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How much did Elias Pettersson troll some media in Ottawa?

Elias Pettersson is something else.

While dazzling us on the ice on a nightly basis, his personality seems to be coming out and it’s been a fascinating thing to watch.

Following his hat trick last week, as the Canucks beat the Ottawa Senators in overtime, Pettersson was the centre of a media scrum that had a few of the Ontario scribes asking him about his dream of playing for the Vancouver Canucks. According to Jason Botchford (who was there) for The Athletic, some of those Ontario media members were shocked to hear that EP had always dreamed of playing for Vancouver.

When they wouldn’t accept this, EP told them about the Vancouver T-Shirt that he had when he was five and that they should “google it” to see it.

Well, they did:

The full story can be found here.

It immediately stuck out to me as being odd and not for the reason that a hockey player told media members to google something but more because of a conversation from a few weeks ago.

On December 16th, Pettersson was a guest on the After Hours program with Louie Debrusk and Scott Oake, and the t-shirt in question was brought up by a question from twitter:

Based on his replies and demeanour, it’s fair to believe that his response was genuine and that he didn’t know where that shirt came from.

With that being said, he did mention that he would speak to his parents and see if they know. But suggesting that he spoke to them, they told him that he was a Vancouver fan and him agreeing with it seems a bit of a stretch. If you are a kid, you have your favourite teams and players and you remember who they are. It’s more likely that he just had a touristy shirt from Vancouver.

Which leads us to wonder, did Pettersson just remember that moment on After Hours, know that the photo was out there, and thus make it something to deflect what was going on. I mean, I had a ‘wait a minute’ moment as soon as I read about it, it’s fair to assume that Pettersson would’ve remembered it as it happened just a few short weeks before.

Or maybe the Canucks star was a big fan of the team in his youth and he just used this opportunity to have some fun.

No matter what, it’s clear that Elias only has so much patience for the silly questions and will do things that set expectations going forward. The regulars within the Vancouver media have quickly realized this and have adjusted their path accordingly. But there have been some interesting exchanges here and across the league that shows that EP isn’t afraid to send some people on chases or give a death stare from time to time.

  • North Van Halen

    Clearly he just wanted to shut down a stupid line of questioning.
    Not sure how many times I’ve heard a reporter ask who a star’s favourite team growing up was, then follow it up disbelievingly pressing the matter but I’d venture to say I can count it on one hand, possibly one finger. It’s an awkward line of questioning which could lead to more awkward questions if answered incorrectly.
    When Elias was a kid the Leafs were awful and the Canucks were really good led by Swedes. Unless EP had a Mats Sundin poster on his wall (or I’m guessing outta touch reporter thought he had a Borje Salming poster), he was way more likely a Canuck fan. Most likely though he’s now 100% a Canuck and it doesn’t matter who his childhood team was and he doesn’t want the distraction that stupid question would cause.
    Shows just how smart this kid is, not only not taking the bait but using recently obtained info to shut it down.

  • Defenceman Factory

    With Botchford now at the athletic it is now easy to completely avoid ever being tempted to read anything he writes. Hopefully Willes moves there too. Addition by subtraction to the journalistic integrity of the Province.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Petey just turned 20 and English is not his first language but he has tremendous poise and you can see the wheels turning within when fielding asinine questions. It’s the media’s job to interview players but they seem almost condescending at times. The great interviews were always Gretz’ And Gordie because their iconic stature(s) commanded respect from journalists with far more intelligent questions. And Jeremy Roenick and Stan Mikita? Totally hilarious dudes and great hockey players as well. Just because Petey is a “kid” I think he deserves more types of interviews like he recently had with Nick Kypreos. But then Nick played the game and a lot of these reporters I suspect never have. That’s the difference.

  • He’s a special young man, I like the way he carries himself. He gives a good interview, smart and confident. The death stare is my favorite.
    He probably was a Van fan as a child, watching the likes of Henrik, Daniel, Ohlund, and Naslund. Those guys are hero’s in Sweden.

    Hope he’s a Canuck for years to come.

  • Hockey Bunker

    Consider that Toronto media think everyone in the world dreams of living in their city and playing for the Leafs. Toronto is the centre of the Universe. Not a claim, in their mind it is a FACT.
    The earth may be round but it revolves around TORONTO.
    How any one could even consider Vancouver…..you gotta be kidding.
    They are so myopic it’s hilarious!!!!!

  • truthseeker

    A product of a superior Swedish education system no doubt.

    Anyone think it’s just a coincidence that the twins were two of the smartest players in the league? Naslund was “smart”? Lidstrom “smart”? Has there ever been a Swedish “meathead” player? You know…one that came up through their system and didn’t come and play major junior?

    He seems like a thoughtful kid. When he’s asked a question you can see he really thinks about his answers before he opens his mouth. We’ve received a more than worthy heir to the twins and all the intelligence and class they brought to Vancouver.

    • TheRealPB

      Ulf Samuellsson was a pretty meathead player, with nearly 2500 penalty minutes in his career. And there are plenty of Swedish league players with lots of penalties. It’s not surprising that their superstars are ‘smart’ and talented players, just like most of our exports over there are smaller skill players (with the exception of some of the goons that KHL teams import). Meatheads know no national boundaries.

      • truthseeker

        Yeah Ulfy was probably the most obvious choice but you have to admit you need to wrack your brain to come up with many more than that. Yes…there are meatheads in every culture but I would suggest that the education standards of the CHL leads to a disproportionate number of Canadians that would probably be right at home with many of the Americans seen on “talking to Americans”.

        Contrast that to Sweden and from what I’ve read even if your a player you are still held to pretty high standards with regards to your education. That town that the Sedin’s and all the other legends came from, their high school is the equivalent of a university prep school where they focus on advanced academics at a young age. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Sedin vs Sedin thing on canucks TV from a few years ago but the end trivia part where Henrik does some extremely impressive fast math is hilarious.


        I don’t know. Personally I don’t think it’s a coincidence that most of the greatest players in history, even if they weren’t educated as well as Swedes like the Sedin’s etc, still come across as pretty sharp on the ball type people. Gretzky, Mario, Sakic, Yzerman, Sid, Orr, etc….they almost all seem like “thinkers” compared to many of the average guys. And I do believe intelligence is something that can be gauged pretty quickly and fairly well by just looking at someone and listening to them talk for a bit. I hate to pick on Virtanen but you gotta admit when the guy talks you know you’re not dealing with someone with much of an education. Then again…Boeser went to university and doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed either….so there are obviously exceptions both ways…lol. Still, I think the averages hold. And honestly I think intelligence, not “hockey IQ” but straight up “is this a smart guy” intelligence is a factor teams should take into account when drafting.