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Canucks reassign Adam Gaudette to Utica

With Sven Baertschi making his return to the Canucks lineup tonight, someone was going to need to be sent to Utica to make room for him and that someone was Adam Gaudette

Gaudette has appeared in 31 games for the Canucks this season, registering two goals and four assists during that time. His ice-time had started to dwindle as healthy bodies were coming back and it felt inevitable that he would be the odd man out as he was waiver exempt.

The 2015 5th round pick has already appeared in four games with the Utica Comets this season and has posted two goals and two assists during that timeframe. He is not expected to dress for Utica today as he was in Calgary with the Canucks and logistically can’t get to Utica in time. When he does return to their lineup, and January 2nd is the likely game, Gaudette should be given a large role for a team that is lacking some serious centre depth. So in that sense, it’s good that the organization is getting him down to the AHL.

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Baertschi skated with Markus Granlund and Josh Leivo at practice yesterday, so it’s fair to expect him to slot in there tonight.

The Canucks and Flames drop the puck at 7 PM PT tonight.

      • Chris the Curmudgeon

        Not a good time to trade Sutter. Get him back in and showcase that he’s healthy for the trade deadline. Guys like him are worth way more than the return you’ve proposed: if I’m Benning, the price starts at a 1st round pick. Versatile checking C with a reputation for hardnosed play that GMs crave in the playoffs are a huge commodity at that time of year.

        • Rodeobill

          and, Sutter is very consisent, you know what you will get. He will do what he does well on any team he plays. I think he is very coachable too, he is, after all, a Sutter.

          • Puck Viking

            I could see him in Boston or Pittsburgh. I think Boston tried to grab him last year but Benning wouldnt do it.

            Would be nice to score a pick or two (Edler) in the 20’s and grab a couple of Robertson, Vlasic, Soderstrom, Kokkonen, Bjornfoot, Broberg, Harley, Korczak or Seider. Would go a big way in turning this defense around especially if one of those names slides to where we pick in the 2nd round. Then you have 3 of those guys to go with Joulevi, Woo, Hughes and Rathbone.

      • bobdaley44

        Trade a centre who can play close to twenty minutes a night, up and down your lineup, plays PK, wins draws for a third rounder? Pass on that. You’ve got Petey, Horvat, Sutter and Beagle down the middle. Thats a pretty damn good middle and all play hard D.

      • Killer Marmot

        Biega’s stats are good, and his salary is inviting for any team near their salary cap. Plus, Vancouver doesn’t have many right-shooting defensemen. I would go with one of the other two.

  • Kanuckhotep

    It’s been a good start for Adam, a guy you wouldn’t think would have 31g played in the NHL by now but has. We know he wasn’t pencilled in by mgmt to start the year but has played with jump and shows promise. Not disappointed and he’ll return.

    • Bud Poile

      Adam has been averaging 7:30 of ice over the last four games.
      Green has dialed him out.
      He’s reliable defensively but then again so is Gaunce.
      Adam needs to get to the next level.

      • TD

        I think it has less to do with dialing Gaudette out, rather there is only so much available. If Pettersson and Horvat are limited to 18 minutes and Beagle gets 15 as a checking center, that only leaves 9 more minutes. And the ice time is often limited because of special teams. It does show that with how well Horvat and Pettersson have played defensively, Sutter can be traded for futures.

        • Bud Poile

          Granlund has taken 25% more face offs and more than doubled Adam’s offensive production while playing an effective shutdown role.
          Granlund averages 16 minutes of ice while Gaudette averages 10.
          Gaudette has 35% f/0 in the defensive zone and 32% in the offensive zone.
          Granlund has 40% f/o in the defensive zone and 48% in the offensive zone.
          Trading Sutter may be a prospective plan but Gaudette needs a lot of work to hold down a 3C slot.

          • TD

            Granlund got most of those minutes when Sutter and Beagle were out. With the exception of the couple games when Gaudette was sick, Granlund has mainly been on the wing since Beagle returned. I don’t mind Granlund as a center, which furthers the argument that Sutter could be traded. Sutter has another year, which ups his value as he’s not a pure rental.

          • Kneedroptalbot

            Granlund is a very versatile player, can play all 3 phases and wing or center. Skates well and checks well. A valuable player. Reminds me a bit of RNH in Edmonton.


    I think this is the best for AG’s development. He got to see time in the NHL and get a sense of what it takes to compete every night. In Utica he will get more time PP/PK and most of all, more practice time. If he is going to become an impact player his O will have to improve and Utica will give him that opportunity. He will be back

    • rediiis

      I wonder who Cull lines him up with. He did a great job this year filling in for Sutter and Beagle. I think his scoring will improve. Gaudette understands the game and will be counted on soon. Sutter or Granlund will get traded.

  • TheRealPB

    Gaudette has been impressive but as others have said, I think he’s better served getting more offensive opportunities in Utica — as long as he actually gets them.

    • bobdaley44

      Not quite getting it. Impressive? Two goals and four assists. Just don’t see it. Works hard but his passing and puck handling skills are below average. That third line spot will be Madden’s eventually.