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Canucks trade Michael Del Zotto to Anaheim for Luke Schenn and 7th round pick

In the middle of the third period of the game between the Canucks and the Oilers, the Canucks made a trade:

It felt like it was only a matter of time that the Canucks moved Del Zotto after he had been a regular healthy scratch for the last few weeks. With the Ducks also struggling over the last few weeks, they were a motivated team to make a deal.

The Luke Schenn will report directly to the Utica Comets and the Canucks add a 2020 7th round pick to their stable of draft picks.

The Canucks were needing to make a move to free up a roster spot to activate Elias Pettersson from IR, and by moving Del Zotto out and adding Schenn, who was already in the AHL, they are able to accomplish this. Not to mention, Schenn should be able to help the Comets defensive group. Furthermore, when injuries hit, Schenn could be an option in the latter parts of the season.

The organization was able to squeeze a late round pick and a depth defenceman out of a situation that could’ve ended with them needing to waive someone. Schenn is a pending unrestricted free agent with a cap hit of $800,000.

The Canucks are retaining 25% of Del Zotto’s remaining salary.

  • truthseeker

    Well, Del Zotto was coming off the books at the end of the year anyway, but good that Benning could squeeze a draft pick out of it, even if it’s a virtually meaningless one.

  • Killer Marmot

    A right-shooting defenseman. Quelle surprise. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to be called up, because his stats are less than optimal.

    This means that no one needs to be sent down when Pettersson reports for duty. It also means that McEneny might see some NHL action this season.

  • DogBreath

    I envision Benning making trades like this down the road to offload players he overpaid for in free agency. See – their top end young players aren’t getting held back by veterans and there are creative ways to rid the Canucks of burdensome contracts when Perry, Brock etc need the bigger contracts.

  • Kanuckhotep

    That now makes three guys from the opening night roster now gone to go with Nilsson and Liepsic. MDZ wasn’t long for this outfit and we’ll see who else eventually goes one way or the other. Maybe he can help the Ducks. Good luck, guy.

  • Bud Poile

    Shore up the shallow RHD depth pool and add a pick from a diminishing asset that was going to be jettisoned.
    Reading quotes from Canucks players that really liked the guy,noting his likeability and work ethic.
    Good luck,MDZ.

  • TheRealPB

    Wow the Ducks are a mess, especially with Kesler and Silfverberg on the IR now and committed to all kinds of big money to all kinds of players in decline for the next bunch of years. MDZ seems like a really solid guy, but was just not that good as a player. I don’t think Anaheim is going to get much better just adding a bunch of depth players as they have in their flurry of recent trades. A bit surprised we even got a 7th given that we traded a depth NHL d for an AHL d and more salary going back their way even with the small retention. I assume that means we used up one of our two retained salary slots for this year? That might be a bigger issue in terms of flexibility for the TDL.

    • Dirk22

      I agree they have some serious overpayments to some aging vets but to put it in perspective, which of the groups would you choose to make your team better over the next two years (when the Perry/Getzlaf contracts expire).

      a) Kesler, Getzlaf and Perry for 24 million/year
      b) Eriksson, Roussel, Sutter, Gudbranson and Beagle for 21 million/year

      It’s not a slam dunk and especially with there doesn’t seem to be much left with Kesler but aging Perry and Getzlaf still have more to offer than Group B.

      • Perry and Getzlaf are getting old but they’ve been full value for their contracts up until very recently (Getzlaf still is, Perry is definitely not). The Kesler contract was always bad, but at least he played well for the first two seasons of it.

        Honestly I’d take group A. Kesler and Perry might be old and broken, but Getzlaf would instantly be the second-best player on the Canucks behind Pettersson.

        • Beer Can Boyd

          Are you kidding? Perry, who is done and has yet to play a game this year, has 2 more years at 8 million per, Kesler, who also appears to be done,(4 goals, 2 assists, 44gp) has 3 more years at nearly 7 mill per. Getzlaf is indeed still an excellent player, but he is slowing down, and only has 32 points this year, and has 2 more years left at 8.25. At least the 5 Canucks guys can all still play at pretty close to their peak levels.

          • Dirk22

            Peak levels? The only guy who’s close to his ‘peak level’ is Gudbranson and we all know what’s that’s like. Getzlaf is also only a year removed from 61 points in 56 games! I’m not saying the contracts are good or I would ever want Getzlaf, Perry or Kesler at this stage but I am saying that over the next two years until the Perry/Getzlaf contracts expire, line-up A is better than line-up B and not that much more expensive as far as dollar amount or term.

            Lineup A
            Goldobin – Pettersson – Boeser
            Baertchi – Horvat – Leivo
            Perry – Getzlaf – Virtanen
            Motte – Gaudette – Kesler

            Lineup B
            Goldobin – Pettersson – Boeser
            Baertchi – Horvat – Leivo
            Roussel – Sutter – Virtanen
            Motte – Beagle – Granlund

      • TheRealPB

        That’s an interesting question, but I don’t know how fair it is. Roussell, Sutter and Gudbranson are all quite a bit younger. If we’re talking about two years, I tend to think the Beagle is going to age better (if only because his role requires less) than a Kesler who has been a far better player over his career but is a shadow of his former self. It feels a bit like apples and oranges. I suppose Perry-Getzlaf-Kesler would be a great third line but then I’d much rather have the Sedins and Vanek on that third line than any of the other options if we’re just playing mind games anyway.

        • Dirk22

          Not mind games. Just a realization that the Ducks cap problems due to overpaying ageing vets aren’t in fact really worse than the Canucks. I wouldn’t trade rosters but I would swap for their ‘cap problems.’

    • apr

      I would not be surprised if the Ducks flipped Del Zotto for a better pick; and then Nucksverse would blast Benning for not getting enough. At the end of the day, I believe the primary purpose of the trade was to open up a spot for EP on Friday, as the Nucks would have likely lost Schaller on waivers – and there is still an opportunity to get a pick for him from the Bruins.

      Retaining salary is interesting, as they will probably need to retain salary to move Gagner (who Edmonton should be all over). This doesn’t leave a lot of room to keep salary to help facilitate an Edler or Sutter trade to a desperate contender.

    • Kanucked

      This is a really good point. In an otherwise good move, the salary retention piece may make other deals difficult at the TDL.

      I’m not sure if this means that Benning isn’t planning to trade someone like Edler or Tanev.

  • Burnabybob

    This would seem like text-book asset management- shedding salary and making room for younger players, while picking up an expiring contract and late-round draft pick.

    Hopefully MDZ’s departure opens up a spot for Quinn Hughes to make a late season debut.

  • Puck Viking

    Love the trade! Keep the picks coming!! Maybe if we add a few of these late round picks we get lucky and find a late round steal.

    Next up Puliot, Sutter, Edler, Goldy.