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Report: Canucks waive Brendan Leipsic

The Canucks have placed forward Brendan Leipsic this morning:

If Leipsic clears, it’s fair to assume that he will be assigned to the Utica Comets. Leipsic had two goals and three assists in seventeen games with the Canucks this season after being acquired at the trading deadline last season from the Vegas Golden Knights. This move is likely the precursor to Jay Beagle returning to the Canucks lineup in the coming days.

It also means that the Canucks appear to be giving Adam Gaudette a little more time in the NHL, as he would’ve been the easy assignment to the AHL, given that he was waiver exempt. If I had to guess, the team will move Markus Granlund over to the wing, keep Gaudette in the middle, and then insert Beagle into the other centre spot.

It is unfortunate that the Canucks have opted to waive Leipsic as he is a victim of low on-ice-shooting percentage and on-ice-save percentage, which has resulted in a PDO of 93.52 (according to Corsica) and is last on the team based on that metric. This isn’t to say that Leipsic doesn’t deserve to be on the chopping block, and the error on the game-winning goal on Thursday didn’t help, but with a little more luck, maybe he doesn’t appear to be struggling so much.

Aside from Gaudette being sent down, many people are suggesting that Tim Schaller should’ve been the one to hit the waiver wire this morning. But that is a debate for another day.

Now the organization hopes that Leipsic will clear waivers and he can become a call-up option when injuries pile up again.

  • elvis15

    I definitely considered Gaudette going down to be the best move, where he could earn big minutes and top situations, but I think they also want to help ease the workload on Horvat more. Even with Beagle back, perhaps they trust Gaudette to handle a little bit of those minutes as well and free up Horvat more.

  • TheRealPB

    Based on his actual play — outside of maybe the first ten or so games he played after being acquired — did Leipsic deserve a roster spot? There is a reason he has been waived previously and not caught on with a few teams. You can’t say he didn’t get a shot with the Canucks, with his former minors coach giving him a pretty long leash. I would be pretty surprised if he got picked up by someone else. I also think Gaudette has looked more noticeable even with decreasing minutes and deserves to be up over Leipsic and Schaller. Of all the bubble players it’s Motte who has had the consistent hustle.

  • Defenceman Factory

    Leipsic had a great training camp and earned a shot. He just hasn’t proven himself to be a reliable NHL player and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him in the NHL again. There are other Comets I’d rather see get a call up ahead of Leipsic should the need arise.


    I agree with putting Leipzig on waivers for one reason and that he hasn’t performed his role. He was brought in to be a newer version of Alex Burrows and hasn’t been the hard to play against energy guy they wanted. Outside of a few games after he was acquired he has only been noticeable when making mistakes. Green obviously knows him well and was part of the decision process. Guadette can get playing time in the NHL then when Sutter comes back go down to Utica and play a more offensive role. He is part of the future and playing NHL games will help.

    • truthseeker

      Not to mention his historical point production. Huge numbers in Junior. Very good numbers in the AHL. It’s a shame he can’t seem to put it together in the NHL.

      • Matty T

        Typical nonsense from Viking. That’s what Eriksson was signed for at six mill per, his whole mo was scoring greasy goals around the net and lots of them… he has FOUR this season and just 25 over three seasons for us. Unacceptable on an un-moveable contract, so let HIM start earning his keep instead of bringing in more unwanted junkyard dogs on this conveyor belt of mediocrity under Benning.

        • Puck Viking

          Matty T another fake account of one of the cry babies..

          So you would prefer Liepsic, Schaller, Gagner, Loui or Motte over taking a chance on free kid who had over 30 goals in the AHL last year to see if maybe we could find a player to play with Bo..

          You are a clown.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Leipsic probably has come as far as he possibly could have in the pro game and this is the right move. There’s just guys better at what he does in the organization. (Roussel and Motte much more reliable in this area). Concerned about Schaller. Hmm.If Gaudette gets eventually sent down when everyone is back it’s win-win because he’s been learning the NHL ropes and more AHL ice time won’t hurt Adam either. Very interested in seeing ZacMac myself on the big team!!

  • Freud


    You would think a fan who is aware of this management group’s track record of evaluating pro players would wonder if this was the right move.

    But the usuals are here confidently insisting it was the right move.

    Never change, gang.

    • Cageyvet

      OK Freud, easy to just criticize basically everyone who posted here, who would you waive instead? What makes you think Leipsic is more than he’s shown? We gave up essentially nothing to get him, he’s depth on any decent NHL team based on results to date, how desperate do you have to be to roll this guy out in your top 9? That’s the only place he belongs, and he’s not good enough for top 6, who are we kidding?

      He’s not good enough defensively for your 4th line, so basically unless your team doesn’t have 3 guys better than him for your 3rd line, he’s in the minors or on the bench. That’s pretty much why he and all the other tweeners can’t stick, not enough offense, not enough defense. Leipsic is all zip but no finish, and I don’t mean his shooting, I mean his playmaking. He doesn’t use his teammates or the boards well enough to be a regular on this team, plain and simple.

      • Kootenaydude

        Agreed. Leipsic seemed difficult to play with. Always skating around aimlessly. Didn’t use his teammates effectively. Couldn’t finish and was always falling down. Needs to learn where to be on the ice. Kind of a shame. He showed good potential when he showed up last year.

      • Freud

        I’ve watched too many games.

        I’ve seen all the Benning gems. Sutter, Leipsic, Gudbransen, Sbisa, Schaller, Bartkowski, Vey, Pedan, Clendening, Dowd, Prust, Etem, Granlund, Larsen, Pouliot, Motte, Eriksson, Del Zotto, Burmistrov, Wiercioch, Gagner….

        Let’s not forget how proud Benning was to tell us he was oh so close to landing Lucic and was offering the Boeser pick…or the Bruins video in which he’s pushing to trade Seguin for scraps….

        But Benning’s got this one locked down. Siss boom bah! Rah Rah Rah

          • Freud

            lol. The author of the 20 goal model is questioning intelligence?

            Go read the quotes. It’s pretty easy to figure it out. Especially seeing how Benning has operated thus far.

            Keep rationalizing it. It feels much better than facing the truth.

    • Chris the Curmudgeon

      Considering that Leipsic was a trade deadline acquisition from the very same management group, wouldn’t his placement on waivers (basically a declaration that he is expendable) look just as bad on them? In other words, I think it’s pretty hard to accuse all the posters around here of being Benning shills when they are applauding the demotion of a guy that Benning traded for.

  • Bud Poile

    The $20 million USD offer to Sundin and Luongo’s 12 year deal with the captaincy thrown in are two of my favourites.The Derek Roy rental and Grabner/Bernier loss was topped by Gillis’ 2009 offer of young Bieksa,Burrows and a 1st to Tampa:
    Imagine if Gillis had any drafting and development expertise or experience? Benning wouldn’t have had to create/ice rosters for the Canucks and Comets with virtually nothing in the cupboards from the prior six Canucks drafts.
    Lukowich,Schneider,Pettinger,Oreskovich,Ballard,Glass,Booth,Ebbett,Gragnani,Schroeder,SestitomShinkaruk,Jensen,Mallet,Sauve….. Ah,the good old days.