the dice are going to be rolled, how about Tanev for Puljujarvi and maybe a sweetener?

    • TheRealPB

      If we could get JP for EG that would be the final nail in Chiarelli’s coffin. There’s no way that would work (though given his penchant for trading young wingers for lumbering 6/7 d it’s a good thought). I don’t say that because of Chiarelli’s ability to evaluate talent but because the Oilers as bad as they are are in a cap crunch. We’d have to take on at least one bad contract (probably Lucic) in order to make the numbers work. I don’t think taking a flyer on Pulujarvi is going to be worth the boat anchor contract we’d have to take on to make it work.

  • TD

    I was thinking similar to Goon about Gudbranson. I would also put Pouliot and MDZ up if wanted. I would think Goldobin may have some value as he has put up points this year and has offensive talent.

    None of these may be enough and I would consider reasonable additions, but we are trading for a player with finished value so it shouldn’t involve an overpay.

  • Me

    The Oilers are desperately in need of secondary scoring, and they seem to be constantly in the market for 6th/7th defensemen.

    To that end, I’d trade them Baer, Goldobin, and either Gudbranson or Pouliot (or both if we can get a moderately better low-end D returned).

    The only piece I’d miss would be Baer, and while he’s good for secondary scoring, players of his calibre are fairly easy acquire. It seems likely Puljujarvi’s ceiling is at least as high as Baer’s, and possibly much higher.

      • DogBreath

        Goon – we probably have a different assessment of his value. He’s failed (so far) on a team that desperately needs him to succeed. He’s supposed to be an offensive guy, played with the best player on the planet and still proven nothing. They’ll want some offense in return. Outside of Goldy, I’m not prepared to trade existing offensive players. If the Canucks had a physical defenceman in their pipeline who can actually play now, I’d consider Gudbranson in a trade. However, trading him makes the defence incredibly soft and easy to play against, so in my books that would be unwise.

  • I’d send Goldobin for Puljujarvi plus a draft pick (e.g. 2nd or 3rd round). I’d be happy with a 1-for-1 swap but because we’re talking a desperate Chiarelli, we could try to get a draft pick back (for the Larsen mistake).

    Puljujarvi was rushed into the NHL by Edmonton, he has the size and individual skill set to succeed. But he needs to be able to translate his European game to NHL size and speed. He looked good in pre-season when he was playing against lesser competition (4 goals in 5 games). Plus he’s part Swedish so he’ll fit right in.

  • Defenceman Factory

    No I don’t think the Canucks should trade for Puljajarvi. Amassing more middling wingers isn’t what the Canucks need to be doing right now. The assets given up to get Puljajarvi would be better spent trading for defence prospects or draft picks. The Canucks will not be a contending team without upgrading their D. They will not stay a contending team until replacement strategies are in place for Tanev and Edler.

      • Defenceman Factory

        I did consider it and I agree Puljajarvi might do better with a new team. The Canucks just don’t need another RW. With MacEwen, Lind, Lockwood and Jasek in the system and with Boeser, Virtanen, Ericksson and Granlund on the roster this just isn’t where the Canucks should be shedding assets to get stronger. So unless Puljujarvi is part of a bigger deal that includes Bear or Samorukov (assuming Bouchard is off limits) not interested. What ever asset might be used to get Puljujarvi could be used in a different deal to fill an actual future need.

  • Holly Wood

    Unproven wingers with scoring potential don’t hold huge trade value in today’s game, especially one that can’t stay in the lineup. No one will give you significant return so trade involving Puljuarva and Goldobin would make some sense. Other assets going back and forth that provide some cap relief for the Oil might be enough to swing it

  • Killer Marmot

    The Canucks have the following players who can play right wing:

    Boeser Virtanen Eriksson Leivo Motte Granlund Gagner Lockwood Jasek Lind Palmu

    It’s crowded even if even assumes Gagner will be traded. There’s no assurance that Puljujarvi will get ice time. Further, it’s better to trade with a club with a surfeit of talent that they are under-using, and that doesn’t describe Edmonton. The Leivo trade with Toronto is what to look for.

    So let this one slide, and find a club with more good right-shooting defensemen than they can use.

    • crofton

      Gagner is gone, certainly, and Eriksson will be in a few years, which is at least how far away Lockwood, Jasek, Lind and Palmu are and Granlund could be waived. Above, I suggested Tanev for Jesse and a sweetener as rolling the dice, but foisting MDZ and Pouliot on Chiarelli might work

      • Killer Marmot

        Eriksson has 3.4 years to run on his contract. Practically forever. And Jasek has a mature game which is worth a try in the big club if they can ever find an opening (not likely to be one this season).

  • Puck Viking

    Id do Goldy for JP straight up. We take the risk as at this point Goldy is the better player. But our biggest need is defense so I would rather move Goldy for a 2nd if possible and use the pick on a defenseman. We could then replace Goldy with ZacMac or AG.


    I just don’t think the Canucks have anyone or thing to offer the Oil. If GMJB traded Edler for a late first round pick, I could see a swap take place. The Canucks will most likely have a top 10 pick in a draft where centers are abundant, so dealing a top ten pick is out, Bo and Brock are out….Ollie is injured so he is out. Puli has too many questions to commit a top tier asset.

  • Kanucked

    It’s possible that Puljujarvi could turn things around, but the risk is high and he’s too close from his draft date for the Oilers to fire sale him. Not sure the Canucks want to take that risk.

  • Burnabybob

    I wouldn’t offer anything substantial for Puljujarvi. Here’s why:
    1. At this point, he’s kind of a reclamation project, and the Canucks have several of those: Goldobin, Dahlen, and Leivo.
    2. Benning should be able to pick another good forward prospect in June. Maybe someone like Alex Newhook.
    3. The Canucks do not have an oversupply

    • Burnabybob

      of prospects at any one position.

      If they took Tanev or Edler for P, I could see it, but not if it means creating weaknesses elsewhere in their prospect pool.

  • Rodeobill

    Edm is a hole where talent goes to die in a quagmire of lost expectations. Everyone who moves on from there seems to do better. This doesn’t mean for sure that JP is underperforming there, but look at how well so many players do once they leave there. I am very curious to see what would happen to him in a different system and environment. So, Dmen, goalie, or scoring wingers. Since we are short on Dmen too, (although Juolevi straight up might be interesting to consider), Goalies are golden (I can’t see us giving up on Demko, and De Petrio is to far out of his development curve to help EDM now), that leaves scoring wingers. Maybe we take on Lucic’s albatross necklace? Unlikely, not a move JB has shown interest in doing before with Eriksson still (and maybe Luongo’s too?) Baer, Goldy, may be in contention. They would love to get their hands on Virtanen I bet, but I wouldn’t go that way, or maybe I would, If JP can reach anywhere near where his draft expectations were he seems to have the playmaking savy and the ability to read the ice enough to play with EP, and JV has the speed to kill it with McD, who knows?
    Or, Tanev or Edler straight up. They need D. Instant huge upgrade for them in win now. And now we put all our eggs in the D basket going forward in FA and drafts.

  • truthseeker

    Given his hype and draft position he is appealing but I wouldn’t give up anything significant for him. None of our “top 4 dmen”. Guddy…yeah for sure. Pouliot…sure, but the oil probably wouldn’t. Maybe a package of one of them with one of our middling wingers. Maybe as high as a Goldy. Goldy and Pouliot for him? Some other team probably gives them more though.

  • Kanuckhotep

    I wouldn’t give up more than a 7th rounder for Puljujarvi. He’s played with McDavid this year and the guy is less visible than OgoPogo. Forget it.


    Honestly Chirelli is VERY vulnerable (makes me happy) right now seeing as the oilers are barely hanging on to playoff potential as of now.
    The oil only have 5 capable point guys right now and cant seem to find the back of the net consistently out side of those 5.
    I could see him panicking and moving Puls to Van for anything that resembles someone that can get a point or two. He needs to make moves today to save his job for tomorrow so picks wont cut it. Goldy or even Guds with gagner (retaining some money) could possibly get it done.
    The oil might have no choice but to try at this point and at least we could let Puls properly mature under us.
    Worth a shot I think>>>

  • Robson Street

    No. The short answer is No.

    The longer answer is: it’s unlikely that Edmonton trades a young 4th overall pick within the division unless it’s a helluva deal because the optics are terrible. Would you trade Virtanen for JP? I wouldn’t. For a team in the Pacific (and especially Vancouver or Calgary), I imagine that’s what it would take.